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2011 Progressive review of Exobelt Extreme

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by PansyTart, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. This review is personal, subjective opinion from one person who is probably not the anatomical norm. If you have encountered the same fit and comfort issues that this bitch describes with certain popular designs, then these observations and opinions might help you. For those of you who haven't experienced the same issues as this bitch, please don't take this review as a "put-down" of your favorite device.

    ------- Executive summary --------

    Edit: After 4 days and 4 nights of full-time wear, it turns out that this particular design does not meet the goals for this bitch and her Ma'am, but that does not mean the Exobelt extreme is "bad" in any way. Just not a match for Ma'am's needs. The rest of this review is unedited and shows this bitch's progressive impressions and observations over a relatively short period of wear.

    The Exobelt Extreme is nothing short of awesome in terms of real full-time chastity wear, unlike how most traditional "trapped-balls" designs are. It's like the difference between a pair of brand new athletic sneakers that you can walk in for miles right away, versus a new pair of stiff leather dress shoes that take forever to break in while you develop calluses to help blunt all the stiff, sharp edges.

    The Extreme is not perfect and it would benefit from some v1 and v2 design improvements, but chances are good that you can find a way to make it work very well for you. If you've been dissapointed in any way by traditional designs, you might be pleasantly surprised by the Extreme. I certainly am!

    -------- Backstory ---------

    This bitch has tried three different trapped-ball designs in the past, but none of them work well with this bitch's anatomy: the CB-n000, the Birdlocked, and one of the Greene's chrome-plated steel models (Ringmaster). In short, none of these designs are actually feasible for full-time chastity for this bitch. The rigid-ring designs produce absolutely unbearable pain for twenty minutes or longer with each nocturnal erection (on the lower sides of the scrotum) and this bitch's balls can easily escape the smallest possible gaps, and do so of their own accord. And all those "grabby" silicone surfaces of the birdlocked simply tore up major areas of skin (and was hard to keep clean/non-smelly), although it was *slightly* less painful at night around the base ring.

    Recently MsTreat asked her bitch to see whether the Exobelt Extreme might work. After researching the pics/vids/reviews it seemed like a promising alternative design. We recently received ours and it is indeed quite promising, but not exactly "as designed"! So since this bitch is using it in a slightly different manner than designed, and since it's been more than a year since the last Extreme review thread was started, This bitch figured it would be appropriate to start a new thread. This will be a "progressive" review in that this bitch will periodically update it with new observations.

    --------- The Goal --------

    Our main goal for a chastity device is not that it should be completely inescapable, but simply that it should: A) be wearable 24/7 full-time, with only occasional removal for a half hour "conditioning" release, or even no removal at all. And B) that if this bitch were to escape it, it would be effectively impossible to get back into it, so that Ma'am would know I had escaped it.

    The essential function of any chastity device is to remove control of sexual stimulation and release from the wearer. If a device cannot be realistically worn full time, it does not serve that purpose as effectively. If a device's design requires you to take it off to sleep, or to clean thoroughly, or to let the locked-up flesh recuperate from damage caused by the device, to us it makes the device effectively useless. Not that there's anything wrong with the fetish value of wearing an impractical device for an evening of dungeon play, but both of us want "the real deal" of chastity that doesn't need to be removed for any reason.

    While this bitch has never given into the temptation to masturbate when Ma'am wasn't looking, the knowledge that this bitch *could* if she wanted to is enough to mar the symbolic effectiveness of a device that needed to be removed for any period at all. It's an entirely different story when you know the device is on for good and only comes off when the keyholder allows (if ever). We don't worry about preventing all possible escape, just an unnoticed escape. I wouldn't dare remove a device if I'd be caught at it, no matter how badly I might want. Ma'am's punishment would far outweigh any ephemeral pleasure I might gain from escape.

    ------- First impression of the Exobelt Extreme -----

    The Extreme is a hybrid device that features a true "penis trap" shell plus a "scrotal anchor" that traps your balls too, but in a different angle and configuration that a typical base ring does in the traditional "trapped balls" designs.

    IMO, the scrotal anchor suffers from the same basic design flaw (for this bitch's anatomy) as every other captive-balls design. Namely, the scrotum anchor is far too small to be practical for my anatomy. Also the overal design of the anchor and its spacers is frankly way too "pinchy". There are at least two pinch points on each side, more if you need to stack multiple spacers. The only way to fix this problem, IMO, is to create several different one-piece scrotum anchors of different lengths and widths, and which utilizes an asymetrical curved shape to raise the portion that goes behind your balls closer to your perineum, relative to the pin holes on the shell. But that of course would be an inventory and tooling nightmare and drive up the cost quite a bit.

    Also, the length of the pins and total number of spacers would be literally too short and too few to fit my scrotum "gap" *and* still leave room for proper fit of the cock cage. This bitch is sure that Jenny would provide additional spacers and longer pins if needed, though, based on all the reports and reviews. But as it turns out, for this bitch it's probably a good thing that the default configuration didn't work.

    So trying to use the device seriously as designed with the scrotum trap was an obvious no-go within the first 20 minutes of trying to get it all on. And without using the scrotum strap, the pins are too long and there aren't enough spacers to wear the cage by itself! For people who really want a padlocked solution. IMO Jenny should provide a second set of shorter pins that are just long enough to securely lock the shell closed with nothing but the two long spacers inside (one on each side). This would enable locking the cage onto the penis (with no scrotum strap) at any size from largest inside fit to the tightest, without needing any additional spacers or poking too far above the top of the shell.

    ------ My twist on how to wear it -------

    So this bitch's solution was to try wearing *only* the shell and to use zip ties to secure the two halves of the shell together instead of using the pins and padlocks! This enables using any size spacer inside, and also creates an extremely low, flat, smooth top profile on the top/front of the shell due to no protruding lock posts and locks. It actually looks pretty good inside panties, like a Ken-doll-shaped flat triangle. When tucked inside panties (or men's briefs) like this, the scrotum molds into and around the edges of the shell, and everything is safely snug inside your panties, so you don't get sawed by the seams of your jeans, and nothing is moving around to be pinched everytime you shift position. Unlike all traditional "trapped balls" designs, the Extreme really, truly fits into panties, at least in this configuration without any pins or padlocks.

    To be fair, the Exobelt site mentions that you can wear just the cage by itself, but it's understated and easy to overlook. I had read that but didn't believe the device would "hang down correctly" or stay on unless it was anchored to the back of your scrotum. Au contraire! The penis trap design works VERY well! And the shell hangs vertically all by itself just by its own design and weight and center of balance.

    So it's now been 36 hours of full-time wear right from the get-go, and I've slept in it just fine, worn it out doing errands and such just fine, and no discomfort or signs of irritation at all. Not one! No soreness or tenderness or pasty skin or discolored skin anywhere.

    Yes, it *does* hurt when you get really aroused, but it's totally bearable and non-freaky unlike what a fixed base ring does to the sides of my scrotum. I remember falling asleep while it was still hurting during a nocturnal erection last night. Of the four times I remember waking briefly, none of them caused the wide-awake, panicked, sweat-inducing, burning agony for 30 minutes that the base ring devices cause me at night. Not anything close to that. I have no doubt that I'll probably start sleeping through most nocturnal erections given how relatively minor the pain was.

    To be more explicit, the pain you feel is localized to your penis, which has appeal as a CBT-style "punishment" for becoming aroused. If you're into such things, it can create a deliciouly evil feedback loop. The pain of arousal in a typical trapped-balls device is very different. There, you feel mostly pressure around the base of your scrotum and nearly no discomfort in your penis itself. If too much pressure builds for too long without consious regulation (as in a nocturnal "systems check"), the pressure around your scrotum becomes outright burning of symetrical hot spots that isn't even remotely erotic.

    Even better, despite the fact that this bitch's erections all tend to "back up" and swell behind whatever device, pushing it forward quite strongly, the Extreme stayed put exactly where clamped in the shell! Every single trapped-balls design has always been pushed far forward after just a few attempts at erection (or simple gravity), literally exposing the first inch of this bitch's shaft out the backside of the cage. And stretching the skin around and between the balls so taut that this bitch quickly develops a serious case of "leather butt" throughout the entire region of scrotal flesh that sits underneath the penis. (Which can take nearly two weeks to heal to normal.)

    In the Extreme, by contrast, everything that is originally placed past the ridge stays firmly in place through the simple magic of the overall configuration created by the small, tight hole in the back plate, followed by a 90-degree downward bend, followed by the broad friction surface and moderate "clamp" of the ridge beneath the middle of your penis. (More like a big, flat, rounded-square hump than a thin ridge.)

    The glans itself tries to shrink back as far as it can, but it can regress back no further than the portion of meat that is trapped in the middle ridge. The net result is that the end third of your penis stays firmly puffed out at the front end of the ridge no matter how you move, how your penis wants to expand or shrivel naturally, or how often or dramatically you become aroused.

    36 hours of constant wear later, with two showers, 10+ full erection attempts, walking/sitting/driving, etc. and it hasn't budged from its trapped position. And this is all on the widest set of internal spacers and this bitch's clitty is only 4-ish inches long to begin with!

    -------- The importance of spacing in the shell -----

    This bitch is currently wearing the shell with the largest spacer in between the two halves, which leaves a 1/4-inch gap right where the pin holes are and right where the bottom friction ridge is located. As mentioned above, this bitch is not large or meaty in the penis area, and I can comfortably close the shell completely with no internal spacers at all.

    However, I strongly recommend starting with the largest possible spacers for a few days or a week and then slowly, slowly, slowly working down to smaller spacers if you feel the trap design is not adequately holding you. But like me you might be pleasantly surprisef to find that very little "clamp" is required to firmly trap your penis in place with no fear of slipping partially out or even escaping without a lot of soap/lube and careful extraction. Under normal conditions, it just ain't gonna happen. (Unlike those traditional designs, ALL THREE of which I have inadvertently slipped right out of under normal conditions!)

    Why start with the largest possible internal spacers? Because the hole your penis slips through in the back plate is followed by a 90-degree bend, this creates a significant fold and choke point on the underside of your shaft, right where your urethra travels. If the shell is too tight, you can constrict your urethra to the point where very unpleasant things can happen when you try to pee. Your bladder pressure is strong and your urethra is a delicate tube. This bitch let cum dry hard in the tip of her glans one night by falling asleep right after sex. When she got up to pee at 4am and didn't pry the glans open a little first, there was a lot of burning pain and no pee. Rudely awakened thus, this bitch hurredly pried open the glans. The rest of the pee was painful and...bloody. Fortunately such things heal pretty fast, but it was scary.

    Why the gross anecdote? Because this bitch got greedy with the Extreme at first and tried it with no internal spacers. First time this bitch tried to pee in it, she was real slow and careful just in case, but guess what happened? Yep. It was not fun. An hour later we put the shell back on with the largest internal spacers and things were fine after that. 24 hours later, everything's all healed already and no problems peeing now. Although this bitch has learned that even with the largest internal spacer, it's still best to ensure that you aren't even slightly aroused when you sit down to pee.

    Your urethra might be tougher than this bitch's, but don't risk it! Start with the largest fit, test how to pee in it carefully, and stop immediately if you feel a burny back pressure and the pee is not coming out free and easy! Once you get the hang of peeing comfortably at the largest fit, you can slowly test using smaller internal spacers if you need to. You might find you can stay just fine with the largest spacers.

    -------- Esthetics and hygiene --------

    It's pretty obvious that the Extreme is made from the same materials and tools and techniques used to make dental prosthetics such as retainers and night guards. Therefore, each one is hand-cast and has a rough, hand-crafted look and feel. This works to your benefit, because the rougher, unpolished interior surface serves to create a better friction trap.

    This is no beautiful piece of fetish jewelry that you'd be proud to display for all and sundry at a bdsm party. This does not have cool factor, and you won't get style points for wearing it. Your penis looks oddly "wrong" in it. However, cool and stylish does not always equate to something that really, truly works. This device is practical, comfortable (unless aroused, lol), and truly wearable long-term.

    It's also incredibly hygenic and easy to clean. It has far more air flow and areas to rinse than any of the other designs that this bitch has tried. You need zero lube to get into it and never need to lube or lotion anything. Soap scum that might build up after showers is easy to get to and remove, comfortably, with a Q-tip. This bitch won't know for sure until the first time Ma'am takes it off, but This bitch suspects that unlike for the Birdlocked and the CB-3000/6000, there will be zero odor when it finally comes off.

    ------- More soon --------

    This will be a progressive review in that this bitch will keep posting impressions and observations about the Extreme at regular intervals in this same thread. Meanwhile, please feel free to add comments and ask questions. Hope you have found this useful and entertaining!
  2. Day 3 observations: Last night was the 2nd night. The Extreme woke this bitch up only once, and only for about 5 minutes. This bitch's fuzzy brain went "oh that. right. hmm doesn't seem to hurt as much as last night" and then promptly fell back to sleep. No other device this bitch has tried could be worn this long without significant soreness and irritation by now. The Extreme is the winner, for sure. Not a single sign of soreness or irritation or any skin looking funny in any way. It hurts (moderately) when you get hard, but when you go soft again, everything is peachy except for the fact that your penis is locked away where you cannot mess with it.

    Now that this bitch's body seems to be getting used to the new configuration down there, it is obvious by this morning that this bitch will need to reduce the spacers slightly. If this bitch bends and crouches just right, the penis does want to pull back a little bit in the shell, so the clamp area around the ridge (this bitch should start calling it the "friction plate" or "the clamp" to more adequately describe the area) does need to be a teeny bit tighter.

    This bitch is slightly concerned that now that this bitch must start stacking multiple smaller spacers to create a progressively tighter clamp, the fact that this bitch isn't using the provided locking pins (instead using only zip ties) will enable the multiple spacers to offset from each other slightly, potentially creating some pinching surfaces along the side of the penis where it touches the internal spacers on each side. If this happens, it's easily rectified by simply gluing the spacers together with epoxy or some such, but this bitch doesn't want to glue anything together while she's still finding the best fit.

    So, this is the point where having a shorter set of pins designed for a "shell only" configuration would come in handy, because I could find the correct spacers while keeping the inner ones aligned and tight and pinch-free. I'll post later whether pinching indeed ended up being a slight problem when using only zip ties to keep the shell halves closed.
  3. Day 4 observations: This bitch switched out the largest internal spacers for a stacked set of 2 mediums + 2 smalls on each side. For reference, the largest spacer = 3/4 inch = 3 mediums. A medium spacer = 1/4 inch = 4 smalls. Each small spacer is 1/16 inch. So I effectively narrowed "the clamp" by 1/8 inch compared to the first 2 days in the Extreme. All the skin surfaces looked fine when this bitch's clitty was temporarily free during the switchover, and there was no detectable odor even on the underside where the main "clamp" area prevents all airflow to that small portion of skin. No discoloration or "wet, puffy, pasty-ness" anywhere, not even on the skin in the clamp area. (Other devices such as the Birdlocked and the CB-n0000 would create definite "wet spots" where the skin would be wet, puffy, and pasty after just a couple days of continuous wear.) This bitch is actually surprised at how normal the portion of skin that sits in the "clamp" area looked.

    There was one slight evidence of skin irritation but it's extremely minor and nothing like the sores and rashes and edemas that this bitch has experienced with traditional "trapped balls" designs. Only on the bottom side of the shaft, right where the skin rests on the lip of the hole in the back plate and experiences the sharp 90-degree bend of the trap, there was a faint line of what looked like *tiny* freckles. It's obvious that the swelling that happens when aroused can create some *tiny* blood vessel ruptures right at this point of greatest pressure during arousal. And this bitch does mean tiny. There was zero tenderness when this bitch probed and prodded at this tiny, faint line, and this bitch feels like this is no cause for concern. This bitch repositioned the area of skin in the "clamp" area to put this line where it can be plainly seen squished out in the clamp area, and this bitch plans to watch it carefully for the next few days to ensure that the body is healing the ruptures smoothly even though that area of skin is now in the clamp area. (This will help gauge how good/poor the circulation is in the surface blood vessels in the clamp area.) But really, this was a minor, minor, minor thing. This bitch has seen *so very much worse* happen from just two days in standard "trapped balls" designs. Especially that damned Birdlocked.

    It's surprising how much difference even 1/8 of an inch tighter clamp makes. Before, this bitch could easily fit her index finger and thumb into the sides of the front (glans) half of the cage by squeezing the belly half together. (The shell can rock/pivot very slightly on the fulcrum of the spacers.) But now with the 1/8-inch reduction, this bitch cannot create enough of a gap in the front to fit her fingers inside any more. This is of course very desirable. The overall gap around the circumference of the cage is now 3/16-inch, which still allows a lot of airflow, easy cleaning, and easy access to dry/wipe with a Q-tip.

    This bitch can still pee easily, and slept well again last night, being woken half-way only once for about 3-5 minutes by the usual nightly systems check. Truly, the difference in night-time pain between the Extreme and every "trapped-balls" design we've tried so far (4 different designs, altogether) is nothing short of remarkable. To be fair, remember that this bitch is *not* using the scrotum clamp portion of the overall design, so that might be having a significant effect on this bitch's perceived comfort levels at night and while dressed and running around doing chores and driving and sitting at desks and whatnot. Your mileage might vary if you choose to wear the scrotum clamp. This bitch would be grateful to have any other Exobelt Extreme wearers chime in on this thread with their honest impressions of the long-term comfort of the scrotum clamp.

    Oh, and the concern that this bitch mentioned in the previous update about how stacked spacers might displace off-center (because of using zip ties instead of the pins in this bitch's configuration) and cause some pinching surfaces where the side of this bitch's clitty touches them? Well, they do indeed displace and not line up neatly, but this bitch experienced zero pinching while putting the new configuration together last evening, no pinching through the night, and no pinching yet today. So while this bitch still plans to glue together whichever spacer configuration turns out to be optimum, there seems to be no need to do so while you're still figuring out the "clamp" size that works best for your anatomy, even if you're using a shell-only configuration with zip ties instead of locks.

    Hmm, which reminds this bitch to bring up something that Ma'am mentioned last night. She says that she *really* prefers the zip ties over the padlocks, for two reasons. First, she likes how flat and smooth the profile is without the bumps caused by the pin ends and padlocks, and how "clean" everything looks under panties and tight pajama bottoms or yoga pants, etc. Second, she feels that padlocks can be "gamed" by a smart subbie in various ways, but once we start using serial-numbered zip ties, she's confident that this bitch could not possibly "game" them. Not that she thinks her bitch would ever try to game out of chastity, but it's the knowledge that her bitch could not that of course adds to the power/control symbolism for both of us. And in this bitch's opinion, while big imposing padlocks are fetishy and symbolic in their own way, this bitch enjoys having her panties and regular clothing look nice instead of looking all lumpy like the traditional "trapped ball" cages look in the same context.

    Oh, and did this bitch mention yet that she tried wearing a typical pair of women's stretch jeans last night? And that with the configuration this bitch is using, the cage melds in perfectly and you simply cannot tell anything funky is going on inside those stretch jeans? And you can sit and move without pinching anywhere? Yayyyyyy! This bitch has felt really... wrong... wearing loose-fit men's jeans out in public. It doesn't match or feel "right" with the tight women's casual shirts, makeup and hair, and general sissy/andro look that this bitch sports in public. It's wonderful that I can now wear nice-fitting women's jeans and shorts with no problems! Woot!

    This bitch plans to reduce the clamp by another 1/8 inch tonight, by removing the two small spacers currently on each side. This bitch's hunch is that a total 1/2-inch of spacers will end up being just right. That would leave a gap around the circumference of the cage that is just slightly wider than the shaft of a Q-tip, which should still allow plenty of airflow and water flow and make for easy cleaning, but totally prevent inserting even the tips of fingers in the sides.
  4. Day 5. At this point, the Exobelt Extreme has proven unsuitable for long-term, full-time wear by this bitch. Sadly, because it was very promising for the first few days. It's a great, comfortable device for fetish wear for a night/day/day or two, but seems to have some design issues that impact its potential for practical long-term wear without frequent removal and cleaning.

    Last evening, Ma'am was doing many things that aroused this bitch often, and last night wasn't a very good sleep because this bitch seemed to be having a lot of naughty dreams. The Extreme probably woke me up at least 6 times throughout the night. So with all that arousal and attendant swelling, this bitch's clitty was feeling pretty tender this morning, most especially around the bottom of the shaft where it enters the tight hole in the backplate. When examined this morning, the shaft had slipped out slightly from its originally clamped position (but still nowhere near escaping the device) despite increasing the clamp pressure slightly yesterday. It would definitely take another 1/8-inch of clamp reduction at least to prevent a small amount of pull out on the rear half from the pressure of arousal, as this bitch surmised in yesterday's update.

    But this bitch will never know for sure, because there was a third and fourth "line" of slight surface bruising as described in yesterday's update. And the older two lines were now a purpllish/blackish color instead of reddish/brownish (so they're definitely micro bruises, all in a line at the contact point of the bottom and sides of the clitty opening in the back plate). Again, they're not deep bruises at all, or wide or large, being limited to the blood vessels right in the surface skin. They're not swollen and only slightly tender. But nonetheless, it's four solid lines of bruises after only 4 full days and nights in the device.

    Also, there was evidence of edema on two portions of the shaft. One of them was pretty large. And that whitish, milky color that tends to happen with all such device surfaces that create a large surface with no real airflow. And yes, there was some odor this time when everything was taken out, despite being very careful with washing.

    So again, like with the CB-n0000 or the Birdlocked or any device that has long flat covered surfaces, the Extreme would seem to be a device that requires regular removal and cleaning and exposure to air (such as overnight while sleeping) to be truly usable for long-term wear. But this is not full-time wear, and there's a difference, both physically and psychologically, between full-time and long-term wear.

    All the merits that this bitch has described in the first few days hold true, and this is the most comfortable and effective device that this bitch has tried so far. And it's better for one or two overnight sleep-ins than any of the "trapped balls" devices this bitch has tried so far. But it's definitely not the device that this bitch and MsTreat are looking for, so we're back to searching for the option that will achieve our goal. This bitch had hoped to avoid genital piercings, but it's looking like a PA- or Frenum-locked sheath-and-glans such as some of the great-looking Lori's devices are probably the only options left that will work for us for true full-time wear. Time to do a lot more research about the merits of PA versus Frenum piercings, especially for use as an anchor for a chastity tube. We'd welcome any comments/advice the fine folks here might have in that regard.

    Again, don't let this bitch's personal experience with the Exobelt Extreme sway you unduly. Every body is different and everyone has different goals with regard to chasity devices. It really is a wonderful device in many respects, and far more comfortable than all the base ring devices this bitch has ever tried.

    Until Ma'am figures out which piercing/chasity combo will work best to suit her goals, its back to a softer form of lockup that's mostly symbolic: clitty and grapes tied up in a moderately tight ball inside of a stocking, full time. This bitch can pee through it, blot it dry, and after a shower it air dries very quickly. And the half hitches around the base of the scrotum stretch enough to prevent too much discomfort while sleeping. So this bitch will keep the ticker going even though it won't be "hard lockup" for probably at least 5 months and the piercing is healed enough to use with a Lori's.
  5. Its a mistake to pursue chastity via a full time device worn 100% of the time. Its also a boring method.

    Better to mix the belt during the day with Bondage Mits at night. Also, at 49, if your prostate is milked or if you are permitted to orgasm, you will be dry and "used' for at least 12-24 hours -- so no device needs to be employed. Lastly, the honor system is the most brutal of all, because you are able to spurt but are conditioned not to. The honor system forces you to deal with temptation and erections that you cannot act upon. This takes much more discipline than wearing a device.

    By mixing and matching you can cover all the bases. By seeking 'one true answer' you might be looking for the Great Pumpkin to rise up from the field.

    P.S. Would love to see some pictures of your feminization, and if you uploaded a few into your gallery, I know I'd be grateful indeed.
  6. Post-mortem update. Recently spent about a week with sizing kits from Mature Metal and just ordered a Jailbird as of yesterday. Turns out the main problem this bitch has had with all three "trapped balls" designs mentioned above in this thread is that none of them have a base ring larger than 2 inches, and it turns out this bitch needs a 2-3/8 inch base ring (even that additional 3/8 inch adds a lot of total volume). Apparently some anatomies are even larger than this bitch's around the base of the scrotum, because Mature Metal makes base rings larger than 3 inches. The Jailbird will be very lightweight, with a cage only 1-3/4 inch long and a security screw instead of a padlock.

    Crossing fingers that a custom-sized device will do the trick!
  7. Thanks for the comments and advice. I will get a gallery going sooner or later, but have to be somewhat discreet because of work/career and all that. Blah.

  8. You seem to have a good thing going; all experimentation usually leads to the most workable spot in the end. Its been great to read about your experiences.

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