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Anal stretching game

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Burger_01, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Hey, I've been trying to work out where this should go, because it's not really chastity related at all. If any of the Mods want to move it to the bar, I'm cool with that.

    A bit of history; I enjoy anal penetration, as I'm sure many of you here do. We have achieved a bit of fisting in the past, and both really enjoyed it.. but as always winter came and we fell out of the habit of playing with ourselves and each other. Now that the warmer weather has returned I'm warming up my bum for some fun, and I came up with a simple but potentially fun game if you like to wear butt plugs.

    The idea for this game is similar to many of the points based chastity games, but this is simpler.

    The rules are thus:

    - I can put anything I like in my bottom at any time, but after it has been inserted it must remain there until my wife gives me permission to remove it.

    - I can choose to change from the current size object/plug to a larger object/plug ONLY. I can not choose to go from a larger plug back to a smaller plug without her permission.

    - The game resets automatically on Sunday night.

    Like I said, simple. On Saturday at lunchtime I decided to put in a mediumish plug I have, and chatted these rules over with my wife. She kind of wanted to see if I could sleep with it in, and I was able to due to being immensely tired (it's just gone daylight savings in my part of Australia). She didn't give me permission to take it out the next morning, so I didn't get to remove it until the end of Sunday! This is longer than I probably would have worn it on my own choosing, but it was great fun.
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  2. How cool! :ten-on-ten:

    Keep us informed, in graphic detail! Honestly I'm not being kinky, I would just like to know the pitfalls of lengthy plug wear!
  3. To be honest, that was the longest I've ever worn a plug in one session. It was quite nice in some ways, albeit a little uncomfortable. I did feel a little sore for a few hours after I took it out, but not a bad sore, more like a muscular sore.. like you'd have after doing too much exercise one day, and you get that dull ache the next.

    There was no problem with my hole not closing up, or anything like that. The only discernible pitfall for me is the trouble of needing to go to the toilet. For that (and this is where it may be a bit graphic) I remove the plug and wipe it down throughly and carefully with toilet paper, set it aside and do my business, then clean the plug, re lube it and insert it. Obviously you have to be at home to go through all that.. so if I'm not, I just wipe it down and use saliva to reinsert.

    It's not ideal I know, but if anyone knows a discreet way to carry a small amount of lube with you without risk of it exploding in your pants and making a wet patch, please let me know!:happy0158:

    I think I'm going to have fun playing this game..
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  4. Great idea, I like the sound of it. You might be interested in this butt plug I found last weeks, looks fun.
  5. burger, i wear my butt plug all the time...except it is out for about 3 hours every morning. most days that's enough time to fully evacuate. some days it does have to be removed again and i do exactly what you do at home. when i'm out i carry a small bottle of lube. it's one of those tiny bottles that you buy in a set that's intended for you to use to take liquids on an airplane. it probably holds less than an ounce and it's very secure.
  6. Thanks for the tip Chastityslavejohn, I'll have to look into that.

    I'm sure the others watching this thread would like to know more about the effects of your 24 hour wear, if you feel like typing :)
  7. :ten-on-ten:
  8. lube?

    We play with plugs time 2 time n any time its in for longer tbrn an hour or so it sticks to my inner skin and is very painfull ! We haven't played with her toys on me for ages but plan 2 start when we get the CB !
  9. Uh, like normal body functions perhaps?!?
  10. I was thinking more along the lines of cramping, etc.

    When does it start? Does it get worse or stay the same? All those sorts of things!
  11. cuckyhubby, are you using a good lube? W/we find ID Glide works best with plugs and Astro Glide for the strap-on.

    Y/you can follow this thread that chronicles my exploration for something that Ii could wear all day: http://www.chastitymansion.com/forum/showthread.php?t=938&highlight=comfortable+butt+plug

    i take the plug out when i wake up in the morning and it's out for about 3 hours until i am "empty". occasionally it has to briefly come out again in the afternoon.

    actually i've been thinking about moving up to the largest size. but i still love the weight of it and the full felling all day long, especially when walking.

    oh, if Y/you don't want to wade through the thread...i wear the njoy stainless steel butt pure plug: http://www.njoytoys.com/toys.php
  12. I use a silicon based lube, to avoid the drying up/sticking issue mentioned by cuckyhubby.

    MW, with the size plug I'm using (max diameter ~1.2 inch, diameter of the neck ~3/4 inch) I'm not experiencing any cramps at all. There is an uncomfortable slight burny feeling from my muscles not being able to fully contract, that seems to happen after around 8-12hrs wear, and comes and goes from there on in. It's not painful, just uncomfortable.

    I do have a larger plug, must be ~ 1 1/2 at the neck, which gives me a feeling a bit like a cramp when I first get it in, but that feeling disappears within 20-30 mins when I have relaxed a bit more. I haven't worn this plug longer than about 3 hours as it's a bit of a handful :)

    I'm going to insert the small plug right now actually :) I not sure I'll be able to wear it until Sunday night, so I'm relying on my wife to give me permission some time to take it out. At least, I hope so.
  13. hmmm, never had any issue with a cramping feeling...but i'm always empty before my plug goes in.

    i thought i bought mine from extreme restraints but couldn't find it there. i did find it here: http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/pure-plug-large

    note the diameter...1 1/2". they do have a medium and a small. the large is 2"...and it's really got me thinking that it's been a while since i got a new toy.
  14. I've toyed with the idea of wearing a plug on a semi-permanent basis but all attempts have always resulted in failure due to a couple problems. The lube i've used tends to dry out after a few hours requiring me to reapply which isnt very practical. Perhaps a change to a silicone or oil based lube instead of water based will help that, which i'm pretty sure it will.

    Second problem is gas production. Maybe i don't notice exactly how much gas i produce during a given day but it always seems like i'm producing way more while plugged. this causes pressure build up and can be difficult to expel without pushing the plug out, forcing me to use my hands to keep the plug in while i expel the gas.

    I don't know if those of you who have successfully worn plugs on a semi-permanent basis have dealt with these issues but maybe your solutions can help others achieve the same.

  15. i found that for me gas is produced by consuming wheat. since i eliminated wheat from my diet i have no gas...unless i eat beans. with my plug i can discreetly touch the handle and expel gas without it pushing out.
  16. Yes, I've found that gas is a bit of a hassle. I can't call it a problem though. In most cases I've found that after an hour or two I can relax enough to fart around the plug.. but sometimes I do have to hold it in while letting off some steam :)

    I suspect that you could minimise gas by chewing your food more throughly (because we all tend to stuff it down like gutses in the west), and probably through some changes in diet. I won't be giving up wheat though! :S
  17. Thanks guys!

    Yes, it was the gas that I heard creates the cramping, and that's why there are hollow butt plugs.

    I guess a diet change would be good for other reasons too... healthwise, so maybe perma-butt-plugging is a good idea!
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  18. ahh, yes, now i remember that my old rubber butt plug had a hole for gas. with the stainless steel plug the gas seems to slip out just fine, but i need to hold onto the handle.

    it slipped out on the dance floor once and i had to catch it...LOL...but i told that story before.
  19. Check out the anal dialators at extremerestraint.com. They have a hole through the center so gas can't build up. I've always wanted to try them as i've read they are awesome.
  20. I think perhaps you misunderstood my issue. My normal gas production is probably on par with any average joe but while i'm plugged it seems to skyrocket and i'm almost constantly having to deal with it for the duration.

    I suppose its possible some digestive enzymes could be working on the lube to produce the gas and lead to this effect but i'd assume that's a long shot at best.

  21. Actually, I think, you are right about the lube. I have noticed that I produce much more gas (even for an hour or two after the plug is removed) if I use a certain type of lube or more lube, compared to another type. My gut flora/fauna obviously just find it to their liking.

    Possible solutions might be to change your flora by eating different things, or changing the lube.
  22. Orrrr... the plug is just making you more aware and conscious of your gas.
  23. Wow.. thats an interesting thought. Lube that makes you fart more. I suspect it could be the lube, because the water based lube we have has a slightly sweet taste to it. If it contains sugar or some kind of sweetener, then it's possible that your gut flora could be digesting it, and digestion down there is only going to result in gas production.

    My guess is they put a sweetener in, incase you put lube on, then switch to oral. You don't want lube that tastes like plastic or something ;-)

    On another note:
    I lasted wore my plug from Tuesday afternoon to Friday morning. Two nights sleeping in a row. It was long enough for my ass to "adopt a new zero" for want of a better way of saying it. By the end of two nights sleeping with it in, it was starting to feel like it was meant to be there..

    I can see how people end up wearing them 24/7. It's not really my intent, but I don't see any point in resisting it if it happens.

    I also ordered some more toys from Mr S Leather, including a 1.5" ish plug and a 2" ish plug. So now I've got somewhere to progress with the stretching. I can't wait for them to arrive really.
  24. maybe your butt plug just stimulates your colon and/or intestines too much. i've had that with my biggest plug, 2 1/2" rubber plug that i can barely keep in for an hour.
  25. interesting wearing butt plug all day long while lockup
    must be nice feeling back there

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