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Denying me chastity

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by NewJewlery, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. I have been playing with cages for years, holding my own key. My wife and have experimented together with chastity the last several months until she decided she didn't want to play anymore (all my fault as realized in my intro post in the foyer).

    We have had a few good discussions since and she is willing to start back in with short term lockups. I'm estatic that she is willing not only willing, but excited to participate.

    After thinking about our conversations she has told me she will hold my keys, but not until she's ready.. or wants to play. Until then I am not to wear the cage and it is to remain in the drawer. I started to protest and saw her face light up with a smile as she said "leave it there or I'm not playing".

    Call me crazy, but this is kind of tough. After all of those years wearing on my own I got used to it and miss not wearing it. I hope she wants to play soon, I'm missing my cage.

    I think it's very obvious to her I want to explore this with her badly and she's having fun playing keep away. For being all vanilla and stuff she sure seems like a natural at denying me what I want and controlling the situation.
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  2. Looks like an absolutely new way of tease and denial to me! ;):p
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    My advice would be to have fun whilst the sun shines. It could go dark at any moment. :)
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  4. It is exactly that. A big T&D to heighten everything. She's been messing with me all day and says she has some fun in store this evening. Nervous excited.
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  5. Thank you MissB. Good advice. I'm going to...

    She's talking about maybe making a deal. I'm on pins and needles. She's a tough negotiator.
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  6. Things will improve when you realize that She is in control and all of your wishing and begging will hurt your chances of getting the lockup that you naturally desire! Kind of a dichotomy, isn't it?
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  7. I showed her a story I read that had a chastity token game a few weeks ago. She locked me in this morning and we are playing the game, as she has asked, to get us started.

    I can earn a token each time I am allowed to give her an orgasm any way she chooses. Once I collect 3 tokens I can turn them in and be unlocked the following day for intercourse. Seems like a fun way to get started with chastity. I can tell she's already enjoying it, she's been sending texts all day.
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