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male breast enlargement

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by kayleej89, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. sorry i posted this in the wrong section before. my hubby and I are into feminization and I was wondering if breast pumps would work to give him some boobs. I dont want anything permenant at this point so I didnt know if a breast pump would be a better alternative?
  2. I have a couple of friends who are TS and this type of thing (pumps) doesn't really work. If you just want the look I think you might want to buy a bra and a breast form(s).

    If you have serious ideas on feminization talk to your doctor and talk to him/her about Gender Identity Disorder. You can do as much of that as you want as fast or slow as you feel comfortable with. I think exploring that and finding out if you really have a medical / mental health need for transition is of great value. The people I know are only unhappy they didn't start out doing this long ago.

    Good luck.
  3. please contact me as i know just what to give him to start REAL breast growth and stop his nasty erections. you can give him female hormones and that will do the trick as well as male hormone blockers.... and if you stop the hormone blockers he will stop growing breasts
  4. The pumps do help with sensitization of the nipples. They are a lot of fun and can increase nipple size considerably for a modest amount of time- enough for play time. For a sissy, it's great fun to see the enlarged nipples and they make great targets for Mistress to abuse.
  5. I think all this talk of hormones is a bit over the top if you ask me. I wouldn’t suggest for a second that you should use strong hormones if you desire to grow breast. The effects are irreversible and the side affects many. In order to get hormones prescribed properly in the UK you need to have lived as a female without hormones for at least one year or show that it is imperative that you receive treatment quickly.

    Hormones are not taken in the first instance, to begin with you need to take a cause of antiandrogens to reduce testosterone production which will help reduced the damage to your liver once you start taking Estrogen.

    I have myself taken herbal tablets in order to try and grown female breast tissue with some success although I didn’t carry on long enough to see and dramatic results. I choose to take Fenugreek which is widely used. It can be taken orally which has very limited effects as the liver removes a lot of the estrogenic compounds or it is suggest that you make a past by adding a moisturiser.

    If you use the herbal method breast pumps might help by increasing blood flow to the breast area therefore increasing the amount estrogenic compounds that make it to the breast tissue. You will also need to regularly massage the area in order to help loosen the skin and again increase blood flow.

    As a little extra I did take red clover extract which is supposed to be a natural antiandrogen. I’m not sure if they had any effect on me or aided breast growth but they might help if taking herbal remedies orally.

    In the end you need to decide what is best for you.
  6. Going on chemical (or surgical) castration and taking female hormones is indeed a VERY serious step. If you do think your in the wrong skin (Female rather then male) I think the first best step is to sit down with a therapist who deals with GID (Gender Identity Disorder) They can help guide you in getting this sorted out and can work with your doctor to put you on the proper hormone therapy. And YES, this is a one way street if you go on this for more then around 6 months. Things change that simply can't be taken back. Mental rewiring, body changes, testicular atrophy etc.

    If this is your desire be sure that you want it for "you" and its not just a kink or whatever.
  7. The hormone route is dangerous from the standpoint of blood clots, which become a concern in somewhere between 25% and 60% of MTFs (depending on the study you reference) and particularly among older transitioners. One posibble option is maintaining the outside male plumbing and having breast implants. These can be obtained at numerous places, Thailand of course, but there are Mexican options too. They probably would fit in well in our lifestyle and are reverseable. There seems to be trend in this direction from what i am hearing among a certain sub-group of MTFs (though i do wonder if MTF actually describes those folks).

    i am not an expert on this, but i have dabbled in the possibilities . . . and at one time had success in obtaining hormones . . . lastly i highly recommend a Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TsDoItYourselfHormones/?yguid=63078510
  8. my wife gives me her hormone replacement pills i take one in the morning before i start work i have done this for the last six months my sissy boobs look bigger to me i get a good cleavage in my bras

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  9. Where on earth did you get those figures? 25% and 60%? It seems unreasonable high. I would strongly suggest doing this only under a doctors care. Do it yourself hormone or castrations are truly a bad idea.
  10. I think that were getting a bit of track aren't we? These will give the effect

  11. I'm not sure because I believe some of the people on the forum are transgendered. Maybe thats the rare exception?

    A good link that talks about hormone therapy is


    BTW on blood clots the references I've just read talk about stopping HRT just before surgery. I don't think its a general concern when using them.
  12. Returning to the original question, breast pumps can increase the breasts for a few minutes only, the more fat tissue a male has at the breast area the longer the effect can last but i have never heard that it lasted for more than half an hour. Frequently used it might build up some muscles but that doesn't really look like female breasts. Nevertheless "pumping up" the breasts is quite stimulating and can cause something what i use to call "breast awareness".

    The best way to have a temporary effect is what BB suggested. The silicone breastforms available nowadays are nearly lifelike and even good ones are more and more affordable. I will be honest, even i use them to push up my little breasts ... (pssssst, don't let it go any further ... LOL) ... and lots of genuine Women do.

    As for the hormones i must say, that it is quite a dangerous thing. Yes, i am on hormones but that alone doesn't make me an expert. I have a doctor who controls the dosages and my blood levels, liver condition and hormonal status are examined frequently. Yes, blood clots can become an issue when blood levels are not carefully controlled. Depressions and quick mood changes are quite common, in particular when starting the therapy (believe me, i can tell a thing or two about it).
    Don't get me wrong, i am not a person that always raises the forefinger and says "don't do that". We all are adults and thus free of our decisions, so if someone wants to gain female hormones from the black market and takes them like candies - fine. But don't complain afterwards and say you haven't been warned.
    One must not be a medic but it suffices to use one's common sense to realizes that the human body is like a huge and utterly complex chemical factory that is usually well balanced. Feeding hormones of the opposite gender simply must cause a sudden imbalance and thus serious health problems ... without strict supervision no one can tell how the body will react and whether the organism is able to balance the alien hormones or not ...

    maid katrin
  13. Heck I'd be happy with those face changing items they use on the spy movies. I'd love to dress 24/7 as female but no I couldn't get away with it.
    thanks for all the info but how about those suction pumps? If the breast pumps only last short term those pumps are great fun and then fire play is great fun as well.
  14. I strongly agree with the post about not buying "internet estrogen" and doing it yourself. This is a very good way to hurt yourself. If you have strong feelings of gender "wrongness" talk to your doctor. Then seek a therapist (Through your doctor) who can help you decide what (if anything) you want to do about it. Taking Hormones or Antiandrogens on your own is a very scary idea. I know a lot of people are mortified to admit they have this issue but its not (NOT) going to freak out a doctor or a therapist.

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