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Neosteel videos

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by bathingcap, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. good find:wink:
  2. at it`s best

    well ,, you see NEOSTEEL at it`s best and that`s why my K/H keeps me permanent in my belt locked !!reg..GWENY:anim_39:
  3. Of course i do. I definitely know what it fels like when the lock snaps in and any access will be denied till my Mistress decides.

    maid katrin
  4. Unfortuntately, it looks like the videos might have been removed.
  5. videos on X Tube

    They are removed! Anyone know where they can be viewed?
  6. Well, since I'm the person on the videos, I still have them here. I would upload them to this site, but they are larger than the allowed 2 MB. I will try to find another place to put them.
  7. yumy neosteel, I wonder id=f anyone has the anal attachment
  8. No anal attachment here...
  9. oops look like it has been viewed too many times it won't let me see them. Oh well thanks for sharing anyway.
  10. They are gone again. Too bad. Any chance of posting them on one of the binary Usenet groups?
  11. Here is another video of me locking on my chastity belt. This is a request I got from an online Mistress. She wanted me to lock the keys in my time controlled safe, set it to five days, lube the inside of the penis tube with tiger balm, and then lock myself up.

    The first minute or so was fine, but then I got hard in the tube, and my penis pressed against the tube and got tiger balm smeared all over it. The first minutes was very very painful, but with the key locked away for five days, there was nothing I can do. Now it is about an hour later and it still feels that my cock is on fire, however, a bit more managable now. When the pain eventually goes away, I will be left horny and frustrated in the chastity belt.

    You are of course also welcome to give me requests that I should do, make a video and post it here.

  12. Simply Great Videos!

    :anim_37: Thank you very much for posting your videos. Since Im "built" similar to you and I read that you can wear it for 2 weeks straight, it strenghens my urge to get such a wonderful Neosteel belt.

    Thanks alot again and please keep them coming - the videos i mean :)