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New Exobelt Extreme

Discussion in 'The Mall (Devices)' started by jkirk4, May 29, 2009.

  1. Well, it looks like Jenny has come out with another "exoskeleton" design (the exobelt extreme). Since I'm having trouble getting the V-1 on, this may be another option. It looks...different. What do you think?

  2. i would like to see some other pictures of this device, looks interesting
  3. does look nice , wonder if my PA can be used in conjuction always a concern for me, other wise looks nice!
  4. Thanks for pointing this out. It looks a little like the "soap dish" that someone made once over a chastity lifestyle. Dollyanne wonders if it was inspired by that. Also, dollyanne wonders why they aren't showing the padlocks on the device? Do they stick out and ruin the flatness? Would like to read some objective reviews. Otherwise, it looks like an interesting device, and flat is certainly important to us sissies!

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    It looks less bulky than the others in her range. What are the dimensions.
  6. to the top!
  7. I don't' know about this one,I have yet to read any reviews, it looks very tight and the bar that goes behind the ball sack screams to me irritation of chaffing (pardon my french here).

    Like any new devices out there it's wise to wait and see some reviews first....
  8. Pinches

    I purchased the Extreme and am having problems putting it on. It seems to want to pinch no matter what spacers I use. Seems like I would prefer the larger spacer between the two halves but there doesn't seem to be enough room for my ball sack between the white portion and the device if the large spacers are between the two halves, does this make sense? After 30 minutes or so it hurts. For those who have one, what spacers do you use and any hints on putting it on and wearing it?

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  9. That looks incredibly painful. I would email Jenny for her suggestion. She is usually very accommodating.
  10. Looks painful and cuts the circulation...
    although i have not tried one,
    it doesn't look good to me...
  11. Problem putting it on

    Dear Ormond1912,

    Thanks very much for your comments about the ExoBelt Extreme; it is the first review I read about this on the net. I am very interested because I want to buy something less visible than the CB3000 I have right now.

    Looking at your picture it strikes me that you don't use spacers behind the back plate. This obviously causes the pinching, as it leaves room for skin to be trapped in between the metal pins and the holes in the back plate. As for the other problems, perhaps your package is slightly too large for this device.

    Which brings me to my question: have you ever tried the CB3000 and did it fit well?

    I am looking forward to hearing whether you resolve the issue and also to reading more reviews of this interesting new device.

    Kind regards,
    Tom - from The Netherlands
  12. CB 2000 and 6000S

    I found when I used the long spaces behind the back plate that there was not enough room between the posts for the ball sack.

    I have used both the CB2000, CB3000 and CB6000S. Of the three I like the 6000S best. I wore it yesterday and went jogging in it, no problem. The only concern I have with those devices is the quality, I have had rings on both the CB2000 and CB3000 break in them middle of the night (nighttime erection?) I also like the 6000S as it is impossible to tough your cock whereas the 2000 you can reach in and touch you cock and get some sensation.

    I also like the Exobelt X1 as it covers both cock and balls. It takes a little practice to learn to put it on and is bulky.

    Most comfortable is the Birdlocked but hard to put on and I found I could play with myself enough to come but squeezing the Birdlocked. Have since gotten a Mini-Birdlocked and not as much give due to the smaller size and harder to make myself come (haven't been able to yet)
  13. The search goes on

    Thanks for the quick response. It seems to me that the ExoBelt Extreme is indeed too small for you (at least the "ring" part). The other devices you mention are reasonable, but too visible in my view. That's why I want to try out the ExoBelt Extreme. Hopefully it works better for me.
  14. I have the Exobelt Extreme. It is the best of all the plastic devices I have tried. I have had the Exobelt x-1/V-1, the birdlocked, CB3000, CB6000. I was wearing the V-1 until the Extreme came out.

    I have been locked in the Extreme for a couple weeks now.

    The Extreme is the easiest to install and takes the least amount of adjustments to get a comfortable fit for long term wear. I also find it to be the most secure. The inside grips the penis so that I cant pull out. The grip is not painful unless I try and pull out. Which I will never try to do again as it brought tears to my eyes. I have no interest in ripping my penis off.

    I did find that I can actually wear it without the back white piece as well.

    I also find it the easiest to clean and urinate out of. I can urinate standing with no issues. I was suprised by that as Jenny didnt mention that.

    You will still have to take time to get the correct fit and you will still have to get used to night time erections, but I found it less painful than the CB3000/6000.

    I did see the other day on the CB-3000 forum that Jenny is moving the pins out somewhat on Ormonds device to help him fit better. Im not sure why that hasnt been posted.

    I will keep you updated as my lock up time goes on. I will say this is the best device I have owned.

    P.S. Someone mentioned a back bar?? Im not sure what they are referring to. The white piece? Other than that there is no back bar. The back piece is thick and smooth with no rigdes so I dont find any irritation.
  15. Not posted yet.

    The reason it hasn't been posted was I am waiting to get the modified Extreme back from Jenny and try it out. I will post abut how successful moving the pins out 1/4 inch (the most they can do) helps or not.
    Jenny makes some nice products, the X1 is very frustrating as once on you can't touch cock or balls, V1 is smaller than the X1 and if properly fitted is comfortable and secure.
    Not sure if I like the Extreme or not, will tell when I get it back.