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P A piercing

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by charger71, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. The head of you clity is also very tough !
    Xx wendy
  2. Wendy, you are wicked!
  3. A PA. done professionally and looked after properly usually heals very quickly compared to many other piercings. I can echo all the positive things said above. I have no regrets about mine and am very glad I had it done years ago. And of course its great for that added security headfuck when you are caged.

    All my gfs have eventually if not immediately come to appreciate me having a ring in, and since I first started being caged they have all wanted to utilise the security aspect in some way.
  4. i thought that the little hole at the tip of the cock was a very very tender bit cos when i puts the tippy of my tongue down it, the men sometimes shudders a bit.
  5. Jemima
    Once again you are a very nawty girl but you are correct .
    Xx Wendy
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  6. I'm convinced, it now is just a matter of finding a reputable place to get my piercing and getting it done. The one place I contacted said that they would do the P A with a 12 or 14 gauge depending on the size of my urethra.
  7. I JUST had my PA done on 11/8/2013. The piercing it self was a 1 or 2 on a level 10 scale of pain. What did actually hurt was the stretching that followed the piercing. I was pierced at a 12 and stretched to a 10 immediately to assist in healing.

    It's been > 1 week as of right now and the dull pain that was there from a open wound is now subsided and the only time I notice it surprisingly now is when I go to the bathroom and urinate -- and thats only because you have to sit to urinate.

    Would I do it again? : Sure, I'm just now getting into chastity. I did it 100% for chastity (Lori Tube) security -- but now that I have it.. I'm really happy with it outside of the chastity mindset.

    Should you do it? : That question only you can answer. I agree with most of the comments on this thread that it makes your chastity "real". If done correctly you can not get out of any device and it remains as a constant reminder of such.


    I did not and was very very very woozy after the piercing -- and ended up spending a lot longer time sitting in the chair with my penis hanging out than I fully intended on.
  8. Lol take candy bar why sit with your willy out most untidy !!
    Wendy xx
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  9. @WendygirlWendygirl LOL talk about being casual about it
  10. Unless you're diabetic, that woozy feeling is an after affect of adrenaline.

    You got a bit of a fright, perhaps saw some blood. Makes your head a bit spinny and a bit nauseous.

    If you ate beforehand it might make you chuck, eating a bit afterwards might help though if you can stomach it.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the advice and words of encouragement. It makes things easier.
  12. Mostly its a post piercing adrenalin rush burns rather a lot of sugar .
    Unlikely to make you throw up , but some people don't eat because of nervousness.
    Oh and boys far more likely to pass out ask any nurse .
    Xx Wendy
  13. Got a 6ga captive bead ring now to go inside my Steelworxx.de, Steelheart I. I started with an 8ga piercing. Healing is fast but the piercing can be tender for quite a long time, especially during unprotected sex, when you have the ring in. It is important that you wait at least 3 months before using a PA for chastity, at least according to all the sources I found.