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Panties with hole in front

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by easternsub, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for panties with a hole in front. Something where you can slip the your cock and balls through so the panty fits normally but the things out the front to be available for lock up.

    I remember seeing some a while back that looked like there was an elastic hole in the front but can't find the link.

  2. Try xdress.com

  3. try adam an eve
  4. Hi

    I purchased a pair like what you want from this site, hope this helps


  5. Some bikini style panties have a panel in the front formed by stitching. You can cut carefully along the inner part of the panel and remove it then trim any loose threads. You can also cut a hole in support panties and stitch it up by hand. This is fun to do because it is a nice feminine feeling to sit with needle and thread stitching your own panties.
  6. I have purchased numerous pairs of panties form Birch place and then are just fantastic. the feel of the double layers of satin is just great adn they fit like a glove. Most if the ones I have are overloaded with lace but they make you feel soooooo sissy all day long. You can get them with holes in the front or the back or both.

  7. Wish it was that easy to cut a hole in my stainless steel panties!!![​IMG]
  8. Ohhh ... my steel panties do have holes in front ... well, quite tiny ones but so far no one mentioned the size of the holes ... LOL
  9. Ooooh yes - so do mine but I'm fairly certain my naughty bits wouldn't fit through them.

    I must try harder softer.[​IMG]
  10. i placed an order at brich place im stillwaiting been close tooone month since i placed my order