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Peeing, leaking, and fitting.

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by Chastsecond, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Chastsecond

    Chastsecond New Member

    Dec 29, 2016
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    9:36 AM
    I have been in my device now for about 7 days, let out once for cleaning. I am getting use to it. I think it is nice, to be contained and have my wife in control (it was my idea).

    But as I am new, I have some issues, and I just need to know how to deal with them, so I am asking for your advice. By the way, I have a CB6000s with the second largest provided A loop, and the smallest stent.

    Here are my questions:
    1. I can't seem to align my pee hole up perfectly like what I see on pictures, it always goes to the left a bit, and then usually there is a gap at the bottom under my head. Then I bulge out of the vent's. Do you have advice for this? Is this OK, or should I invest in a different device if we end up liking this? And what do you suggest? Hopefully nothing mettle as I travel a lot.
    2. When I pee, I get some odor coming from my device through out the day, as some of it stays in the device, and I do use a paper towel to clean it everytime after I pee.
    3. After I pee (not usually related to above), I end up leaking a bit when I move around, like it pushes more pee out.
    4. When (wouldbe-)erect, i find that my device rides up my shaft. When this happens, my balls feel like they start hurting. Is there a way that I could prevent the riding up of the device to my shaft? Do I need to try to fit the other smaller ring, and would that cause a problem with #3 above?
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    May 16, 2008
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    7:36 AM
    I have been in chastity full time for 14 years now and have been in several different kinds of devices and can tell you that everyone's anatomy is different and that it is really trial and error to see what devices work best for you. None of them are perfect and you become more accustomed to wearing it over time. Unfortunately they are a little expensive so finding the right one is not only frustrating but costly. I am going to tell you my two cents worth in order of your questions and just so you know I am also mostly kept in a CB6000s as well. It is my favorite.

    1) I am not sure how to help you with this one. The end of your cock should be where the opening is. Does your cock have a natural bend to it? If not may I ask what type of lubricant you are using inside the cage? I use silicon lube. I have tried many other things but to me this is the best. I use baby lotion under and around my balls where the ring goes and put silicon lube on my cock and inside the tube before putting it on. If you do this your cock should be able to squirm around and the peehole should be where it belongs.
    2) You said you have had the device on for 7 days only cleaning it once? No wonder there is a strange odor. I am kept locked up 24/7/365 literally. My cock has not felt any sensation directly when unlocked since December 21st, 2013. I have not cum like a man since that date. So I am the real deal when it comes to chastity BUT I take it off every day to shower and shave. I made a promise to my Mistress and more recently to my Master to never touch myself for pleasure when unlocked and I have kept that promise. Now that my Master is holding the keys, I may go a day or two having to shower with it on but sweetheart, staying hygienic and keeping clean is very important to your health, your skin health, and for your nose too. This isnt about setting a record. If you agreed to not touch yourself and chastity is enforcing that it does not mean that you cant keep that promise when showering. It is a frustrating time for me each day when I am unlocked and the desire to touch myself is always there but that is part of the intensity of being in full time chastity. So clean yourself more ok?
    3) Part of the problem with being in chastity is that you leak. You have to spend more time making sure you got it all. I reach under my scrotum and push a number of times in that area which pushes the left over pee out and then I shake and press the device into myself again and again and again until I get it all. But even then some still leaks. This is not too bad when you wear standard panties but I hate it most when I am wearing satin panties because the pee stains the material so when I wear those types of undergarments I use a small pad like women use for their periods.
    4) The pain in your balls will subside mostly after a while when you get hard. It happens to all of us when we first started wearing a device especially at night. Not sure why the ball pain lessens but over time it does. You can always do what my Mistress does and put in the points of intrigue which are those little spikes that cause serious discomfort when you get hard. You will not be so concerned about ball pain when dealing with that pain, lol.

    Good luck and let me know if there is anything else I can answer.

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