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Penis Plug

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Slave_Scott, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Part of the reason I was interested in doing this was because I really, really want the looker 01. I like the open design for cleaning. Not sure I like the salt shaker look of the 02. Well when I decide to pull the plug... no pun intended, okay maybe a little. I'll be getting a looker for 24/7 wear. With and with out the plug

    they now do the looker 01 with the plug removable .........

    i have been thinking about the looker 01 for sometime not so keen on the plug
    as a chastity device i think its near perfect when fitted they recommend the cage is just shorter than you are flacid
    this makes it nice and tight and you have no where to go so no eretion possible
    the device can cleaned while wearing so no real need for removal apart from the slave /subs wants needs .
    this is total control it has it all secure ,easy to clean and i think its looks really good
    well my opinion is only that as Mistress will make the final choice
    when or if we change to a metal device .
    so in conclusion the last thing as a slave i would want
    so off to clean and polish my trusty cb6000s and hide my credit card
  2. The plug will strech your urethral sphincter... too much strech... like elastic it will loose its elasticity and then...

  3. i'd love to help...you build up more pressure for Mistress!!![​IMG]


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    As you would expect i did a deal of investigation and have also been using the looker plug for some time.

    There are, of course, two sphincters in the urethra and he most important one is near the bladder and prostate. The plug reaches in but not that far - in fact nowhere near. To get that far would need a flexible tube or catheter such as i use for self dilation on a regular basis.

    I can feel that catheter going past the sphincter - but not with the plug

    Just my thoughts

  5. It is your body indeed, go for it lol

  6. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but this thing needs comment:

    There is no way the plug in any of the CBs get anywhere near deep enough in your urethra to reach the prostate or bladder neck - which are the only two components in your urethral system having anything to do with urinating control.

    Both the prostate and bladder neck are (as the name would suggest) located at the "bladder end" of your urethra. For the average male, you need to go about twice as deep as a CB plug reaches before getting to the prostate and subsequently the bladder neck and the bladder itself.

    A very carefully (correctly) curved sound can reach the prostate and bladder if used correctly, but again, those are about twice the length of a regular plug.

    So while there may be several reasons to urge caution when it comes to plugged CBs, incontinence is certainly not one of them.
  7. I note that all those into wearing penis plugs, don't feel them.

    I too, as I'm typing these lines, wear a solid 85mm curved penisplug in my chastity belt's steel tube. It slides in pretty easily. But feeling is mild at best. I can only feel it during small erections as the plug's steel end stop rubs against the steel tube of the chastity belt. Other than that it's pretty much transparent. My chastity belt's buttplug is much more intense.

    Erections or nocturnal are possible and very arousing with this caged penisplug. Erections are felt intensely as the cock swells along the penis plug shaft, it exercises a pleasant counter-pressure against the tube.

    The max I wore it was 14 hours, and removed it shortly after orgasming in bed.