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Jeff Gord, the legend has died.

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by rwbyswitch, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. rwbyswitch

    rwbyswitch New Member

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    Now i dont know how many of you people in the chastity scene are familiar with his work, but he was a true evil genius.

    From what i remember he used to be an aeroengineer who used to work for rolls royce designing aeroplane engines. This experience gave him a tremendous understanding of electronics, hydraulics and a whole host of other tools which he put together to form some of the strictest most creative bondage the worlds ever seen.
    He created some of the most amazing, intense and elaborate bondage scenes ever made, and he was so good with working with the actress's it was common for him to have some of the biggest names in the fetish community, like Jewell Marceau and Claire Adams as regulars on his website.

    He was just a brilliant guy, who didnt give a fuck about peoples perceptions, and he fucking OWNED it.
    shame to see him go.

  2. latexbound

    latexbound Active Member

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    Thanks for posting this, I hadn't picked this news up. He was indeed the pioneer of predicament/extreme bondage. He and his work will be missed :-(
  3. maid_carrie

    maid_carrie Perks

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  4. subken

    subken Member

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    Absolutely unparalleled. My Superior doesn't even care much for bondage but She loves Gord. He will be missed.

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