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Penis Pump

Discussion in 'The Mall (Everything Else)' started by TCFun, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. TCFun

    TCFun New Member

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    This is't a review of any particular penis pump, although the one we just got was a P3 from Doc Johnson. I saw a video recently of Klixen who teased her boyfriend to the edge and then put his cock in a penis pump and pumped him hard. She left him tied to the table for an hour - just him and his never ending erection.

    After an hour she came back removed the pump and teased him some more, but this time stroked him until he came. Then she immediately put the pump back on and pumped him hard, leaving him again (presumably for another hour?).

    She repeated this again, and then for a 4th orgasm she used a vibrator while the pump was still on, making him cum in the pump.....WOW

    So we ordered a pump and my Wife used it last night on me. The only difference is that my Wife isnot ready for me to cum yet so I was teased and edged, and then pumped up hard and left for a while until She was ready to tease me again. This definitely makes for one aching cock and balls.

    I'm hoping soon we will try it with an orgasm between pumps.....

  2. madamsboy

    madamsboy Madam's boy

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    interesting idea...
  3. chloe.2b

    chloe.2b Gurl Staff Member Moderator

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    what clip is that? sounds nice :)

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