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Steelwerks - chastity devices

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by Ladynsniffer, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Ladynsniffer

    Ladynsniffer Essentially a eunuch

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    Hello all,

    I am in the process of purchasing a metal chastity device from steelwerks (http://www.steelwerksextreme.com/). Here's my experience so far:

    The owner is named Chris, he's married and lives in Montreal. He pretty much runs his shop solo although he now has a retail store in Palm Springs, CA. Chris is very personable and passionate about making top quality chastity cages for men. My design is similar to the many chastity cages he sells but will include a locking device using my AMPALLANG and APADRAVYA piercings. He is working on it now and has sent me a few photos to show progress. I should have it within a couple of weeks and I'll post photos and a review for you to check out.

    Most of his work is custom made for the client. He caters to both gay males and hetero couples.

  2. Joroincharge

    Joroincharge Lock em up - 24/7/365!!

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    Just had a look. Great pix on the site. Maybe there'll be some of yourself in it...
  3. hubbylockeddown

    hubbylockeddown Junior Member

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    Would love to see photo's of your new device. I have heard that he does amazing work.

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