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Update From Miss Lori regarding 2C devices

Discussion in 'Lori Devices' started by subken, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Today I exchanged a few emails with Miss Lori regarding delivery if the 2C my KH Wife and I ordered on 4/14. She was, as always, very polite and informative.

    It seems that just a few days prior and leading up to 4/14 when I actually ordered mine, she received 20 orders for the 2C alone. There is only one "girl" who can make them as she has told myself and others and each one takes about 5 to 6 days to complete. Calculate orders she already had prior and new orders then do the math and you'll see she is very behind, but not sacrificing quality despite pressure to deliver. She told me mine would be another two months. Am I happy with that? No, but at least I know. I also know that there is no other source and that most all the CBs I've ever had to wear were complete junk - including the Miller CBXX series. So those who are serious will wait, what else is their to do?

    She also told me that without question the 2C is the best device they have ever produced. So I'm sticking with her for the same reason I ordered from her in the first place: reputation for REAL chastity devices.