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3rd Birthday on CM

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mistress Jules, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. Yesterday was my 3rd birthday on CM, it seems so long ago that I joined and started speaking to various people. @maid_carrie@maid_carrie and @MaidCharlotte@MaidCharlotte were the first to speak to me as a real person as opposed to the initial – will you lock me chats. Thanks go to them for the many BDSM 101 talks they had with me lol.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly locked a few members here in my time, although not so much now that I do it in a professional capacity. It was a fun way to learn so much about the world I now inhabited.

    Looking back it is amazing to think how much I didn’t know and how much I do know now.

    There are many threads on CM where you won’t see me post as I am female and therefore anything I said about the physical aspects would be assumptions rather than facts. I don't feel it would be right for me to post about the physicality of being chaste when I cannot experience it. Although I will warn to be careful about locking for too long at the beginning, that is a definite no no and I have seen the damage that can do personally.

    There are also many threads where I do post, especially ones asking questions about partners and introducing them to male chastity. Trust me, the male brain thinks very differently from the female brain so you really want to be listening to the females for help with that.

    Who would have thought three years ago that the complete newbie would now be engaged to the guy who initially said “hi” and then “I have to go” in our first chat. Who would have thought that the newbie would in such a short time be part owner of Scotland’s largest BDSM dungeon, a professional dominatrix, fetish author, online sex shop owner and run fetish clubs?

    Gotta say, I love my life
  2. Happy Birthday and wow! I didn't realise that the BDSM dungeon part of your story came after your membership of CM started. You certainly didn't hang around haha.

    As you know I am one of the lucky ones whose wife got the idea of chastity pretty quickly and has enjoyed her new role immensely. I have however read a lot of your advice and often point new members in your direction when they ask the 'how do I get my wife involved?' type of questions.

    I wish you a happy and successful future in your private life and most definitely in your Dominatrix role!
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    Happy CM birthday.
  4. Happy birthday spank a sub day
  5. happy happy birthday Mistress Jules and i hopes that its a lovley day for You. curtsy.
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  6. Happy CM Birthday!
  7. Happy birthday Mistress
    Xx Wendy
  8. Happy 3rd CM Birthday Jules. I had my 9th this year but was actually banned from the site at the time.
    Gosh it only seems like yesterday when you and I first started chatting and I introduced you to Lockit.
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  9. and it took us just under 3 years to finally meet and have that hug we promised lol. Lovely person and just as nutty now as when we first started chatting which is blooming good :)
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  10. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. @lockit@lockit came north to take me away for the weekend, unfortunately I contracted flu and was singularly pathetic the whole time we were away. Luckily I have such a fabulous slave who made it his purpose to look after me and accept the bewailing of his Mistress struck down with Domme flu. Hopefully I shall recover enough before he returns south at the end of the week to send him away with something memorable.
  11. Congratulations on being here 3 year @Mistress Jules@Mistress Jules - time certainly flies by when you are having fun! And you certainly have been having fun, and continue to do so!

    You are a great asset to this site, providing quiet wisdom and some fun as well with things like your Chat Night a few weeks back - and if I did play a small part in making you feel welcome and help you develop, that is most pleasing :)
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  12. Thank you @maid_carrie@maid_carrie for making @Mistress Jules@Mistress Jules welcome and helping her in her early days as a member.
    More than that thank you for all your match making skills that brought me and Mistress Jules together.
  13. After an enforced sabbatical due to family illness I am finally back in this fabulous world of chastity and fetish. First day back at chambers today and I have to say I was a tad excited, especially to see my boots, floggers and whips again. Not sure @lockit@lockit is as happy to have me back firing on all cylinders, ah well got to take the rough with the smooth ha ha.

    I hope you have all been locked up snug while I have been away and I look forward to catching up with the happenings on here over the next few days.
  14. Hello Mistress. Hope all is well now. Nice to see your cylinders are firing and that your green eyed gaze will be upon us again
  15. Yes great to have you back Lockit is a truly lucky so and so..................
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  16. Pays to look after your Mistress !!

    Xx Wendy
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