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About FLR

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by D4v1d, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Just curious if anyone has read any of the material available on aboutflr.com and what their feedback is. I'm a bit nervous to spend any money on it given the errors in writing on almost every page of the site. It makes it very difficult to read through and I don't want to spend money on any of the books if they are of the same quality...

    Thanks for any feedback you have!
  2. I have poured through that site quite a bit. I'm not sure if I'd spend any real money or not for the books or content. I think spending money on Sarah Jamesons book is far better. I too would love some honest reviews and opinions.

    There is a lot of interesting things on aboutflr and the five food groups site. One could use the five food groups in any relationship to help sort things out.
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  3. I have read through most pages. I agree on the "why spend money" part but that aside there is certainly enough information on those pages to give anyone lots to think about without pulling out your purse.
    There you ha e my opinion.

    sarah jameson gets a no comment from me for other reasons. Sarah jamesons writings are excellent as well though. There is no shortage of info on the web, so quite why you might need to pay for "e books" on the subject is a mystery to me.
  4. £11 for 50 page book don't think so.
    As people say so much for free out there .
    Xx wendy