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Academic studies about chastity into feminisation?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Supple, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. There seems to be a general agreement on this site that chastity often leads to a desire for feminisation (imposed or self-imposed).

    I wondered if there were any academic studies on this effect,which confirmed/denied it?

    Of course, other factors might be that those attracted to chastity are inclined towards feminisation already, for example.
  2. I think it depends on the person. I enjoy chastity but I'm not going to put on a frock and high heels not for love nor money. It ain't cause of any negative reasons but it's just that it's not my thing.
    I think that a sissy would go from the dress to the chastity device as a finishing touch but I don't think the chastity device would make a man dress feminine unless he had that desire there to start with.
    It's a bit like saying men love pegging because their cock is locked up, I don't see how chastity would make a man want to be be pegged unless he wanted it or was inquisitive about it before hand. I was pegged before I was in to chastity so I could say that pegging got me in to chastity, but it would be a lie based on opinion without any viable evidence to prove it. And I don't think there will be any proof or evidence to show that chastity moulds a person to desire another kink solely down to that one factor.
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  3. @chris82@chris82 - I very much agree. We were into pegging for at least 8 years before we started to play with chastity and I don't think pegging really led to the chastity play beyond being a kink which somewhat unlocked our more adventurous side and introduced the idea of my not always taking the lead/active part in our sex lives.
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  4. For me, I think that it all began when I was an adolescent, about 60 years ago, when I first tried on Mom's bra. I developed a secret attraction to lingerie at that time and it lasted until I went away to college. Fast forward about 45 years and, frustrated and unsatisfied with my marriage, I secretly began going to pro dommes for BDSM, CBT, etc as I saw it as non-cheating on my marriage vows. On one such session, the Domme did the 'Forced Fem' session, completely dressed and made me up and then took me out to dinner as girlfriends. She had unlocked my feminine side and then years later, I began secretly wearing panties and bras whenever my wife was not around. She came home early one day and caught me in panties, recognized my interest in femininity and soon began to feminize me. Along with that control that She began to exercise over me, we began to practice chastity on the honor system. Only after I proved to be 'dishonorable' was the cage introduced to control the wanking. So, in short, my path went from Alpha Male to being feminized to chastity to caged.

    Based on my discussion with other feminized men, I sense that everybody has a different story, commitment from their spouse/gf, and, in many cases, the feminization has been a culmination of secretly harbored, long time interests. If you would have asked me 10 years ago about this, I would have responded much like Chris82. Actually, it was the caring interest of my wife that enabled me to confront, address and enjoy my femininity. Our relationship and sex like has grown by leaps and bounds since She has taken control of my masculinity and turned me into her devoted and loving sissy!
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  5. Forgot to mention, I have search for real academic studies on chastity and feminization and have found none. I would love to learn more and to read any such studies that anybody knows about!
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  6. My guess is you won't find anything but here is a list of likely journals in which such a study might be published. It could be a long job searching them:-

    I did check a couple and there was nothing on chastity in the way it is understood here at all.
  7. I tried a mild form of feminization at first for my peace of mind. I had to work overnight at the hotel, bf was going out to this bar where we hang out. I asked him to put on a pair of my panties under his jeans, so if he did go home with some hussy, as soon as she pulled down his pants, she'd freak and kick him out. I look back on that now and laugh at myself. What would have stopped him from going in the bathroom, taking off the panties and trashing them or rolling them up and putting them in his pocket? Anyhow, he left them on when he went to bed that night so I could see he still had them on when I came home. I thought he looked so cute in the panties. I dressed him up in more of my underwear after that. He looked so cute and I noticed it made him more agreeable to things I wanted but he might not have been so crazy about doing. Every time I dressed him up, we had sex, so he was always willing to get dressed up because he associated it with sex. I could see, too, it made him more submissive.

    I could tell, too, it made him feel different when he didn't want to go to the bar, watch sports and hang out with his buddies while wearing panties under his jeans. I didn't want to deprive him of his time with his friends and that's when I learned about chastity devices for guys.

    The feminization is part of me disciplining him. It makes him submissive to me while he's feminized. It's also humiliating to him when my friends see him dressed up and I use humiliation to discipline him.
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  8. Being continually humiliated in so many ways does serve to keep me focused on my submission. Sometimes, just the subtle threat of exposure and humiliation is all it takes to keep me in line!
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  9. wearing dresses and skirts does make you has to watch what you doing , like when you sit down to rember to put your hands down the back so that the dress don't crumple up and keeping your knees together and lots of other thingys as well. so it does make you feel a bit nervy.
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  10. Of course, Jemina! My Mistress has recently introduced the wearing of the corset as a way to correct my feminine posture and to assist me in not eating/weight control. Even when dressing as male, it is a constant reminder of my femininity for me!
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  11. Thanks to all responders to my question. My initial assumption (of chastity frequently progressing to feminisation) was probably wrong, and it does indeed seems that there are no serious studies on this effect.

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