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AltairBoy's Website in Dire Straights ?

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Kinkish1, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. I just came across this post regarding the Altairboy website.
    I thought some of you would like to know and perhaps act upon the info.


    I can't vouch for the accuracy of the post, the poster or the forum where it is posted, as I just found the site and know nothing about any of them. However, I do know that going to the AltairBoy website, I get a "Down for Maintenance" page. So, that jives with the post.

    Can anyone confirm any of the info in the post ?
    Like the story, the names involved, or the email address to send help to.
    Does anyone have another source for the info ?

    I know many members here must have been to AlterBoy's website, maybe even when it was one of the few reliable online sources of good chastity information, or sources anywhere for that matter.
    I'd like to help out, but I can't jump in until I'm comfortable with what I'm reading there.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I know what you mean. I love my site to bits and would be devastated if it ended up in a situation like this.

    My worries are the "server can't be imported" so it has to be cash... line.

    Difficult one to call.
  3. They are working to get it back up, they got the money they need. When it comes up I hope they update it more often.
  4. OK, thanks for the update.
    It's good to know things are working out for them.

  5. Have no fear Mistress Watchful. :character0028:
    If this site should ever fall into a similar situation as Alterboy's, you'd receive the help you needed to get it back up from the membership here, and in a short period of time. Of course that's assuming you had everyone's email address.

  6. Lol @ SuperKinkish!

    Thank you. Yes, I believe I have a strategic placing of "contacts" aka Friends around the world who would send up the panic flares for me.

    I'm glad their site is ok, it will be interesting to see what the whole who-ha was about when they are up and running again.
  7. An offer

    I won't try to track down the owners of the website-- if their computers are exploding, they have their hands full I'm sure. I shan't try complicate their lives by interjecting myself into the mix.

    Altairboy certainly has talent. I have one of the altairboy stories on my site, and it's a site that boys are always mentioning having an 'unhealthy attachment' too.

    Anyway, one of my fans sent me this page and asked permission to donate the money for the new server-- unless you personally know the person requesting money genuinely runs the site, it's too sketchy. But, if anyone does know them and feels like it, you could mention to them that I'd be willing to lend out space on my server (toxictreat.com). Quite a few of my 'helpers' are big fans of the altairboy site, and one of them had even gone so far as to download the entire website so he could 'view' its content at work without getting in trouble.

    My helpers are begging for permission to post the entire site so no one has to live even a single day of their lives without altairboy to wank to-- but obviously, I'm NOT going to allow any such thing unless I'm convinced the people who actually run the site have made such a request.

    In all likelihood, they have the situation in hand and have no need to request my aid-- but I thought I'd respond here, just in case they aren't able to resolve the situation.

  8. Sophia & Others Concerned About AltairBoy,

    First, let me welcome you to the Chastity Mansion, Sophia. It's always good to have new members who jump right in. I hope you'll continue to do so, and please tell us more about yourself. The Foyer is the place for intros, if you're so inclined.

    A day or two ago, while going through my backlog of cblist e-mails, I came across a post from Robert, of tpe.com, stating that they have all the funds required and had bought the server, Tuesday, Oct.7. It should arrive in Finland, where the server is physically located, in a week, which is the 14th.
    He also reported that the hard drives are fine and all the files are safe and ready go back up once they're set to go. Hopefully, by next weekend we'll no longer see the Server down for maintenance notice, when we try to visit.

    This is the 2nd or 3rd time the AltairBoy site has disappeared the last few years and each time they're back I intend to download whatever I don't already have from the site, but never get around to it. I need to try harder this time.

    I can't accurately recall the details of the arrangement, Sophia, but I believe the owner of the server location is sympathetic to the difficulty in keeping a free website of that nature up and running, and is giving them a pretty good deal as it is.

    However, I would imagine they'd appreciate knowing of your willingness to help them, at the least for future reference, or sooner.

  9. They used to have pictures on the site but they were all blocked a few years ago.
  10. Yes, lots of photos, and many great ones at that. I saved quite a few of them, but didn't save the device name or the title of the review they were a part of. But, I have the photos. lol

    Many of the chastity device reviews posted by members, who actually owned and used the device they reviewed, had pics taken by the reviewer, and those pics made understanding the review easier, particularly regarding the details of the device that may affect a buyer's decision.

    A few days ago, the cblist, which is e-mailed to members, had a post asking why, a few years ago, the Altairboy website didn't put back up the pictures previously posted (I believe after it may have been shut down under threat of prosecution, don't quote me on that) and has since then has not posted new pics, and especially now that it is hosted in Finland.

    It was pointed out that in the U.S. it doesn't matter where a site is hosted from, what counts is the location the material that is deemed pornographic was downloaded to. So, if someone such as a mayor/senator/prosecutor/etc. seeking re-election, a puritanical police official, or any random bible thumper takes a dislike to a website, they can raise hell and create a lot of trouble for that web site's owner.

    Considering that the U.S. government can put anyone it chooses on the national "no fly" list, freeze bank accounts and cause personal and financial ruin simply by publically threatening to prosecute, it doesn't make sense to chance it by putting up pornographic photos.

    Let's vote the "holier than thous" out of office this November.

  11. How recent is this?