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can anyone help me find a belt known as the Boi Breaker

Discussion in 'Full Belts' started by Maid Kaylynn, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. I keep getting the middle finger from all search engines I am using in locating one of these for purchase. From what i can tell from the image that was in my email it is a full belt meant for full time wear that has attachable butt plug. unfortunetly it has been deleted from my email already. the image of the belt looked like it was from a ligget site and referred to it as the Boi Breaker. any info regarding this belt or one similar would be much apperciated thank you.
  2. Try looking through your cached images on your computer to see if you have a copy of the pic still?
  3. i can find the message in the yahoo group but its not loading or shown the picutres anymore it just shows the attachment 14 and that its 14 jpg is all do you know of a way to resend it or some backdoor way of viewing it.
  4. The belt is a Neosteel, not sure about the plug though...
  5. Nods its an belt from blacksteel, it was a place in the uk that did insane asylum scenes. The plug on that belt was a custom polished alum. But they do have stainless plugs out on the market. look for the jeweled butt plugs, you can get them with out the gem. Then just get it tapped and threaded and screw it to the rear shield of a Neosteel or Mysteel.
  6. Wow that is a serious but plug for any kind long term wear.
    So has any one coped with it for long .
    Xx wendy

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