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Catbond was bad (Choose his punishment)

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Clumsygirl, Jan 2, 2017.


What is Catbond's next punishment ?

Poll closed Jan 9, 2017.
  1. Trapped 30 hours in his pet cage

  2. No orgasm & locked until 2018

  3. Tied up all day long with occasional CBT throughout the day

  4. The crop used on his chubby ass cheeks until it's marked for a week

  1. Hello everyone, My pet @Catbond@Catbond has been a very sadistic lately but not being very supportive of his fellow subs . He has been advising a few Mistresses some hard punishments for them to perform on their subs and was feeling very very happy about that. That does not sit well me with and it's now time for the backlash and teach him a lesson.
    You all will decide of his next "hard' punishment.
  2. yes but then i might has it as well.
  3. Tie him spread eagled with his knees ties out too.

    Put a tens unit on his penis tip and balls. Turn it on high and leave it for 5-10 minutes.

    It is unbearable but does no damage.
  4. Noted, but stick to the 4 Options already stated please ;)
  5. How about E. All of the above!

    Marked up cheeks trapped in a cage with some CBT knowing he is not getting an orgasm until next year.

    Something like icy hot that he could not get out of the cage to wash off could be fun... for you.
  6. If you want the punishment to fit the crime you could use all the suggestions he has helpfully supplied on this site.
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  7. Yeah, one time my wife put icy hot on my penis then went to town with a small trap and then a spiked wheel.

    That was way past sexy fun punishment. I actually got mad, but tied as I was I couldn't do anything.

    I like CBT punishments. They are a huge turn on, but believe me they can get severe enough to be real punishments.
  8. I'm glad you all took the time to vote, how considerate....
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  9. I voted no orgasm and locked till 2018, and it is currently the highest in the leaderboard, but do you both think you'll be able to do it?
  10. When considering the 4 options, one must think ahead as to what punishment is remaining if #2 is implemented? If he is locked up until 2018, what else will you be able to do for further discipline? I prefere #3 as being restrained and CBT'd for a day would be terrible, surely get my attention, but then I would have a chance to show improvement and restore Her faith in me.

    In reality, for me, Mistress's toughest punishments are Her putting away my lingerie and sissy items and forcing me to wear men's boxer shorts, baggy men's jeans, etc. That really works on my mind.
  11. I am locked until 2018 anyways, might as well try to find somebody that has to do the same. sorry bud, you probably deserved it anyways
  12. I voted for staying locked until 2018, but I think adding the others at regular intervals throughout the year and Mistress deems necessary is a good idea.
  13. Tied up and CBT sounds good enough, good luck
  14. I voted crop, imo not really thinking it deserves a year locked, and find 30 hours in a small pet cage might do back damage...and ball torture to me is just too much.
  15. It's the very last day to vote ! please, feel free to help me cum in 2018 :p
  16. Dude you're fucked
  17. I noticed thanks @Steve-0@Steve-0 ^^, and I meant 2017 in my previous post...
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  18. good bye orgasms
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