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Chastity & Diapers

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Ellas Plaything, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. Some time ago when I was still a lurker there were a few postings here about a boy whose wife kept him diapered and locked - I don't know how rare that is but I too wear diapers. Only to bed and in fact I was diapered before I was chastised. To be honest though my wife is not crazy about the diapering because historically it interfered with spontaneous sexual activity but now that I spend most of my time locked it does not really matter.

    Are there others out there or am I a fringe member of the fringe?

  2. You're not alone. Although I haven't had much experience I have tried diapering and enjoyed it. I love the idea of Master having the control and the feeling of wearing diapers is actual quite nice.

    You're correct in saying it doesn't come up on here much but the web site is designed for a very specific subject, that being chastity. Having said that though many different subjects are discussed on here and people shouldn't be deterred from posting about other subjects such as this.

    There are diaper specific web sites out there, I think there is one called daily diapers. The only problem I have found with the DL (Diaper Lover) community is that is bungled in the the AB community. I think this this turns people off from the outset as they connect diapers with adult babies. This isn't to say that Adult babies are bad but I know people that don't like the idea.

    If you are a member of fet life there are many groups on there that are specifically for people that like wearing diapers as a form of bondage.
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  3. Me too. I've been wearing diapers and had a fetish since I was a kid. I've just ventured out into chastity because it gives me butterflies in my stomache to think of being locked up by my wife. Once she locks me up, on go the diapers.

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  4. My what a subject!
    I have wondered myself about how many others here use diapers for any fetish reasons.
    my Wife has discovered diapers this year and had me go to a big box store to buy a supply of pull on adult diapers.
    She also specified womens diapers because She reasoned that Her cock would be pulled back (in the CB6000 tube) between my legs therefore urine would end up more in the lower crotch area. Therefore subklik has to wear Women's diapers.

    She also orederd me to buy a pair of locking plastic pants from "Fetware". They are the ones that lock in the back so I have no easy way to get them off even with the key. I can do it, but not easily at all. They are actally a thick vinyl and really sturdy, they make me sweat under the diaper and i can be soaked with sweat but i really don't notice it at all. It all stays under the vinyl pants. If you check out my blog/journal in the vault "subkliks extended weekend subspace" (or something like that) you will find some diaper adventures in a few of my posts.

    i agree by the way, there is no better feeling of being controled than to be locked in chastity and then locked into a diaper.
    Mistress took me out in a diaper and did not take the key with Her. We were out for seven hours and i was made to drink beer instead of wine or whisky or anything else. She was quite amused by the way my walking changed not to mention inmpressed with how i stayed dry with those fetware plastic pants.

    i also concur with the adult baby fetish. Can't do it, don't get it, but understand that lots of people wouldn't get my fetishes either. So it's all fair.

    After reading and writing all this i am craving to be locked into a diaper...

    Wow huh?

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  5. It's good to see there are few people out there that enjoy it. I think one problem is, is that people instantly connect diapers with adult babies or old people with incontinence. If you can get over that thought though you can see how much of a great tool diapers can be for controlling submissives.

    Diaper play also encompasses many fetishes from people who just like the idea of being totaly controlled to subs that love being humiliated.

    They also can have a very practical use for extended bondage sessions, I'm not sure what would be more humiliating wetting yourself when you tied up or wetting a diaper when tied up. At least with a diaper you get that nice warm feeling as they fill up.

    I Can't wait to start playing with them again, I just have to get Master a bit more turned on by the idea. [​IMG]
  6. I also love using diapers. Depends makes a booster pad so one can get more use from a disposable diaper, they work very well. Sometimes if I have a problem and cant wear my chastity belt at night, a tape on diaper is used instead. With my Queens penis tucked between my legs and the diaper secured in place there will be no touching of the penis until she allows me to take it off. Any tampering of the tape is noticeable so it is fairly secure. Thanks for bringing up the subject too, it's good to know one is not alone in his fetishes.
  7. The adult baby fetish seems to be quite popular in its own right, but definitely not my thing. I agree with the others here though that the feelings of the ultimate loss of control brought on by a locked chastity device and a secure diaper are terrific. I have used abena's diaper doubler pad which is fantastic - with that inside my normal diaper I am good for at least 12 hours.. well not good but you know what I mean!
  8. I also like diapers. I do enjoy the adult baby thing a little bit, but I much prefer it for the humiliation aspect.
  9. Hi! My problem is that I don´t have a key owner so I will have to punish myself, right now I am thinking of a a night at the pub being locked up in diapers aside of being in chastity. The more beers you want to drink the bigger the "package" you have to wear.


  10. I will add my history with diapers and chastity.

    I was a bedwetter until I was in my mid-teens. I had been wearing diapers to bed
    for some time. When I was about 8 or 9 I told my mom I didn't want to wear diapers and plastic pants.
    She found some all in ones that were plastic on the outside and flannel inside that had snaps on the side.
    I could put these on myself. They weren't as thick as the diapers she had me wear so I had some leaks.
    She fixed that and put a folded hand towel in side the flannel that was folded up like an insert.
    No more leaks. I wore those and didn't wet every nite, maybe 2 or 3 nites a week.
    I was still wetting at 13 and still wearing them at night. Then I had my first wet dream in what we both called
    my night gear. It was something else. I was embarrassed and didn't want her to know and I didn't have an accident that night but when I got up I wet them before I took them off and put them in the pail.
    In the next month I figured out how to masturbate and then I would do it in them and if I didn't wet that night
    I would wet them before I took them off in the morning. I would only come 2 or 3 times a week. I didn't want her
    to think my accidents were getting worse. My mom was pretty understanding about the bedwetting because she was one herself.

    By 15 I had stopped having accidents and stopped wearing my night gear but didn't stop coming. I liked wearing them but my sister thought it was weird to still wet at night at 14.
    Got married in my early 20's and occaisionally had an accident and was usually caused by alot of stress at work.
    We had a sex life but my wife had tried several forms of birth control but couldn't use them long term.
    That left condoms - I didn't like those much. After one really tough week at work and several nighttime accidents my wife suggested I get some protection. I had told her that I had been a bedwetter but it stopped. She said she would look for
    some plastic pants and I could use the kids diapers inside them. I said ok but I would put them on.
    She found some plastic pants and that night she left some of kids diapers on our bed along with a pair of the plastic pants. She told about them when I got home from work and she didn't say anything more. I came to bed kinda late hoping that maybe she wasn't going to say anything more. I came into the bedroom and she looked like had gone to sleep and I saw the diapers and plastic pants on the bed. There were pins too.

    I realized she was serious so I took them into our bathroom and closed the door. There were 2 diapers and she had folded them very big. Leaned up against the vanity and pinned one side and had to stretch them to get the other side. It wasn' that great of a pinning job even though I had changed our kids diapers. Pulled up the plastic pants and they seemed loud.
    Put my underwear back on and a tshirt and got into bed. She stirred and rolled over to me. She gave me a sleepy hug and then ran her down my back and felt the plastic pants and diapers under my underwear. She gave me a kiss and said thank you. It's a lot of work to change the bedding. Then she put hr hand down by my crotch and patted my front and noticed I was aroused. Then asked me do these excite you. I said not sure, but they do press against my cock and are very soft. She said let me check. She undid a leg snap and reached in under the diaper and said you are hard and dripping. I wasn't sure what to say at that point. She didn't say anymore and just started rubbing her fingers over the head and it was slippery and getting wetter. I was getting real excited and started thrusting and she just whispered come for me and that did it. I exploded inside the diaper and she had me pointing down so it all went in the diaper. We kissed and I got her to come - she was wet when I started.

    That night started a new pattern for us. She would leave diapers and plastic pants under my pillow and if we went to bed together I still went in the bathroom to change. Sometimes she would make me come after we were in bed a few minutes and sometimes it would be later in the night if she got up with one of our kids. We only had intercourse once or twice a month. But she would get me off 2-3 times a week in my diaper.
    I didn't do that well with pins and didn't really want to wear my kids diapers so started looking for something that wasn't diapers. I found a company that made something like I had worn before except for adults. I bought some thru the mail. I told my wife about them when I ordered them. When they arrived a week or two later my wife said a package was in our bedroom. After the kids were in bed I went in to open the package and she was there. She said are these your adult diapers and I corrected her and said they are waterproof underwear. She smiled and said let's see if they will fit.
    I got red and said well lets see what's here.

    I opened the package and there were 2 inside. They were snapons with thick absorbent lining. She felt them and said I might need more protection. She got a kids diaper and folded it up like a liner and said I think you should use this too. Then she said, try it on and let's see if they will fit. I was getting red and she said it's ok I know you need something at night to stay dry. She said come on let's see. I took off my pants and underwear and I was so embarrassed that I wasn't aroused. I stood by the bed and she brought it up between my legs and she did the snaps on one side and I quickly reached and started on the other side. She pressed them down and felt a growing bulge.
    And said I am glad you like them and smiled. And then she said, I still think you might need more padding.
    She reached for the diaper she had folded as a liner and undid a top snap. And then said to undo one on the other side.
    I did and she passed it down my front inside the brief and brushed against my growing cock. She noticed that and
    that it was wet at the end. And said, glad you really like them. She reached down my backside and pulled it up and
    smoothed it out. I said, are you done, and she said almost, just snap these back up. I was so embarrassed. Before, I had always changed in the bathroom and when I got up in the morning to take a shower she was still asleep.
    I said I had some work to finish up and would be to bed befor long. Pulled on some shorts and worked in the kitchen for a while. Went back to the bedroom and she was up reading. Came back in the bedroom and she said see if you can pee, I said I would. Went into the bathroom and undid some snaps and was able to go. Put thngs back together, flushed, washed, brushed my teeth and came out. I was taking off my shorts and she said go ahead and take your underwear off, you don't need them. I looked at her funny and then took them off. She turned off the light and I got into bed. We hugged and kissed and she was running her hands over my plastics and said, feels like they fit ok on you. I nodded that they do.

    She ran her hand over the front and felt a bulge and she said, feels like they fit very snug and she chuckled.
    She said lie on your back for a minute and I did. She undid a snap and reached in and felt me getting harder and wetter.
    She didn't say anymore and laid her head on my chest and within a few minutes made me come very hard. It felt like there was a gooey mess inside. She then whispered - see I said you might need more to stay dry. I laughed and said its your

    I was starting to return the favor and then as I was carressing her panties I felt a pad and she said, not tonight, it's ok.
    I bought some more and wore those for several years. I noticed early in the morning sometimes she would check to see if I was wet thinking I was asleep. At one point she asked after she had made me come if I still needed to wear these at night or if I just liked to wear them. At this point I wasn't having accidents but maybe once a month at most. But some nights I would wet them when I got up to make it look like I was still having accidents. She then asked if I sometimes wet
    my diaper - she used that word - or if I was still having that many accidents. That sort of put things out in the
    open and I was embarrassed and said most were accidents but she knew I just liked wearing diapers to bed. I said it
    was a little of both.
    The kids were getting a little older and it was getting more difficult to keep this a secret, so I stopped wearing them
    to bed and was very careful in limiting liquids at night. There were sometimes after we went out to dinner and had
    a fair amount to drink that when we got home she would say I think you should wear your special underwear as she had started to call them. And I would.

    More on the chastity next installment...
  11. Very hot mic
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  12. Wow...yea...very hot....
  13. It was hot, she totally got my rocks off in my diaper and it turned her on to do it!
  14. You're not alone. I like combining diaper, wetting and chastity play. Especially because of the new "gel" that gets super sexy and slippery when wet in modern diapers.
  15. I have wet in depends and they have gel i think - don't remember them getting real slippery. may try that again. A Libra, should have guessed, ditto
  16. I was Given over to my mistress for training when I was 19 which is not a year ago. I had been wearing panties and diapers since I was thirteen. I needed the diapers and obviously wore them with plastic panties. Every night and sometimes during the day depending if my step mom or my aunt thought I needed them. I spent a lot of time with two girl cousins almost my age. They let me wear their panties and when I was 15 we started to play dress up. By then I wanted to be a girl more than a boy so I started wearing makeup and feminine type clothing every day and naturally, always panties. When we played dress up by the time the girls were done with me I looked like a girl and was as pretty as they were. At 19 my older cousin introduced me to her girlfriend who was 5 years older and bi-sexual. She and my cousin were sexually involved. One day we were sitting around and the girlfriend asked me if I thought I would benefit from some special training. Before I could answer my cousin said "yes he would and he'd love it." "Stand up and show her what you have on." I did as I was told and took down my jeans to reveal that I was wearing pantyhose with pink panties under neath.
    So the next evening my cousin delivered me to her girlfriend's place. No sooner were we inside when she said to me, "I understand you have to wear diapers and plastic panties at night." My cousin answered for me. "He does and I've brought some diapers and plastic panties along with a supply of nylon panties. "Good. Come with me and we'll get you into a diaper right now." I followed she and my cousin into the bedroom which had a huge bed. "Take your pants, pantyhose and panties off and lay down on the bed." I did as I was told and knew what was coming. She put a diaper underneath me, hitched it up tight. It was very snug. "Now put these plastic panties on." I pulled the plastic panties she gave me. They were pink and fit very snug. "Now, I understand that you like to masturbate a lot. A big part of your training will be self control. Tomorrow we will go out and choose a couple chastity devices for you. Tonight, to help you get into the routine, you'll be locked in the plastic panties. She had me raise my arms and then she slipped a small chain through some almost invisible loops at the waist of the panties. she slipped another chain in front of my waste and then fastened the waist chain in the back. She pulled the chain hanging down between my legs and then pulled it tight and attached it to the back with clasp. Then she took a small lock and locked me into the diaper. I wore the diaper that night until the next morning when it was necessary to change me. My cousin stayed the night and she and my now-mistress had quite a time of it. I could hear them having sex and it was making me very horny but I could do nothing because I could not get the diaper off. I slept in a bed in a small room next to the women. Before I went to bed my mistress explained a few things to me. " "Starting tonight you will wear a collar and will be chained to the bed. Since we are starting out I'm also going to put ankle shackles on you. It will be uncomfortable at first and you;'ll get used to it. Tomorrow I will change your diaper and put you in a fresh diaper and panties and we'll go shopping. We need to get you at least two cock cages, one regular metal cage and one with a loop to attach a cock leash. You'll wear the collar and will be on a leash. You'll also wear a waist chain and handcuffs.
    You'll be put in restrains from time to time and always when we go out to domme-slave parties. Oh and also, you'll have to be spanked regularly and for particular offenses you'll whipped. I have a selection of instruments and later tomorrow you'll get a taste of three so you will learn what it feels like.
    The next day as promised I was put in restraints and taken to a very special fetish store. The girls who ran it obviously were quite accustomed to having submissives there to be fitted for various items or to pick out item. I was shown a selection of cock cages. My mistress selected three metal ones and asked if I approved. I said I did.
    Later when we got home I was introduced to a cock cage. My cousin came over and they led me into the bed room. "Take your pants off. I'll then unlock the plastic panties so you can get out of them and the diaper. Once you get undressed I want you to put this cock ring on." She handed me the ring to which the cage was attached. The cage came with three cock rings and my mistress decided the middle one would fit. I got it on and then was told I would be put in restraints for the rest. She put a waist chain around my waist over my shirt. The handcuffs were attached to short chains on each side. I was put into the cuffs. "His cock cannot be fully hard but it helps if its a bit hard. She put some lubricant on my cock and before I could get fully hard she had slid the cage over my cock. She attached it to the cock ring and then handed the lock to my cousin. "Would you like to do the honors and lock him in." My cousin put the lock on, snapped it shut and gave mistress the key.
    "You'll be wearing the cock cage most of the time. For the time being you'll be wearing a diaper and plastic panties with it. " I then was led, still cuffed, to the bed and helped to lay down. I was diapered and she then had my cousin pull the tight plastic panties up. Then I got up and they helped me put on a very thin pair of white linen pants, so thin you could tell I was wearing pink plastic panties. It was different at first but after a few days I got used to it and actually liked wearing the cock cage with a diaper. Mistress told me that when she decided I was ready I'd start wearing regular nylon panties otherwise the clicking sound of the lock hitting against the cage would be heard all over.
    Now I'm diapered at night and sometimes during the day. I like wearing the panties with the cock cage because the combination of the cage and the panties gets me excited and my cock strains against the cage. Mistress has promised that once a week I will be allowed out of the cage and be given the chance to masturbate for her.
  17. Diapers are the norm for me. Embarasing at times when my key holder makes me wear adult baby ones with teddy bears on them. Always get diapers that are plastic backed. Avoid the ones that say they are breathable.