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Christmas gift from my wife

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Tina's Bitch, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. My wife is so good to me. I didn't even ask for this for Christmas but it is the best gift I received.

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  2. nice lol now you can cuck your self
  3. What kind is it? I want to get one for my wife. Does your cock go in the dildo or just sit behind?
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  4. its very big but why does you has to have a thingy on it.
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  5. Goergemaser, it is a SpareParts Joque harness with a Wildfire Real Man cyberskin dildo. There is a little pouch in the harness for my cage and balls to slip into.

    I am wearing the condom because you can't use petroleum based lube with cyberskin.
  6. I have the same harness, works for both of us. Highly recomend
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  7. I have the same strapon. You should try the Vixskin Maverick. It feels incredibly life like. My wife cums easy with it and she likes me wearing it after being denied for about a week.
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  8. Nice toy/tool.!!!
  9. This is incredible. If you were wearing this I doubt your wife/KH/mistress would ever unlock you again.

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  10. oooh, how does it stick on you please.
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  11. That would work with a Spareparts.
    that looks nice. Is it soft?
  12. I would love it if my wife choose that and kept me caged
  13. I can't find where its sold?
  14. Just search Realcock 2. It is the very first link listed on Google. Get ready to drain your bank account. $400 not including shipping.
  15. WOW,that thing is incredible!
  16. definitely amazing. I see they have the realcock for $99 but they don't have a clear description of the difference between the 2.
  17. My mistress would like to peg me. Any recommendations about the good harness? She is very slim...
  18. 400 bucks for a dildo? It better take her out to dinner too lol! Looks like a good one though.
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  19. She tricked me. I used it once on her then she pegged my virgin ass for the first time last week. She absolutely loved pegging me and told me that she needed to do it to me to completely dominate me. She loved calling me her bitch and made me repeat over and over that I was her bitch as she fucked me.
  20. Nice welcome to the club
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  21. Lucky you. All I ever get is teasing and denial for xmas. My wife gets all the toys. She got a new vibrator after wearing her old one out. She also got a new paddle to use on my butt and a foot massager so I do not have to massage her feet every night. She still prefers me to do it though. :)
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  22. It doesn't look like it is harness compatible... would think something that nice would have more options.