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Erection Prevention

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Karl C Agathon, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good way to prevent unwanted erections.
    I originally thought of a small pvc type tube, but if I got hard inside I'm sure it'd get stuck, then I'd end up in the hospital. lol.
    I'm 7" when hard, but since im a grower, I get pretty small when soft.
    I have a CB6000, and when flaccid I don't fill the tube obviously, unless it's pushed against my body, then I fill it nicely.
    The only problem with the CB line, is that I get hard inside the tube, get the 'yanks', and the whole device slides forward and suffocates my balls.

    How is the Birdlocked line? The Mini? I figure silicone stretches, but I'm sure people still get hard inside.

    There's two outcomes, you get hard inside and feel constrained, you get hard inside the tube and get stuck.

    I like the idea of the Birdlocked pico, a pico mini would be nice, but I'd assume that the pico has a much smaller inner diameter.
    The pain aspect sounds nice, I don't really get turned on (yet) from pain. My other concern would be chafing of the little nubs everywhere.

    A steel belt would be the best solution, a curved tube would be pressed against my pubic bone, pushing my richard out, turning it into a shower, filling the tube, and when hard, it would be bent probably uncomfortably so it'd go soft. It just gets annoying getting hard behind a device and it getting pushed away.
  2. The birdlocked will havr the same problems. It pulled on my balls like crazy, even when soft (shower ~4,5-5", erect 6,5").
    When i got an erection it would pull alot.

    It was not uncomfortable though, but it stretched my ball sack over time.
    For me, mistress wanted that anyway, so it was good, but stretching does have a negative effect on wearing CDs (they hang lower and lower).

    I also got a lot of irritation when wearing the birdlocked for more then 24 hrs without being unlocked for cleaning. Not sure if that will be an issue for a grower.

    Now i wear a jailbird from mature metal. Its a little too long now due to all the stretching (measured everything before doing ball sack stretching, big mistake :) ), but the jailbird can stay on 24/7, easy cleaning, looks awesome and is more effective at reducing erections.
  3. I'm currently wearing a bird locked mini, it does pull like all CB style devices but I hardly feel it and it hasn't woken me up yet. Unlike the CB2000 that I had which pulled like mad and woke me up all the time when I had nocturnal erections.

    the only way to contain and erection with chastity is to purchase a full chastity belt, you still get erections, you can't stop them without taking drugs but the erection is contained a lot better.

    After wearing a CB3000 and 2000 I'm finding the Birdlocked to be the best of the devices I have tried and will probably stick with it unless by some miracle I can ever afford a Neo Steel.