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Exploring New Territory

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by anomalous1, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. My lady and I have been exploring our kinks and other ways to deepen and add some new vitality to our relationship. I'm starting this journal to capture some of my explorations alone and as a couple. Before I begin, here's a little bit of background.

    We've been together for about 1/3 of each others lives. Prior to becoming a couple, we both had a fair number of partners (~15) and had threesomes or more-somes (in her case). Sex is a critical part of our relationship. We've always been comfortable discussing sex and our desires. While time allowed us to build considerable trust and to become deeply acquainted in an almost indescribable way, like every long term relationship, some of the initial "spark" has faded. Plus, life, jobs, and study, keep us from being intimate as frequently as we would like. All in all, a pretty typical situation. For us, the thing that really seems to be missing isn't the sex per se, but the anticipation and excitement leading up to it.

    In the last few years, we've been temporarily apart for a few days a week as a she worked hard to further her career. The time apart gave me the opportunity to explore some of my kinks. During my explorations, I learned that I happen to like anal play (a lot) and that I really enjoy being teased and denied.

    Throughout our relationship, I have always been more dominant (especially during sex). Interestingly, as she advanced in her career, she became more assertive and dominant in general. Ceding to control in bed and on other matters on occasion was a welcome change. Given my interests, and changes to power dynamics in our relationship; chastity seemed like a logical place to explore next.

    After reading this website and a bunch of other resources, I took the plunge and ordered a Holy Trainer.

    At this point, Iā€™m very infrequently locked but I expect that will change overtime.

    I hope you follow my journey and our explorations.
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