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Finding My Key Holder

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Ccage4567, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. This will me my journal of my journey with chastity and trying to have my lovely wife become my Key Holder.
  2. I have had chastity cages in the past, one metal cage that was too long for me, and a knockoff CB6000s that still had some room in. (I am a grower if you could not tell. Even my wife is impressed with the size difference when I am ready to go.) We recently moved with some help, and in an effort to keep my secret just that, I threw away my two cages that I want no too attached to.

    Yesterday I received my first silicone cage in the mail. First impression was that it too was too long for my soft size. I tried it on and realized that with the sizes that it came with, it would either cut off he circulation, or just slip right off.

    I had also order a very short metal cage off of Amazon as well that appears to measure a proper length for me when soft. I will get this in time for the weekend and will try it out over the entire weekend.

    My hope is to wear it through the weekend and if it is a good fit, begin wearing it 24/7 until I share it with my wife. At that point I want to talk with her about being my Key Holder. I brought it up with her before and she teased me really well with it before having sex, but it did not go beyond that because I was making it about my needs and not something for her. I just need her to hold/hide the key in the time between us having sex to help me keep my hands off of myself and to detour me from nagging for sex. I want her to know that it is a physical way that shows and enforces the fact that she truly is incharge of our sex life and my cock.
  3. Good luck. Just remember that you are used to the idea and she isn't. Women can take longer to process this sort of information that men do so take it slow. My advice is to introduce it as an idea for fun, not because you will love her more if she locks your penis up. That will make her wonder why you don't love her anyway.
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    Does she know such devices exist? It may be worth testing the ice before you drop her in the deep water.
  5. She has seen a cage before, on me in fact, but saw it as a short term thing and only played along for a few hours before she wanted to have sex. I was pressuring her a lot with it and trying to fufill my needs with it.

    She is the one who desides when we have sex. If she does not want to, it does not happen...ever, and when she wants it, it better happen. That being said, once I find a cage that is comfortable and works for me for 24/7 wear, I will simply give her the keys in a passive manor, such as leaving them sit out with a note saying, "For when you want to have sex." She will know what they are for and it will be up to her to do what she wills.

    From there it can grow as she lets it and we will do as she wants, because that is the point and all I want. Her to hold the key to my cage so that I am locked and have 0 control unless she needs my cock for her pleasure. Beyond that, it is her's to use as she pleases. If she wants to tease me, good. If she wants to go out on dates with my key hanging in her cleavage or on her ankle, even better. If she says no I just leave the keys sitting out and wear the cage and let her see how things are with me locked up. Will take a lot of self control from me, but I'm willing to bet that she will like having the increased non sexual attention with me locked up and enjoy my altered attitude about sex with being lock up. (Something I earn and not just expect and nag her for.)
  6. So today might just be the start of what I have been hoping for.

    To provide some context... Today my wife went to see her doctor to look at her arm. She has had a rash there for a few weeks and upon looking at the rash the Dr. got her a prescription for an antibiotic. Since she is now on the antibiotic, her birth control pill is useless for the next 10 days. This has happened before and my wife refuses to have sex with condoms. For her no sex is better than condom sex. Normally, she is ok with waiting the week plus, but this time I could tell that she was disappointed. Last night she was super horny and ready to go but she was so tired that as soon as she turned out the light in bed, she fell asleep. It has been a week since we had sex and I can really tell that the last thing she wanted to do was to make it 2 weeks.

    As far as chastity goes, I have been waiting for a good opportunity to ask her to be my KH and saw this as a good time to bring it up to her as a huge sexual benefit for her. When I got home from work with my cage on, I asked her if we could talk. I told her that I was sad that we could not have sex tonight like we wanted to but that I had something that I have wanted to try that would help her with the wait. I told her that I wanted to go without cumming until she could have sex again and cum too (true statement). She reacted with laughter saying, "Yeah right. You are going to go a full week without jacking off." I told her I knew of a way to really keep me from cumming and asked if she would try it and she said yes. I then asked if she remembered my cock cage that she had seen a while back. Her reply was, "I knew you were going to bring that up, and yes you can wear it."

    I was so excited when I heard those words. Now the hard part, I just had to get her to agree to hide the key from me and be my Key Holder. So I asked her, "To keep me from taking it off will you be my KH and do whatever you need to that will keep me from cumming. She said yes without any hesitation. She did not seem weirded out like before or any of that. It was a great mix of being happy and horny when I heard her.

    I told her after that that she did not have to do any more than hold the key unless she wanted to. I also told her that she better not start walking around the house in a thong all the time to make my time locked up harder. She picked up on me being kidding and she had the most evil grin on her face when her heard that. After that, I could not get the precum to stop.

    I can't believe my wish came true. I am going to try my best to make the next 10 days in chastity all about her benefit from it. Now, all I am waiting for is to hear her tell me the next time we finish having sex, "Put your cage back on."
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  7. It's funny how often I read about a partner accepting the chastity when they have a reason to do so. Then they sometimes realise that they are actually enjoying the way they feel holding the key, and the way their chastised male responds to them. This describes exactly how my Wife took control. Just remember not to become a pest about the key or the device. You wear it all the time, she doesn't.
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  8. Hope things are still going well for you
  9. Update:

    So we tried chastity once or twice and she did not act interested at all. She was not keeping the key from me, just setting it down anywhere for me to later find it. We talked and she told me that she thought that the device was wired and dumb. So I gave it a rest for a couple of months.

    A few weeks ago we were very very busy and it was quite a number of days since my last orgasm compared to the usual. One evening following we had sex and I came so hard inside her that she felt every bit of it and was pleasantly surprised. She asked where that came from and I told her that it is what happens when I am unable to orgasm for a while.

    About a week or so later we were in bed talking and the mentioned night came up. I asked her if she enjoyed it and I got a very bashful grin. So I asked her if she would like me to abstain from orgasming between when we have sex. She obviously agreed. After talking some more I got around to mentioning the cage as a way to ensure that.

    I first reminded her that she likes to be dominate in bed when she wants to be and the cage is a way to do that. She agreed but said that the device was just weird. I admitted that the cage was different that what were used to but I also explained to her that at one point she thought that each of her favorite toys were weird to her, but not she will sometimes not have sex until we play a little.

    After that she agreed to give it another try. Since that talk I have been locked and she has hidden the key where I cannot find it. I told her that it was all up to her. If she wants sex, it will come off and we will have sex. If there is a day, a week, or a month in between, I do not care. I simply told her that I want her in control of when I can orgasm and that's it.

    If she wants to do more teasing or play than that, she will let me know what she wants. She is that kind of girl. I hope more comes of it, but one thing is certain, I'm locked and she has the key. For now that is all that matters.
  10. Well...I got what I asked for. We are on our second session since my last post. Last night she teased me like crazy with the cage on and no matter how much I begged she did not even think of letting me out. Not even for a ruined orgasm.

    When we agreed to try chastity I told her that I did not want chastity to deny her sex if she wanted sex and last night she passed on having sex because, as she put it, she was enjoying seeing me beg and being frustrated so much. She still will not say she likes chastity 100%, but the grin on her face said it all.

    She is not telling me when I'll be let out where last time it was more of my call being that we are still in the trial phase (or so I thought), and I must say at first it was a bit of a shock to go from one week saying we would try chastity and her still not liking the cage to the next week where she is touching me in the cage, teasing me and taking full control without backing down a bit from her "new power." I did not know if I should have been turned on or worried about how long until I'd cum again. This next time she lets me out, I will let her be the one to decide when I go back in the cage and see how eager she is to lock me back up. We shall see.
  11. Happy for you...sort of lol!

    My kh has started to enjoy I think more than anything is seeing me frustrated. She has openly told me that she likes me on edge and unable to do anything about it. I think when we as men have options, we act differently. yeah it might be awhile between sex but I'm not gonna beg or talk about how much I need and miss her, I'm just gonna jack it and try again later. Well when that option is gone...we talk, we beg, we almost subconsciously act differently...and they notice, and gets to be addictive for them as well. If I let him cum it might end kinda thing.
  12. For some reason, most women hate the idea of their men masturbating and having the key to the cage puts control of that function clearly in their hands and not yours!
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  13. Congrats on the progress!
  14. I was extremely fortunate that it was my wife who approached the subject of male chastity, she believed quite rightly that as I was so self conscious, submissive and enjoyed being teased it seemed a natural progression for our relationship to follow.
    Knowing how much I now enjoy being locked away with my wife subsequently having full control I really feel sorry for guys who like you are into chastity then have to convince their wives or girlfriends to be their Key Holder.
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  15. Sounds like a text book introduction. You didn't push the initial try and let her find out for herself what was so good with the idea of chastity. Congratulations, that was so well done. Now you should go forth and tell anyone who posts about wanting to let their partner know about chastity about your experience!
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  16. Most of the time my KH waits for me to put the cage on then she runs to lock it. I think that way she nose I really want to be back in, once in awhile she she will tell me to lock up. But not as a rule, she has confused that she really really enjoys me locked up
  17. Locked again now. Been 9 days. Not a super long time, but the longest she has had me locked and there is no end in sight yet. She has been sick, so not much teasing or me pleasuring her going on yet. To try to encourage her to let me treat her, tonight as we were going to bed, I told her that I would give her 3 more days locked if she would let me give her an orgasm. Poor thing passed because she was getting very tired as we were lying there talking, but at first she was really into the idea about me trading locked time to please her. She took a rain check for tomorrow night.

    I have heard people say it. Sounds cliche, but I find that it is becoming more and more true the longer I am locked...her pleasure becomes mine and I get so much pleasure and excitement from pleasing her.
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  18. After a long chastity dry spell we hit a new milestone the other day. We have both been trying to lose a few lbs and are keeping sex to a minimum as motivation. It was a bad week last week and neither of us did well pushing back the next time we can have sex. The other day she caught me relieving myself and that night she made the request/demand that I put the cage on so that I cannot masturbate. So as she commanded, I'm now locked. What a great feeling to have her initiate. Make me feel even less in control.

    We shall see where it goes from here.
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