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Forced Orgasm

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by iamsorry, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. HI all

    ok so long story short

    i am here to ask a question and give all reply s and ideas i receive to my Queen
    MMM please be nice she dont need much information to make me cry.

    will this teach me a lesson in not wining for release.

    thank you
  2. You could be forced to masturbate repeatedly throughout the course of the day, motivated by a riding crop or cane. My hub never whined again....

  3. There are two methods you queen could use. Prolonged tease and denial lasting the who day to the the point where you will be crying for release and then receiving a ruined O.

    Or a nasty rough wank with your Queen wearing rubber gloves as to not have to touch you cock and then when you finally cum making you eat it.

    If you look up 'ways for a slave to cum' on google there is a list out there some where. I used to have it but have forgotten where I found it. It list loads of ways a slave should cum most end with the slave eating the end product as a minimum requirement.

    Have fun [​IMG]
  4. How about edging, followed by a handjob with BenGay or Icy Hot.
  5. Personally, having my prostate milked would be the worst. After all, there is no enjoyment (other than the humiliation of it all) in being milked.
  6. IMO, a great option for a whining subby begging for release, is to get subby bound SECURELY with whatever means you have available, then proceed to provide the fastest jerkoff session with as little pleasure as possible. Let subby get to the point of no return, and then let go and cease all touching immediately, causing subby to have a VERY unsatisfying orgasm. Once subby is done squirting, wait for 30 seconds or so for the endorphin rush to subside, and then start really going to town on overstimulating all subby's sensitive areas. This hypersensitive torture can quickly lead subby to begging and pleading for NO MORE touching (which of course Mistress may use in the future against subby), and even tears if Mistress is proficient/lucky. Seems that after this treatment, subby will not be begging for release so much anymore.
  7. @dixie - You are so right. I hate after-stimulation! It's just PURE TORTURE!