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Going for the gold, no orgasom until valentine's day !!

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Happy wifes matter, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. With my wife's help I am attempting by far my longest lockup . My last orgasom was New years day . I going to attempt to have only tease and ruined orgasoms until Valentine's day. My wife doesn't think I can make it but she said she would be happy to help me try. She loves penetration and doesn't think even with numbing cream I can hold out after a while. I told her we could try a ruined orgasom before we had sex and then the numbing cream. I'm going to need everyones support and encouragement. We used to be a sex 6 times a week couple ,and me masterbating every day kind of guy . I sure it's going to be a strugle but at least it's a goal.
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  2. You can always try though if your wife has quite a high sex drive you may have to cum up with some interesting plans . So she can be satisfied and obviously you not .

    Xx Wendy
  3. Good Luck with that sounds like quite a challenge.
  4. You & I are on very similar release times, my last O' was on New Years Day & my Birthday is 13th Feb (obviously the day before Valentines) which is my next release day.
    I am only allowed 4 in 2017, which gradually increase in length, so after my Birthday, my next is my partners Birthday, 31st May & lastly Christmas.
  5. Maybe try numbing cream with a penis sheath extender?
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  6. Valentine's Day is a traditional orgasm target date for us. My wife tends to like special occasions and holidays for release. It actually works out well with about 2 months, sometimes 3, between orgasms. Some times we take a break for few days. You should have no problem holding out until Valentine's Day. The first two weeks are the hardest due to hormone building urging us to haven an orgasm but after that it mellows out and I do not start getting antsy until the 2 month mark. You may even find yourself not that interested in an orgasm as much. I just take it one week at a time. Make sure you have enough teasing and edging time because you soon learn to look forward to that more than the orgasm. Good Luck.
  7. The teasing has been good . That last two mornings she has been rubbing and squeezing my balls before I have to go to work. It's made the drive to work a little uncomfortable but I love it . Tonight it's oral and vibrators for her and I'm sure a tight cage for me !! She sent me a pic of her panties this morning just to keep me fired up all day !! Only 38 more days to go !! The longest so far has only been a week !!
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  8. We've tried several methods to increase times, with little success. We certainly go longer than we could at the start, but creams, dongs, and oral only go so far. I think one of the distinguishing factors is that she says she specifically enjoys the feeling of me "making my deposit" during / at the end of our intercourse. Till she told me that I didn't really understand why creams and dongs didn't do more to make the time easier on her.

    I am coming off a BAD sinus infection and we're fooling around tonight and then going to try to make it 16 days locked till next time (the day of our two-year anniversary). 16 days is ambitious for us. So far longest is 10.

    Keep us informed how it's going. It's always helpful to hear how people with very high sex-drive KH's manage their chastity experiences.
  9. I'm about twice as frustrated as yesterday . I played last night out over and over in my head and when we got home she was too tired to fool around. She did spoon me though and rubbed my chest and when she went to sleep her hand rested on my crotch all night . I work up with a seriously tight cage I couldent even pee. I hope today we get to take a (nap) to gather while the kids play . When I could finally go pee this morning I sat down and noticed it was cum ,not pre cum leaking out of me !!! It is day 7 which is a tie so far for the longest I have been locked. 37 more days to go !
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  10. Hang in there, you can do it!
  11. Last night she was in the mood . She started out just stroking to get me hard but she realised it wasn't going to take long so she kept going and stopped short for an intense ruined orgasom. It felt like it wasn't going to end !! She then wanted me to be on top witch I was for a few minutes . She then got on top but didn't insert my penis , she just slide back and forth on the length of it witch felt amazing until she had a huge orgasom !! When she calmed down I asked if I could go down on her and she said no just to massage her head and neck . Unless she is tired she said round two was tonight !!
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  12. 22 more days until valentine's day. I've had multiple ruined orgasoms but no full orgasom for what seems like months. I am so horney and leaking all the time but when she let's me unlocked to wash it doesn't even try to get hard. It's like unless she makes it hard it won't respond to me . I have never went this long !! It never gets hard in the cage anymore it actually doesn't even fill the cage anymore most of the time. She has been enjoying all the attention and chores I have been doing but has stopped giving me any ruined orgasoms or tease for more than a week now . It's like I don't even have a dick anymore. She has been satisfied with cuddling and getting massages lately . She rarely let's me give her oral or even touch her pussy at all. I have resorted to just sniffing her panties to remember what it smells like. I am so horney and frustrated when valentine's especially day gets here I don't even know what to expect I'm afraid I want even be able to get hard.
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