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Good meeting could lead to new adventures!

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by jshackleton2016, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Today my wife and I set aside some time to talk chastity. It was a great meeting where we discussed how things were going and really communicated well with each other. Like some guys, when on long-term lockup, an orgasm takes on a different role. Rather than seeking one, I dread one for fear of let down and then sometimes prolonged time out of the cage afterwards. I like my cage. I love the feelings that stir inside of me towards my wife when I have been denied an orgasm for weeks or longer. So I suggested that she refrain from giving me, or letting me give myself a full orgasm and rather try milking me every 2 weeks or every month, or somewhere in between. She hates the term milking, has never milked me before, and I would not be surprised if she never did. But she agreed to try!!!! : - ). So now the phrase "be careful what you wish for" is going through my mind, but I am so looking forward to the sensation of having my wife give me a "Prostate-stimulated release," which is the term I must call it. PSR. That works for me. I image I will feel very submissive, but that is the fun part - that anticipation of a new experience, and sharing that with someone I love. And she might administer my first PSR as early as this Friday, as I've been locked w/o release since Dec.25. We are ditching the kids, going to a dinner party and staying at a nearby B&B overnight. Anyway, just so excited I wanted to share. -js
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  2. Good luck!!! Just remember it doesn't always work like some of the vids, don't be disappointed if not a lot cums out the first time.

    You will have to tell her when she hits "the spot" or it will be frustrating for her...not good.

    Hope it all works out...literally!
  3. Make sure you take along rubber gloves and lube - to make is as nice and neat for her as can be! Also a paper cup or something to catch the drippings in, whether for your consumption of just to prevent a mess. Prepare to be humiliated!
  4. I have experience with a nJoy wand and she has experience on me with plugs. Just never have taken this step. Thanks DonnaSue and Nicoftime for the good advice!
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