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Holy trainer

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by iwearpanties, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Hello I've not been on the site in a long long so please for give me . But has anyone tried the Holy Trainer chastity yet??
  2. I got one cheap when they first came out. To be honest I found it a lot better than the cb6000 or 6000s. It was more comfortable, felt a lot more solid, could sleep on my stomach, and didn't get as smelly as quick. Had no problem what so ever with night time erections being painful and it does look very nice when being worn. There is a pic of the black holy trainer next to a cb6000s in my gallery for comparison.

    They asked me to test the clear cage and a few weeks ago sent me one to test.

    The black and white cages were solid, the clear cage when cold is also solid but when heated becomes flexible. A great concept and it was even more comfortable but it didnt go well with the clear cage.

    They are very good, get the solid one, white or black and you should be fine. If you get a clear one, once it goes flexible, don't flex it or you may find it splits. Only thing I didn't like is how the cage portion joins to the ring, had too much play and movement for my liking.
  3. Holy crap bondage fan! That is quite a collection.
  4. Thank you. And none of them used any more :) buying cheap is a false economy, won't stop me buying more though to add to the collection ;)
  5. so which one is your favourite?
  6. I've been using this for about a month now... have used most of the ball trap devices (CB3000, CB6000, 6000s, birdlocked and dickage). In my opinion this is by far the best and easiest to wear long-term

    Its easy to put on (the only issue I had with the birdlocked) comfortable to wear and sleep in, most forgiving when it comes to the morning woodie... and most discreet in use. Size wise, its similar to a CB6Ks as shown in the pics above though now they have a shorter cage option too.

    Best ball-trap device on the market right now...

  7. DroogDroog: Did you buy yours with the clear sheath? If so, did you experience any issues like bondagefan65 did above?

    I've tried the CB's, BirdLock Neo, and now wear a custom Mature Metal Jailbird (which I love). I'm looking for an alternative plastic device that I can wear through metal detectors (a daily issue at the moment.)
  8. I am also considering switching from my CB6000 to Holy Trainer. Thanks for the reviews. I emailed the company and recieved a reply that the clear cage is still "flexible" at body temp. I am not as concerned about that as much as i am the rings. I have always thought that the CB types needed to use a different shape than round and I think the Holy Trainer's will be better, but will it be worth another $150?
  9. @gigflr - I bought my holytrainer before the clear cage was available. I have both now because i was curious to try the clear one. Only worn the clear one for a day so I can't say much. The clear version of the cage gets a "little" flexible - less so than the birdlocked. Feels like... imagine a pastil CB6K wrapped in neoprene. Or imagine squeezing a wedge of firm cheese like edam - its gives a little when pushed but only so much.

    Agree with the comments made by bondageman65 - the joining mechanism has a little play - but the device has yet to "pinch" me even once after being securely locked on. Could it split? I guess so, but probably only if you were trying to... or formed a nervous habit of squeezing it during the day to make sure its still in place.

    If I had to pick now, I'd get the clear one. I actually ordered the smaller clear one to see if i can squeeze in and but they send the larger one by mistake - am hoping they will send me a replacement soon.

    hildahilda - yes, I think its worth the money. The shape is clever and much more comfortable. The design forces the shaft down so that it sits right on the ball sack and minimizes any bulk, which in turn leads to greater comfort under clothes.

  10. I am locked in the Holy Trainer and having changed from the CB series and also a metal Spiral I have found that the Holy Trainer is by far the most comfortable to wear, Back ring is far better than the CB's round ring and the clear cage once warm is flexible and comfortable. Locking features are also in my view better than the CB range. I started off wearing the good old CB2000.
  11. I've tried the clear cage version. While I don't care too much about security (since IMO, almost all devices are in principle insecure), I do care about my cock randomly falling out of the device, which basically happens with the Holy Trainer. A PA piercing could perhaps fix this problem, and absent some serious modification or a PA piercing, if your balls hang low, this device will basically fall off your cock. If you have a non-flexible cage (such as the black or white one), it probably won't fall off your balls too. If you are high and tight, I expect you may have better luck with it. That's a shame in my case, because the device is insanely comfortable and insanely discreet. Unfortunately, it was a total waste of money.
  12. Care to sell it I walk the line?
  13. if you wnt to sell it let me know.is it a shorter version?
  14. I might be willing to sell it. I've currently misplaced the top little piece which fits over the pin, permitting you to lock it. I'm sure it will turn up shortly. If I do sell it, I'll be sure to let you know.
  15. IWalkTheLine,

    I'd be interested even without the top locking clip, if the price is right. Can you send me some information on it? Pic?


  16. Did you sell it or keep it?
  17. I'd possibly be interested as well. What size is the ring and sheath?