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How to hide the lock's outline in cloths

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Ellimist88, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. So my question is:

    Are there ways to hide the appearance of the lock, not the cage, when in say athletic cloths at the gym or on the beach?

    I love my cage and the way it appears in my cloths and underwear. But I don't like the way the lock also is clearly outlined in the fabric as well.

    I don't mind people seeing or even knowing my husband has me locked up. In fact I like thinking they even know I am. Just the look of it I would like to change some.

    Here is a picture
    And the bump along the top is a give away to the lock.

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  2. I have found that "boyshort" style panties do a very good job of holding my cage tightly against my body (almost as good as an open bottom girdle) and they have enough room in the gusset area to accommodate things pretty well. You need to find away to position the padlock so that the lock outline doesn't show. When we are going out and Mistress want me to have a nicely shaped mound, She will swap out the lock for a electrical tie wrap for the evening (i.e. recently in a bustier to a Halloween party), just to avoid the lock outline.
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  3. remove the lock, insert a steel pin thru the hole and then use QuickSteel to form around the pin and all over the front. You get 2 benefits from this: 1, now your chastity device is permanent and you dont have the temptation of bothering him for the key, and 2: no unsightly lock bulge. ;)

    no but rly tho, the lock bulge is probably a good 20% of why i chose to go permanent.
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  4. Sorry - being naive but are you really saying that you cannot remove your device (without cutting it of course). Seriously?!
  5. Thank you all for your response to this.

    I never tried the boy shorts. How does the electrical tie work DonnaSue?

    I also wouldn't mind the permanent nature of the quicksteel. I'm still waiting on the arrival of my steel Bon4m-small to get into permanent chastity. Once it arrive my goal is to be locked up for three months and this would be perfect to ensure that I stay that way
  6. Electrical tie wraps are plastic strips that are extremely strong and once pulled closed can only be removed by cutting them off with sharp snips. They caome in many sizes and are available at any hardware store. Simply find a tie wrap of the thickness that will go thru the locking holes of your device, push it through, loop it around and insert the bitter end thru the little clasp and pull it tight. It cannot be removed without cutting it off. These cannot be used for unattended wear - only special situations where the lock outline is undesired by the Mistress. They have to be cut off and replaced with the lock as soon as the special occasion is over.