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I miss head

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nicoftime, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. When we first went out she went down on me all the time. She even took the load and once said she usually didn't like it but liked swallowing mine.

    Once chastity started she used it during teasing but rarely, and now I can't remember the last time.

    I don't know if she just doesn't want to or feels that a "domme" shouldn't cause it's a symbol of weakness.

    I don't want her to feel she has to act a certain way to fit her "role". I also don't want to ask and make her feel obligated. If she truly doesn't want to I'm ok with it, will miss it but comes with the territory.

    By the way I'm not talking about orgasms, they only happen when she wants, just the act itself.

    Anyone else here suddenly lose aspects of normal sex when the decisions were up to her?
  2. Steve chime in on this one
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  3. We didn't discuss it I swear lol!!!
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  4. I wonder if my husband misses head ... hahaha
  5. Mmmhmmmm I believe nothing you to say
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  6. You once mentioned his size, so I wouldn't think that happened much anyway.
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  7. Could probably reach his own!!! I would have to be a circus attraction to reach mine.
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  8. HAHAAHAHAH.... he'll be the first to tell you how much he use to get head and how amazing it was ....
  9. Used to, I take it that it's off the menu for awhile
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  10. I don't get it as often as I used to, but I would be disappointed if it were removed from rotation completely!
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  11. I didn't get much in the past. Now more :) but it doesn't do much for me. Never did.
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  12. Not in at least 5 years. Head is something that I give, not receive!
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  13. It used to be a big part of our play even when first starting out with chastity. It's lessened and lessened over the last year. I was lucky enough to get a little with my naughty xmas gift from mistress but I'm thinking it was part of the xmas gift and only on special occasions will I receive that.
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  14. Yeeeah she has definitely taken it away from me as well, buddy. It's a major bummer and I know LadyS does it as part of "the game."

    Ps I can reach.
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  15. Head is a prerequisite to all of our play. If she took it away I may very well go postal. Hell I barely make it through most days as it stands.

    And my GOD can that girl give a BJ.
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  16. I've never gained a huge amount of pleasure from head. I like it but it isn't a mind blowing act (pun intended) for me. That being said, I really like the feeling but it is few and far between in my relationship with or without chastity.

    Is the slowing down of BJ's just a thing that typically happens in relationships or is it her moving more into a Domme role and she should be receiving and not giving?
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  17. Head, like any so called normal sex act is a thing well in the past ! The only time her mouth goes to my cock is to wet the bell end when she's polishing it .
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  18. I told hubby that it's off the menu for him for good - since he's in the cage he can't take it for more than a few seconds without coming, so it's hardly worth doing. His job is to give and not receive now :)
  19. If he's in chastity, of course, he doesn't get it. If he's under discipline, he doesn't get it. In those cases, I'm the Disciplinarian more than the GF. When I'm not the Disciplinarian, I'm the GF, so of course, he gets it. We're not in this as a full time lifestyle. which might be the difference between us and alot of other couples on here.

    I love giving it to him and watching how he reacts to it. After I've gone down on him, he always wants to return the favor, in fact, return it several times. How to give to your fave charity---YOURSELF!
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  20. I always loved giving more than receiving. Wish she would let me go down on her often. She still goes down on me mostly to me ready to ride me. My KH has trouble unlocking just to play. Almost always ends up having full sex or nothing. Why can't cuddling and play go together. Any attention is good attention love that women. Just hard to get into her head.
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