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Keeping it together

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by For69, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. I met mistress Teresa when she was invited by a woman I was seeing to join in. Being a swinger, this Was good and fun til the woman suddenly got jealous and decided to back away so there we were with all kink and stuff. Moved in together and after couple of years took her to the courthouse and got married.

    Jump ahead one year. Swinging was no longer good for her. I still enjoyed but it caused tension and several fights. Being the kinkster I am, I found an option to hopefully save our marriage. You you guessed it. I discussed with her , then handed her the key.She decided I look sexy as hell in my cage and loves holding the key but is still wary I think a little. Or maybe that's my expectations versus reality.

    I found this site and browsed it for a while attaining support and advise then asked her to research here too. We still argue but not so much and usually happens when unlocked.

    I attempt to be a 24/7 for her but difficult as I can't get past the morning wood issue and find myself begging for release knowing it'll be back on before I go to work. New cage us in the works but not in budget.
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  2. First try not to drink too many liquids before you go to bed. I got used to my cage 24/7 and the morning wood rarely happens now. It was a problem but I just kept locked up and my body adjusted and knew not to get hard in the morning. Morning wood is usually a piss hard on so avoid liquids for a few hours before you go to bed. See if that helps.

    Funny about the swinging because we hung with a few married couples into that and sooner or later there was drama because one of the spouses got jealous or ran off with someone else. When we saw this we stopped and settled in with a girlfriend we shared for the rest of our marriage.
  3. Yes. I had a playmate who hated drama and she was great. We could hang for a bit , get our Fuck on then part But drama gravitated towards mistress. And into my world Added toward stopping. "
  4. This is my first journel. Major changefrom getting off at least once a day with or without help. Frustrates the soul. Mistress is very lenient on punishment and attribute that to her nature. On the other hand, she does carry a healthy appetite and loves feeling me fucking her to completion.
  5. Her christmas present arrived but neither of us are good with suprises. got her a moderate size purple suction cup dildo and I am pleased she likes it. she test drove it on the shower wall making me watch through frosted glass,, then in bedroom I used on her, then cuddled before crashing out.
  6. I like your sense of servitude. I hope things continue to go well for you. If you make yourself deal with the morning problem, eventually your body and brain give way and respond differently, and of course drink as little as possible before going to sleep, as previously mentioned.
  7. Headphones under that hood really shuts off the world was my treat during her playtime I dont know how long she toyed with me but I wasnt looking fot a finish.
  8. Love the hood. It's not something I get to experience, but want to. I really now I would love the isolation together with a good dose of torment and sensory deprivation.
  9. Anticipating hood with straightjacket.
  10. Whats a good place to shop for hoods ?
  11. Got mine on Amazon..some crAp there too. Very happy with mine.research manufacturer
  12. was told this morning if I didn't like wearing a cage anymore I don't have to.
  13. I like the edge it puts me on. I like the new life challenge it presents. like enough I am expecting a new one in a week or so. not sure how that statement from my mistress makes me feel. little heavy I guess.
  14. what can anyone tell me more about urethral insert tubes in a cage. I kinda get it, but more info is good. ok, so mine is on order and it's the anticipation thing. but other than the obvious (it's a tube that goes down the weiner) tell me about it.
  15. I don't think She didn't believe in hypnosis which is one of my fetishes told me once don't work with her. I am unable to touch her cock for pleasure for another day.(cool). She now has a masterbation addiction makes her dumber for a bit more she does it for the next week or so.
  16. Http://vivehypnosis.de . Incredible
  17. Mistress has been taking me out every night before bed. Thats ok i suffer from morning wood, thats why ordered new cage. Was looking firward to 24/7. Seems in one dom manual i got her for reference read overnight wear can be harmful and wont allow.
  18. receiced my new cage today. too big. ring holds balls nice but loose at top. swimming in it. urethral insert seems a bit much, but would hold in place.
  19. happy note, i wrote a review and stated i understood it couldnt be returned after opening, but generally complained about it, sloppy construction, holes drilled crooked. got a refund. aside from the fact it was junk, when i put it on, i loved the feel and the weight of the steel and cant wait to find one thatll fit correctly. so much different than the plastic one i wear now.
  20. So last week after spending two days out of my cage and mind blowing sex, and some needed communication, when i put my cage back on, the tender spot under my balls seemed no longer. Cage stayed on for two days then she took it off to play.
    Whrn she locked it back up told me it's just gonna stay locked up a while. I'm kinda nervous now.
  21. 24/7 lockup. This'll be night 3. Dealing with morning wood. This is getting intense. Longest stay without release
  22. opened new cage. a nice steel one with urethral insert. i got used to the feeling of inserting with other pathetic cage even though i couldnt lock up. when i would pee it felt kinda like fluttering deep inside and in stream was not most comfortable and some blood left in tube. thought maybe too long. this one, i cut down the tube about an inch and all went together well. that is til i peed. same fluttering but this time in urethra and boy did it burn. too short perhaps. other than that love the feel of the added hold as i can no longer slip out the top and back in

    advise on that tube would be great