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Key on anklet/necklace: Who really knows?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Willywonka, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. I bought my keyholder a pretty anklet to mount the key for the lock to her (my) cage on. When out in public I am excited to know that other people might see it and know our situation. But I have never seen it on anybody else. Do many people out there (particularly in the UK) really know what it symbolises? And have any of you readers had experience of attention to a key on display? Thanks.
  2. Here in the US, She has gone out many times with her key on the necklace.... parties, lounges, restaurants, veteran clubs.......
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  3. Mistress Jules

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    I am pretty active on the BDSM scene in Scotland especially and many even within the scene had no clue about the key round my neck and what it symbolises.
  4. Thanks for your replies. It would seem that perhaps catching the eye of somebody who knows what kind of frustrated, controlled state I'm in, would be quite a remote possibility then!
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  5. The main thing is your KH Mistress and yourself know what it means and therein lies the deep intimacy that exists between you. I'm guessing that most people would have no idea what it signifies but there will be a special few who do and that is what makes the symbolism so profound and meaningful. Watch out for secret 'knowing' smiles whenever you are walking with your Mistress in public. The thought of it makes me tremble!
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  6. I used to wear my subs key round my neck...I was still in college and lots of people thought I was just being 'odd'... If only they'd known the real reason ;)
  7. I wear a key around my ankle and neck ...when ever imagined asked ..it's the key to his Hart
  8. That's what my keyholeder said when her mum asked!
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  9. Trouble is that quite a few woman have keys mostly on a necklace but the odd one or two on an ankle .

    Allways makes me wonder and try to get a good look at the key. Thing is bit difficult to broach the subject!

    Xx Wendy
  10. When we are out with family or friends @Mistress Jules@Mistress Jules always sits facing me wearing the key round her neck
    I lost count how many times she smiles across at me while she plays with the key, reminding me I am locked.
  11. I bought my wife a necklace holding a skeleton key with a heart in the middle of it. Since she wears clothing that reveals a fair amount of cleavage when we go in public (to drive me crazy) The key stays in plain site and conveniently nestled between her girls. I have noticed guys trying to sneak a peak at her which I love, but no one has asked what the key is for....so far! If asked, she would just say something like it was a gift, or a key to my husband's heart, etc; at least for now...

    Not too long ago, I was talking to a fairly attractive woman in her late 40's. She was wearing a similar decorative key. I'm pretty sure she was keeping her man in chastity because the necklace/key just didn't seem to fit with what she was wearing...like she was trying to make a statement with it. I might be wrong, but its more fun to think I was right!
  12. Once when a friend and I were out we went to breakfast. We had to wait for a table and there was another couple waiting also. They came in after us and I noticed the silver key on her necklace immediately. Being sub myself I didn't find it my business to ask if she was a KH. To this day I wish I would have asked her. It is the only time I have ever noticed a key, whether on a necklace, ankle bracelet or wrist.
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  13. i wear mine on my neck also and funny that when question i also reply the key to his heart or my heart depends on who it is. when at kink events i see alot of women with keys on there neck or ankle. i have been asked only once so far what the key is for
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  14. Well I know what a key on a necklace or anklet means, but I've never seen anybody wearing one.
  15. I notice keys on necklaces around women's necks every so often. It's always more fun to just assume what they are for.
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  16. I think it best that you have your key threaded onto an eternity collar around your own neck.
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  17. Hello All.

    My Wife/Mistress/Keyholder sports several dainty, different jewelry quality skeleton keys on necklaces I have purchased her depending upon what she is wearing. I also found a pair of very nice, smallish, dangly silver skeleton key earings which just peak from beneath the hairline of her short wedge hairstyle which she wears on occasion as well. I also got her dangly gold heart shaped lock earings as well. I have tried the anklet thing with her to no avail with a very small skeleton key on a fine chain but it gathers dust in her jewelry box. To my knowledge she has never been asked about any of it but I was with her one time and a vendor at a shop in the nearby mall who she had come to know was wearing a similar necklace as my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder the last time we popped in to where she worked to say hello. They were chatting and I was standing quietly but attentively with her making eye contact with the woman when she remarked upon how much she liked my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder's necklace and wanted to know where she got it. My Wife/Mistress/Keyholder remarked that she had no idea where it came from and that it was a gift from me to which the woman who is probably in her late 20s early 30s remarked with a big smile and a stare at me while addressing my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder how lucky she was to have a husband like me who has such good taste in jewelry and is so well trained to buy nice things for her. She remarked that the man she just recently married purchased hers for her recently and that she likes to call it "the key to his heart". Now, this woman gives off a very self-confident aura and she is a managerial, in control type from what I have picked up from several years of interaction with her...there seemed to be very intense chemistry and knowing smiles and chuckles between she and my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder during this very brief segment of the conversation. I laughed along and said something along the lines of "Yeah, she has me very well trained; she is the brains and I am just her arm dressing. Not only do I buy her nice jewelry and clothes but I cook, clean and do the dishes too." Her remark to my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder was something along the lines of, "He's a keeper, don't let him go." and my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder quipped back, "Oh I know, and besides, he could not go anywhere even if he wanted to because I have him right where I want him."...needless to say my knees were melting and my stomach was fluttering with butterflies and yes this triggered my leakage response. 90% sure she knew where we were coming from and that wherever her husband was the it was very likely that he too is sporting a chastity device. I love it when my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder sports her jewelry...another hot reminder for me of who wears the pants.

  18. I wear mine around my neck when bf is under discipline or chastity. I've had 2 women ask me directily ' You keep him locked up, too?'. I made 2 new friends like that.
  19. That's really cool.
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  20. Who really cares if they know? I've been locked up for 30 days by my wife now and it has changed our relationship so much for the better! I'm to the point where I just tell my wife if somebody ask, tell them the truth
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  21. We're just over a couple weeks into this.
    Went out on the 31st last month for my Birthday and bought my Wife a silver necklace along w/ a Queen's crown and heart lock/key charm to go along with the key to be worn on the necklace - she picked out a length the was perfect to fall right at the top of her cleavage as shown in my avatar :)

    While choosing chains She briefly took out the lock key to see how it looked on the chain w/ the charms - pretty sure the girl helping us noticed; I was wondering if she had any clue as to the intent.

    Last week she texted me that she had divulged to another girl at work that she has me locked, they both occasional talk about some kinky stuff now and again. I assumed she had seen my The Key on my Wife's necklace; what really happened was she heard some jingly noise from a different cage that had arrived at her office and asked what was in the box... my Wife mentioned she just recently locked me up and also showed off Her necklace. The other lady mentioned that her husband also loves to be locked up...

    I have ZERO interest in involving any others in our relationship but do get a bit of a kick of my Wife talking to close friends that enjoy the same type of stuff - leaving a sales girl wondering about some strangers in her shop is also a bit exciting...
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  22. My wife has worn hers around her neck most of the time since we started chastity 15 years ago. It is just the standard small round headed key that come with a lot of locks. A couple years back, we were at out State Fair when she saw a couple walk past. My wife said that she thought the female had a key around her neck. A bit later, we passed them again and I saw the female look at my wife and reached up and rubbed the key around her neck, as if to she my wife her key. Later, we were standing listening to band when the couple walked up and the female approached my wife and told her, "nice key". My wife smiled and said "I see we have the same necklace on" and smiled. Knowing what each meant, they started chatting while the other husband and I stood off ot the side quietly waiting.
  23. M has been wearing the key to my Lori for two weeks. Lori did a nice job of making a beautiful setting for the key. It looks like a nice pendant and not too much like a key. No questions about it yet.

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  24. My owner Beverly Joy always wears her anklet and necklace as she says it makes her world the reality she lives in daily, there have been a few times others have asked her about her ankle chain with a key on it and she glows with pride when they do. She has taken my life into her control and she loves it that I have 'come out' so to speak and have no fear of anyone knowing I am her chastity cuckold.
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  25. This is how Ms S wears her key, she has been questioned many times by her work colleagues and she constantly leaves them wondering, they are so so desperate to know, to my knowledge none do http://www.titaniumchastiti.com/keyholders

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