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Larger Ring for CB6000

Discussion in 'The Mall (Devices)' started by sissykins, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. I've recently been trying to wear my cb6000 for long term but after less than 8 hours I experience extreme pain above my ball sac on both sides. This is where veins aka tubes actually run down to the balls. This leads me to believe that the ring I'm using is actually cutting off circulation. I'm using the largest ring provided, btw.

    Somewhere on the Internet I have seen a site selling an even larger sized ring for the cb6000 but for the life of me I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get a larger ring? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Well the largest ring actually is already...quite large. Did you allready try to adjust everything down there ? Work's for me if the device isn't comfortable any more after some hours or due to movement (f.e. sports) etc...

    What kind of spacer do you use ?

    If your a-ring is too small your balls should get cold a loooong time before 8 hours...
  3. If you are using the largest of the 5 rings I also suspect that are using too small a spacer.

    Also; are you using sufficient lube
    if you are new to wearing a CD it is probably best to make sure that your underwear is supportive,
    at least until you get used to it in both cases.

    Might I also suggest that when the opportunity arises ensure that your A-ring is as close to your body as possible by gently pulling your scrotum through the ring if necessary. I find this can help a overcome that 'everything is too tight' feeling.

    Personally, being a CD wearer over a quite a few years now I find I do not need to apply lube as often and no longer need to wear supportive clothing most of the time. That does take time though and would not do for everyone.

    Good luck
  4. Hi, and thanks for the responses. I've been using the second smallest spacer with my cb6000. I used to use the second largest spacer, which is one step bigger and I would sometimes slip out of the device at night. I do use a lot of lube and often try to snug up the ring close to my body. When wearing my CD I often wear briefs or panties, as I agree, support is important to keep everything where it should be.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Most importantly, I don't want to do any damage to myself and it seems that the largest ring is just too snug to be used safely. I have a pretty high and tight ball sac so I'm quite sure that this is contributing to the problem.
  5. The tight scrotum isn'T so much a problem as the muscle that pulls your testicles towards your body when getting erect, too hot or too cold. As for the scrotum it could be even stretched with weights (availably in most BDSM shops) given some time.

    As for therRing and spacers I would give it another try with the 'configuration' you already used. Given some time and care it might work without any pain. Just make sure to adjust the device every time it gets somewhat uncomfortable. Wearing somewhat wider pants and not crossung your legs (if you are used to) might help to prevent the need to do so (at least did for me).

    As for the problems you want to prevent: As long as your scrotum / balls won't get blue (darker colour than usual) or cold there shouldn't be any health problem at all.
  6. i actually have a similar issue.... even with plenty of lube and the largest spacer, there are times when i minimize the amount of standing and sitting i need to do as i find the transition between the two to be really uncomfortable.

    i really work the lube around my scrotum and along the shaft - which often makes my wife/KH laugh with delight because i almost touch the end of my 6000(short) when i get hard). i'm also very careful about using fingers to guide my skin through safely without getting pinched....

    i've gone about four days as my max because after that, it just gets too uncomfortable. Well, that, and my brain stops working.

    If there is one larger ring size available, i'd luv to know.


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