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Locked in a KTB

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by docj9000, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. I'm a heterosexual male in a long-term married relationship. Years ago I began to understand that my natural sexual orientation was as a submissive in a femdom relationship. However, for many years my wife resisted my efforts to persuade her to take more control in our sexual relationship. As is probably the case with many wives, she expressed some superficial interest but couldn't bring herself to enter into what she considered a deviant relationship.

    In the course of trying to gain her cooperation I had suggested that male chastity might be an approach to dominance that would suit her since it didn't necessarily involve the physical violence (spankings, whipping, etc) aspects of femdom which she said she had no interest in. And it would resolve her complaints about my inability to refrain from masturbating when she wasn't around. We even went so far as to purchase a couple of male chastity devices including Curve and even one of Ms Lori's custom items. Although these all worked to some degree, I found I was able to defeat them all by masturbating while still being locked up. Furthermore, all of these are somewhat cumbersome and hygiene is made more difficult by the size and complexity of the device.

    I had begun to think that I was never going to be able to get my wife persuaded to participate in my fantasies until last month when she read through the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy. Those books seemed to make a significant impression on her with respect people being true to their own sexuality. So I mustered the courage to ask her if she might be willing to revisit the male chastity as part of our relationship. Her response was "yes" but under the condition that the device we used not lead to "smelly balls."

    I was already aware of the existence of KTB-type (Kali's Teeth Bracelet) devices and I thought that the limited size of a KTB might make for something that would meet my wife's "no smelly balls" criteria. So I began to explore online what was available. There's a common style available from several online sex shops and I bought one of these only to realize after receiving it that it was just a toy for short-term use, regardless of what was advertised. It was heavy and, more importantly, the wide spacing between the large "points" made removal easy for me even with the smallest size available.

    I became depressed thinking that I wouldn't be able to find a KTB that really worked and I frantically surfed the web until I stumbled across a KTB made by Male Chastity Now. After exchanging emails with Mark at Male Chastity I get my courage up and emailed him an order. A few days later the KTB came in the mail and my whole life began to change.
  2. When the KTB arrived I grabbed it before my wife noticed the package and took it to the bathroom to examine and put it on. That was around noon. The rest of the day continued my activities without my wife knowing that I was wearing the device. After dinner I reminded her that we had talked about resuming chastity role playing and showed her that I was actually wearing a KTB. Her initial reaction wasn't quite as enthusiastic as I had hoped. She was angry about not having been consulted before the purchase. I offered to remove the device and forget the idea entirely. At that point she smiled and said to leave it on and she insisted I give her the keys.

    So we went to bed and I had my first opportunity to try to sleep in a KTB. To my surprise it wasn't as bad as I imagined it might be. Wearing a KTB is a strange experience because you are so used to getting pleasure from stroking your cock but now when you do it you end up both aroused and in pain. Of course, the male "erection response" is not under direct control of your brain so even when you realize you should stop stroking because it is getting painful your dick keeps growing even after you take your hand away (and the pain becomes worse). What I hadn't realized is how much and how often your dick can grow and expand even without becoming hard (I'm a grower). The KTB doesn't hurt when I am completely flaccid, but the slightest increase in diameter of the shaft creates pain. Because this was my first night with it on I admit I spent some time exploring the sensations. I'm enough of a masochist to have kept this up for a while.
  3. Just for my visualization... a KTB is one of those (cock)rings that has those spikes at the inside, right?

    A KTB does sound kind painful if you describe it that way. Why did you not start with a chastity device like the CB3000/CB6000 to get to know the feeling of chastity and when you got used to that explore new devices?
  4. Yes, a KTB is a "ring-like" device usually worn around the upper portion of the penis just below the glans. The spikes are sized so that the space in the middle is about the diameter of the flaccid penis. As the penis grows the spike exert pressure from all around.

    To answer your question, we had, in the past, tried a CB3000 and even a Lori tube. I found neither device to be secure enough to prevent me from masturbating without the need for pulling out. Furthermore, the size and complexity of the devices made hygiene a more difficult task.

    I actually am enough of a masochist to like the behavior modification aspects of a KTB; it doesn't just prevent masturbation, it prevents erection. I'm not saying it's impossible to masturbate with it on, but I don't think it worth doing since the pain would be so intense. The same is true for pull-out; it probably could be done but would be painful and there would be no way to get back in.
  5. i hates them things, they hurt dreadful, and they am sposed to stop having you get hard but they dont and then they hurts more and more. you must be very very very brave to wear one of them.
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  6. I've been wearing my KTB 24 hours a day for 5 days. As far as I can tell my body is adapting to it by limiting the size of my nighttime erections to levels that are not nearly as painful as they could be. It is still possible to stroke myself to very painful erections but it appears that the "natural" nighttime erections are becoming smaller. That's what you might expect if you figure that the body doesn't want to subject itself to something that is painful if it can be avoided. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues. What is amusing is that these "smaller size" erections are still large enough to trigger the body's arousal sensations. So I end up with long lasting nighttime erections that make me horny and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it!
  7. The KTB is simply unwearable for me.
  8. Thanks for the new toy simple. ;)

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