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Looker 01 - With Penisplug from Steelworxx

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by Gabriellia, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. That's wonderful news!
    Well done.

    And becoming more comfortable by the minute I would guess?
  2. It's very comfortable! The plug is not really noticed. I don't even know it's there except when going to the bathroom.
    I am a bit worried about getting it off. I had to stretch the tip a bit to get the plug in and when I took it off that first day the plug slid to the tip and stuck some before finally comming all the way out. So I'm wondering, the longer I leave it on the more my"tip"contract and the less likly that 8mm ball will want to come out. :)

    Maybe I shouldn't worrie about taking it off!
  3. Wonderful indeed, as Ms Amanda says.

    You are right, after a while it just feels part of you.

    My advice on taking it out would be to pee before hand. Even cover the end to force the pee down the outside and thus lubricate things for easier withdrawal.

    And remember, you meatus has been held open at 6mm so only a 2mm stretch for it to come out. In time it will become easier in and out. I know it is contrary to the idea but a more regular in and out might help the situation.

    You are making sure the plug is wet before going in? And around the hole too?

  4. 72 Hours and counting. It's been in place and has not been removed since Monday morning. Sill no issues.

    I did have a few ANGRY erections last night, Got the testie pull and all, Had to get up both times to use the restroom and get relief. No bid deal other than I was hoping I could not get that happy in my new cage. I can...

    The pulsing when I pee is getting less, I'm really not sure what is causing it. I know it is because of the plug but other than that I'm not sure. It may be the urine forcing itself out around the tube and it did hurt a bit but just at the tip, only when pulsing. Maybe it is because I'm being help open to 6mm and the end did not want to open much further than that. and since it is not happening as much, I must be stretching that area a bit from wear and going to the bathroom.

    Still very happy with my looker!
  5. 88 Hours.

    So after roughly six hours of testing on Sunday. it went on Monday morning and came off Thursday night. No issues, no pain, just a little red in the tip area but very little. All is good. I will be free for today and the weekend and it will back on Monday, maybe Sunday night..

    Have a good weekend,

  6. The redness is to be expected form pushing against the cage.

    The "problem" really is that you have such a big penis in a nice short cage :p

    In time all will be well I am sure. Well done.

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  7. LOL! I wish that was the problem.
    just a really small cage.!
  8. Gabriella
    does this device show a bulge if you are wearing trousers?
    Or would you be able to go about your daily work unnoticed?
  9. I would say yes, but only slightly. Really it looks normal. I'm actually more concerned when I'm not wearing my device and I have on some tight fitting panties and I tuck! very flat so when I sit my trousers collapse as if there is nothing there. I think that is more noticeable than wearing my new looker or even my 6000s.

    To me it just looks like I have what I'm supposed to have.
  10. Thanks Gabriella,
    all sounds good, think I will be investing in one of these shortly.
  11. As Gabriella said, under a suit trouser it should be no problem - but I suppose it depends if you have flat front or pleated front trousers. I have pleated usually.

    I wore a CB6K to work for about a year and always felt it was sticking out - although I was told not.

    After that with the looker I never worried from day 1 and it still is never a concern - and mine is longer than Gabriella's.

    Go for it! You will have no problem under a suit I am sure.
  12. Thank you Carrie! For all that don't know, Carrie has much more experience with this device than I do. I'm just getting started she is a subject matter expert! Thanks again Carrie for all of your help during the buying and waiting and adjusting and receiving and ongoing process of a new looker owner.

    Update for everyone.. ;)

    The device came off on thursday night after almost a full work week of wear without removal. I know it's very long but as stated before I don't expect to be a long term wearer. My wife expects to be taken care of and I do. But I will be wearing when I'm not.

    Every once and a while I have to do things that require me to remove the device. one was this weekend. so I didn't wear it all weekend. But I did pop it on first thing this morning. That 8mm tip is still hard to get in but it fits. Once I'm in there there is no issue. Slides right down inside of me and locks right up with a bit of wiggle to get the lock aligned. So as all is good and I'm locked up again. Self locked right now, until the wife takes the keys again. I think I should play with the plug a bit by sliding it in and out of the tip to help stretch things out. No release allowed!

    Thanks for all of the interest in my new toy.

  13. That's very kind of you Gabriella, but overdoing it a little LOL - my pleasure to help you.

    Just glad it all came together for you.
  14. Wore the unit all day yesterday. Not really a big deal I know. My wife did not take the keys so just before bed I was able to take it off. So I pulled it out and got to that touchy spot. Getting that 8mm bulb out or in. I don't really like to use any lube in their as I read a post on here awhile back where the lube became a bit sticky and caused a little bleeding. No thank you!

    I had my nipples pierced a while back and I used emu oil to help then heal. If it's good enough of piercing should be good for the sound. So far so good. Because I have size I issues with the plug I need something to help get it in there. I put a few drops on the ball of the plug and rub it around the opening to get it nice and lubed. Then very very slowly I work it around as I'm pushing it in. it will finally pop in. no pain no issue. But definitely a stretch. So last night and this morning I took the plug in and out of the tip about five times. It takes a few minutes if that tells you how careful I'm being. This morning the last few times were pretty easy. I'm sure soon it will be no issue.

  15. I've been bad. The Looker came off last night and I've been free all day. I have not done anything bad. Well that is not true I am not wearing my beautiful Looker. It's past bed time so I think I will go put it in it's proper place before going to sleep and hand the keys to my wife in the morning as she is already in bed. I will be locked at least through the weekend? As this is just the start of what my wife and I call green week. For those that have ever been on birth control pills know what that means. Well off to bed. have a good day or night depending on where you live.

  16. A quick non review. No updates lately because we've be very busy. I have not been in my looker for a long time, or should I say my looker has not been in me. :) Something I really should rectify.
  17. Rectified! As of this morning my looker is inside me! it will be at most a short 4 days, has to be off for Saturday morning but I miss it and don't want to wait until next Monday.

    As a side note, I had several lovely and very hard erections last night. That is why my CB is going on... ;)
  18. Hi Gabrielle
    May i ask, what is the longest you have worn it for constantly without removal ? Could you envision wearing it permanently for months at a time without removal ? You didn't get your Looker exchanged for one with a removable insert in the end did you, cos i wanted to ask is it as comfy as it erm looks without the insert.
  19. lee, I have not been around in a while, so it's pretty lucky I caught your post. So on to the answer.

    I have only worn for about a week straight. 7 days at the most. I think I could easily go 30 days wearing it, I'm sure more, it would be tough, but not because of the device. ;)
    I still have the fixed plug and I'm going to stick with it. I would wear longer but I have to make sure I take care of my wife and sex with me is VERY important to her.

  20. Thanks for the reply Gabriella. Helping me make my mind up somewhat I think i'll keep thinking about it for now.
  21. Nice pictures there. I've always wondered how big it actually is (compared to the CB3k/6k). The Steelworxx site doesn't really show clear pictures like you did ;)
  22. But you need to remember that it is made to measure - so others may not be so small in comparison. It all depends on what size you want it to be.

    Thats just my understanding anyway.
  23. Silver is correct, you may need one bigger, Mine is just right. Not too small not too big. But definitely small when compared to the 6000s. I felt the same way about steelworxxs pictures on there site, they should have more.
  24. Looks like a great device!! I have been looking for something like it. I wanted to know how much something like that costs?? I would love to be locked in somethng like that. I think that the one in yours pics would be the perfect size for me. Is it custom? Please tell me where you got it from. If you ever sell it let me know. I would be interested. Also if you ever let me try it I would be willing to be locked in it. Thanks