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Mature Metal Chastity Tubes

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by subcumboy, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. This is my post from the orgasmdenial.com forum. Enjoy.

    Hey all,

    I have asked a few of you for reviews about various chastity tubes, since I was looking for a new one that was better than my old "Curve". Thanks for all the help. I stumbled upon maturemetal.com over on the Chastity Mansion forum a little while ago. He makes 'custom' stainless steel chastity tubes that are very reasonably priced. I ordered "The Tube" from him and it was delivered to my house within the week. The worksmanship is very good and looks amazing on. The shiny steel tube covering my cock looks absolutely beautiful. My wife- who isn't completely sold on the chastity thing, and only does it because I like it said, "Wow! That looks great. I may have to keep you in that for a long time. I love it". I may have created a monster.

    I have been locked in for just about two hours now and I can say it is definitely more comfortable than "The Curve". The ring is a much smaller profile than the plastic one. It is also an oval shape. He says this is to prevent pullout but I was never able to pull out of the curve so I can't say anything about that. I am hoping it is still this comfortable hours or even days from now.

    I would definitely say to check out his site if you are looking for a new toy. If I wind up having any problems I will be sure to let you all know.

  2. Thank You for the comments! You are too kind!!!:party0019:
  3. Hi subcymboy and maturemetal,

    These new devices sound very cool and wonderful. Is there anyone on here who has bought a device who has also posted a pic wearing one? It always helps to see it working.

  4. I just received my MatureMetal device, and it looks *wonderful*. There is just something about the shine and heft of steel that you miss with a plastic device. Anyway, I have not yet had a chance to try it out, but I intend to soon, and will certainly post some pics when I do. Nice work, MM!
  5. I am very interested in how the oval shaped ring changes things.

    I am "high and tight" and with the plastic CB devices 1 7/8" is good but when things get cold I slip out by accident. If I use the 1 3/4" ring then things get dangerously tight at about 2 am.

    So I guess I have 2 questions: How is fit affected by oval shape and the thinner diameter ring?

    I like the option of buying an extra ring.
  6. Very good question! The oval design will help you the most as the bottom of the base ring matches the bottom of the cage. This allows a smaller gap between the cage and the ring that adds to security.

    The rings are made from 1/4" stock, this adds to the comfort. The plastic ones are much weaker so they have to be thicker. I don't know what else to say, once you try stainless you will wonder how you ever dealt with the plastic.

    If you have any more question or if anyone else dose please let me know!!!
  7. Thanks for the reply. And in 1 day and I wasn't in a hurry. Wish that was true of all vendors.................sigh..........
  8. hey all,
    just got my mature metal chastity cage... i got the jail bird and i have to say dealing with them was AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++ . his response to any email was right away, answered a tons of questions for me. very honest awsome work got it right away, just all around great great person/company to deal with i love my new cage looks great ill be posting some pics soon
    thanks again Mature Metal........
  9. Thank You it was a pleasure doing business with you!!!
  10. Thanks William

    I got it back from you and it fits perfect now..... its been on for 3 day's not removed once yet.. I have to say i am able to sleep with it no problem, i can pee standing up (thank god). Me and my mistress love it...
    It hides so much better under jeans then my CB-2000 or 3000 just all around great design... I posted pics on my profile, my mistress also posted some on hers (maddezins).
    Anyone in the market for a steel cage i would speak to mature metal first his work is A+ along with his customer service.
  11. More kudos for Mature Metal! I bought a "Watchful Mistress" from him a few weeks ago. It was great in every way, except that I prefer an "open top" for the base ring. He agreed to make that modification, for a small additional fee. I have the new device, and it is terrific! I have only worn it for as long as 48 hrs, but I'm sure I could keep it on for weeks. I have posted some pictures of it in an Album, so head on over to have a look.

    Once again, it is great to have a source of high-quality, low cost *metal* chastity devices! If you are thinking about getting one, I encourage you to go ahead. You won't be sorry.
  12. I can only echo what others have said and can recommend Mature Metal. I have a...sizable...review of my Watchful Mistress w/ anti-pullout pins to post. Hopefully people will find it of interest. (Need to take the pics still.)