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Menstrual period

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by SubHub72, May 31, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I am curious how dommes direct their subs during their menstrual periods. My wife won't talk about this much and does not want to be sexual at all. Her periods typically last 5-7 days and her PMS has been getting worse. I have read that orgasm helps for general relief and can even shorten the duration. I have sent her various links I've found to this effect but I think she has a negative view and doesn't really let me do much at all during this time of the month. Our Hitachi Magic Wand works like a charm through her pad - she is very capable of orgasm (and enjoys it) but I think it's a negative self image or feeling of shame that she does not usually let me play with her much. So, she resists but if I am persistent she will let me pleasure her that way. It could be my imagination, but I suspect that when she does play with me during this time, she seems a little bit rougher than normal.

    She will not allow me to penetrate her during this time. Since I've never had any experience with this, I am not sure what that would be like. I am not easily grossed out and I think it should be pretty straightforward just to clean up afterwords.

    I am curious what sorts of activities (if any) dommes want during their menstrual periods. Do you have any special rituals or desires from your subs?

    Thanks for your input!
  2. Well I'm a bit of an odd one as I have the Mirena coil so periods last 1-3 days and you'd hardly know it.

    When pet and I were first together he was fine about sex at that time of the month, but I was super squeamish... he coaxed that out of me and we got along fine and he cleared up any mess if there was any.

    Post baby and into chastity though, he is the one that seems less keen! Given that there is hardly any blood at all now and how short a time it is comparatively speaking, that's strange.

    I'm usually VERY horny just prior to my period and over it, so I'm happy to keep going, but I do know that some other women would rather not be sexual at that time.
  3. Are you not topping from the bottom a bit there?

    Just my two cents worth SubHub72....Surely it is up to Her when you please Her? If She feels a bit 'off Her game' when She is having Her period isn't that just the way it is?

    My Mistress will often just set me tasks and jobs to do and just re-enforces Her control over me, She may play with me and edge me and/or try out new ideas She has had for CBT and if She wants pleasuring, then i get to do that too, which is cool! But it is up to Her.

    As for sex during a period, its not gross but can mess the sheets up a bit! you just need to shower afterwards, however, some Women just don't want sex, others get really horny, i have experienced both extremes, the horny ones were , as you have said, a lot more physical during that time. i guess it will vary from Woman to Woman. Certainly for the first few days my Mistress is not interested in any kind of penetration at all, She just feels poorly. It is not a rejection of me and i would suspect the same applies for Your Wife too? She just doesn't want to play in anyway. i accpet that.

    Like me, you're lucky to have a KH/Domme/Wife, She sets the rules... you live by them i guess? i don't want to over simplfy it, but if you are a submissve, and She is the Domme, then you do it Her way? i do think communication is the most important thing of all and your observations on how She feels during Her period are probably not unreasonable, if Her periods make Her feel bad (i have yet to met a Woman that enjoys them.... and i am reminded of that irritating UK TV advert that says 'have a happy period..'), then i guess She needs lots of TLC and support and you are absolutely the best placed man for that job i would suggest.
  4. Absolutely. I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. It is up to her and I don't try to "make" her play. Last night was a nice example. We were very flirty all day. She was a bit frustrated with something and once she'd given up for the night she playfully suggested "well, you'd better rub my back now". It lead to two fantastic orgasms for her and then she said she was ready for bed. I asked her about me and she just said that she liked the control she has to deny. *sigh*

    I guess what I was trying to ask is "do orgasms help with any discomfort with periods?". My wife is very guarded about this - she won't talk a lot about it so it remains a bit of a mystery even though we have been married nearly 16 years. And I was also wondering what types of sexual activities do you as a couple perform? For us, it is only the external vibes from the high setting of the Magic Wand (ordinarily, she likes for me to apply the vibe to her clit and then finger her g-spot). She won't allow anything else... although I would appreciate any other ideas. I don't think intercourse is in the cards for me.

    A recurring theme for us is my "pushing" to try new things in the bedroom. I remember when we were first married, she was not orgasmic and I pushed pretty hard to use a vibrator for her pleasure. She really resisted. But once she allowed it, she loved it. Vibrators are a significant part of our play now. I don't think this is "topping from the bottom" per se, since she ultimately decides what happens. They are just "suggestions"...

    MW: I bet my wife would envy you. That is a much shorter duration! That's why this is a "problem" for us, because her periods are so lengthy.
  5. Oh trust me, it still pisses me off! Pre-baby when I had the coil I had no PMS, no mood swings, no aches, no period... was amazing!

    As for orgasms helping with the pain, an endorphin rush is always good. But if she'd prefer hot milk, chocolate and back rubs, that's the way to go.
  6. cockis locked comments are on the mark...

    women do vary in their reactions. my ex did not like sex during her monthly; it was a case of look after her, massages, etc etc but no penetration or even matsurbation or oral to her - she was horny though beforehand and afterwards..... later on in her domme-ing she did like me to wear a pearl or a heavy towel in my panties so that i too experienced what it was like, in part to undergo the monthly - and i always had buy her sanitary needs.

    on the other hand i have an old uni gf who i have seen - she loves sex during her period and it is probaly her horniest time...and she wants me to go down on her etc etc. inside her, it always feels a bit hollow.....she loves the idea of what my ex pulled and went one stage further in wearing a kotex pad l and then making me put it inside my panties...


  7. Hi

    Having read your post i can see you are not topping from the bottom. Suggestion is welcomed by my Mistress too in fact encouraged as She wants me to put effort into our play too.

    As for things W/we do during Her period it varies wildly from full sex and oral and toys to nothing. But there is always the underlying theme of submission. i too have read that orgasm can help with period pain but my Mistress is not interested until the pain had subsided anyway..,, bit of a catch 22 i think! Orgasm is supposed to help with headaches too so the old excuse.... well that's going to have to change.

    i think Mistress Watchful sounds pretty lucky and rare in terms of my experience of Women and periods. She must be the envy of many!
  8. I haven't had periods for about seven years now - hurrah for contraceptive injections! - but remember having mixed feelings about sexual desire when I did.

    I used to feel really crap for the first few days, and then really horny for the last few. It was only when I met my husband that I felt okay about it to have sex. Having a man perform oral on you when you have a period is divine!

    Ahem.. maybe a bit too much information there :D