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Mistress Elaine and Vicky

Discussion in 'The Library' started by Her Dividend, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. I was curious what forum members think of Mistress Elaine and her submissive, Vicky.

    Web site: http://www.maid-victoria.com/

    Do you think they share a lifestyle relationship, or do you think not?

    Do you think any aspects of their relationship are played up for commercial purposes?

    How would you compare your experiences with theirs?

    As for myself, I tend to believe that they have a lifestyle relationship, but their site probably romanticizes it. In contrast, the writings of the Mistresses here show that D/s relationships are a lot of work, involving give-and-take, etc.
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  2. looks like your typical money making site to me?
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  3. Money making -- yes --- typical -- no. Vicky and Elaine are both far from being models. The sets for all their shoots and pictures are Elaine's house. Elaine demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for sissification and female domination.

    Some things strike a false note, like the wimpy spanking scenes and Vicky's overreation, a huge to-do over the insertion of a small butt plug -- but the caging, steel chastity device, and strict rota of chores and tasks that Vicky must undertake -- those strike me as credible.

    I'm not sure that being reduced to be just a sissy maid without other interests and no male outlets would be satisfying in reality, so I lean to thinking that their lifestyle as portrayed is fantasy projection and selectively presented. But, I'm not exactly "slave material" myself, so maybe for someone else this would be heaven on earth. Still, Vicky just seems like a lump and not so much like an interesting person. For porn comparisons, the models on kink.com seem alive, fiery, and sexy.

    As for the web site itself, I would say its definitely worth the price of admission and checking out.

  4. I tend to believe that One must be very selective as to what One believes as truth on the internet. Firstly, there is no proof or way to prove that this is not just a form of money making for the people involved. It's hard to say if they truly do live this lifestyle or if it is all just a put-on for the sake of the camera and the money (which IMO would be the option I'd go for). It would almost seem obvious that the material presented would be selected for it's appeal. No one would want to pay for pictures and video clips of everyday, mundane things like sitting on the couch in a pair of comfy sweats, watching tv. and eating popcorn. No excitement there. But, put the Mistress in leather, rubber or lace and give her a tawse, crop, flogger, etc, Then, put the sissy in satin and ruffles, put that sissy on her hands and knees, shackle her wrists and ankles, put a plug in one end and a serving tray gag in the other, set a glass of wine on that tray, and catch a glimpse of an erotic film playing in the background. Now you have a picture that's worthy of a couple bucks.

    Everyday life in a D/s relationship is not easy. It requires a lot of attention and a lot of compromise. There are those that use statements such as "If My sub/sissy doesn't do exactly as told the first time, or demonstrates any type of resistance, or questions My authority, (or any number of variations) he/she is out the door." Given the fact that most on this site are in some type of relationship, I seriously doubt that the previous statement holds any merit in the realm of reality. Of course, this is all just My opinion.
  5. If they can live like that and dress like that 24/7 more power to them.

    I couldn't do it. We are getting an ever increasing level of 24/7 FemDom in this household, but we need money and we have kids so I think that dressing the part all the time would be inconvenient and wear me out!
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  6. In addition to what you say, a balanced life is more satisfying as a rule -- leading to happier, better adjusted partners, less co-dependency, and alternative connections besides D/s or BDSM. On the other hand, proponents of slavery might argue otherwise.

    >Mistress Watchful: If they can live like that and dress like that 24/7 more power to them.

    I couldn't do it. We are getting an ever increasing level of 24/7 FemDom in this household, but we need money and we have kids so I think that dressing the part all the time would be inconvenient and wear me out!<

    Right, what I got out of reading your posts is that D/s is both satisfying and a struggle. Its not a mythical, easy to administer "command structure." I lean this way myself, but slavery proponents would argue that any devolvement of the M/s dynamic is a choice poorly made and undermining of the relationship as a whole. To me, that would be a recipe for excitement, yes, but burnout too.
  7. I agree with Ms. Linda. This cannot be the reality 24/7. No good sissy would wear those outfits on a daily basis; they would get soiled and worn! Those dresses are usually reserved for special occasions when the Mistress is entertaining or some other need for "full dress" is required. Perhaps like update time on the ole' porn site? It smacks of fantasy to me also. However, the wearing of an everyday maid uniform is much more possible. I can see this relationship from either side, being "on" 24/7 is impossible. She must either be independently wealthy (and that being in the UK, I tend to think not) or she has a day job (much more likely) and uses the website income to buy clothes and toys. Vicki is not a good actress and overacts hir part. Or perhaps sie is simply overly sensitive! But, IMO, she should have developed leatherbutt from all the spankings over the years. I know that I tend to cry and beg profusely when being punished, not from the pain but from knowing that I have failed my Mistress. Usually, a minor correction like the tap of a crop is sufficient to correct misbehaviour by me.

    On the other hand, Ms Linda is also correct in that no one would pay money to see her in sweats or Vicki in a basic housedress of hotel maid uniform. It's FANTASY! And guys pay for the fantasy for all porn, not reality. Reality we get for free. Ms Linda hit it right on the head, as usual!


    Sissy Brianna/Pamela
  8. Don't forget that Mistress Elaine makes those dresses and Vicky models them for all the photos on their shopping site.
  9. Sorry - I was out-of-date. Vicky used to model all the dresses on the old shop site!
  10. FYI: Mistress Elaine and Vicky's website has been pulled. It always strikes me when something just vanishes off the internet without explanation. Part of me wonders if there was a fight between the two -- in theory joint permission was needed from both of them to maintain the site.

    I know the site was commercial, but there was also something homegrown, authentic, and life-style enthusiast about it.
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  11. The overtly pornographic chastity sites do less and less for me now that this chastity thing has become a reality for me. It's a shame it has gone, I would have liked the chance to have a look and see what the original posts were discussing.
  12. richard

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    No doubt it wasnt making money anymore so they didnt renew their server fees and/or DNS fees.
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  14. If you want a flavour of the site you can see it here https://uk.pinterest.com/bjj0622/maid-vicky/

    Just a heads-up that the link shown in that thread is now a shoe related site - and not high heels! ;)
  15. I dont say this in any derogatory way as I think its very refreshing that people can lead their life style in any way that suits themselves, but do people actually spend their time dressed like this on a daily basis ?? I probably look worse i my workshop overalls btw that's all !!!
  16. LOL - don't believe all you see, hear or read on the internet @TitaniumChastiTi@TitaniumChastiTi ;)

    I think these were all photo-shoots or stills from short movies that the good lady made and sold from her site.

    It's probably dangerous to say, "of course She and Vicky didn't spend all day like that" because half a dozen or more here might jump in and say they do, so why not Elaine and Vicky! :)
  17. i don't like them sort of dresses very much.
  18. Waybackwhen.
    Google website time machine list site see old website.
  19. I remember watching a few clips of them that were in the net long ago (and probably still are), but most of all I remember thinking: "OMG, this Vickie is such a sissy!" :p:p:p
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