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Month of Chastity

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by HenkieY, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody,

    Well, here starts my journey. First of all, let's introduce myself. I've been here for a couple of months, so some people may already have seen me. But I'm Crinsane. And 23 years old guy from The Netherlands.
    I'm a full time student right now (learning everything about making websites) and living together with my girlfriend, who is also my Mistress. She prefers me calling her Lady, so from now on, I will call her my Lady.
    We've been together for little over 2,5 years right now. And we've been active with chastity for about 2 years.
    Before we met I found out about BDSM with my girlfriend at that time, and that's how I got to be curious about chastity and I told my Lady, and well, we both liked it.
    About BDSM, I'm almost into anything!

    I own a CB3000 (old model) and I must say I'm really pleased with it.

    We've been playing with chastity for quite a time as I've told, and always with periodes about 2 weeks or less. But to be honest, from the first moments of chastity intill now, I've been incredibly curious about longer periods of lock up.
    And well, it's going to happen... I'm going to be locked up for an entire month. Even a little more to be very honest.
    May 1th I will be locked up, and will be kept locked up until the 4th of June.

    We've made kind of a contract, with al sorts of rules and agreements.
    Every 3 days my Lady will chain me to the bed, unlock me and clean me.
    Every 6 days my Lady will chain me to the bed, unlock me, clean and shave me, and than there will be an Tease & Denial session for a minimum of 10 minutes, where I will be pushed to the edge of an orgasm for a minimum of 15 times.
    The last 2 weeks she will give me anal training and the entire time she will have the rights to fuck me with a strapon.

    To name a few.

    I'm really looking forward to it, what kind of emotions and feelings I will encounter. How big the frustrations will be. And of course, how the final orgasm will feel.
    Still have to wait for 2 more weeks, but I can hardly wait... think it will be an incredible month.

    I hope you all will like my journal, and I would really like to hear your thoughts/ideas/remarks and experiences!

  2. Sounds like a great journey you are on. I wish you well, and look forward to reading updates.
  3. I am trying to be sarcastic but serious, not snotty or condescending. My tongue is in my cheek, but I do mean what I say.

    A whole 30 days, wow! And you know in advance how long the sentence is going to be, and obviously agreed to it. If the intention is for this to be forced chastity, it is not. Any length sentence that is agreed to before hand is too short of a sentence. An acceptable sentence would be on that has you on your knees begging for mercy. I would urge your girlfriend, immediately upon locking you up, to announce the one month sentence was just a minimum sentence. She can then add to it for every mistake you make.
  4. Hi Divine Mistress Anqelique,

    I understand what your saying, and you know what, maybe one day, that's how things will go. But right now that's not the way how we live our 'bdsm/chastity life'. :)

    First of all, I never said it was forced chastity. I was the one who came up with chastity, I was the one who began talking about longer periodes of lock up. So yeah, I agreed with it. I know I did it to myself. But that doesn't mean that I will like it the entire month. Once locked up, there's no way back. If I want out after, let's say, 14 days, it won't happen.

    Second, For me, knowing when I will be released, doesn't really make it less of an experience. The first part of the periode I'm frustrated about being locked up, knowing it will be for a long time. And as the release day gets closer, I'm getting more and more horny, knowing that I'm closer to being released, and that makes me frustrated, cause all I can think of is being released and getting to cum.

    So I think it really depends on how you like it. We like it this way right now, but maybe in a couple of months or years I will be locked up, not knowing when I will be released :)
  5. As I said, "if the intention is forced chastity." I was aware that you did not say it was, nor did you say it wasn't.

    If forced chastity is something that appeals to you, I hope someday you get to experience it.

    Again, I wasn't trying to be snotty or snide. My apologies for any misunderstanding.

  6. Ow, no hard feelings or anything. Just wanted to explain, cause I get the question more often :)

    Forced chastity does appeal to me, and I hope some day my Lady will get to the point where she will 'take the plunge' and live the life.
    But right now, I'm also very happy with what we're doing right now... One month will be quite a challenge to me ^_^
  7. No hard feelings.
  8. I think a whole month of chastity is a great way for the two of you to see if it'll fit the 'needs' of the both of you. For you to see how thing will go on the long term, and for your GF to see if it's a good lifestyle for her. I don't agree with Angelique that a set period is less of chastity than living at the wimps of your GF. Okay, you know when you'll be released, but none the less, 5 weeks of chastity is quite long to be locked up. Even more when your GF will do some T&D with you. I think after the 1st session of T&D the remaining weeks will feel like months instead :p

    Just one more thing... Better start on April 30th in the morning IMO. I don't think there's a better way to start Queens-anniversary day than being locked up in the morning and walk in the crowd being horny for your 1st day of a whole month :lol:
  9. Heey, someone else from The Netherlands :lol:

    Right now I'm getting more and more excited for the upcoming week. Pretty nervous actually.
    What feelings I will have, what kind of frustrations I will encounter.

    Indeed, the T&D session will be quite frustration. Also she has full access to my ass, and she knows how much I like it when she plays with my ass.
    Yesterday we also got a new strap on, so I think that one will also be used on me...

    I'm actually glad that we won't start April 30th ;)
    All in all, I'm really looking forward to it... will be a very special month I guess...
  10. Only 5 more nights until I will be locked up. The reality about that suddenly hit me today.

    Today my Lady and I finished our contract. I must say I really like everything that's in there. Is quite simple and bassicly says my penis and balls belong to my Lady, and she can do with them whatever she wants.

    Every time I think about what's coming, I'm getting more and more nervous..

    Next time I write here, I think I will be locked up!

  11. Ha ha ha! The thought of getting locked is worse now than being actually being locked up :D
  12. I hope you are right about that its been on my mind for sometime ,
    Mistress has told me she wants me locked for a month.
    Like any lock up i never know when or for how long , the last few lock ups i have thought is this it .
    I dont want to know if and when my month will start ,
    what will be will be ,
    when Mistress is ready .
  13. Hi everyone,

    Only 2 more nights. Saturday night I will be locked up.
    I'm quite nervous already...

    Yesterday we finished the contract and printed it and both signed. So there is no turning back now.
    It's gonna be a frustration filled month, quite a big step for me.
    But I can't wait to have it started!

    More will come soon! Bye
  14. Day 1

    Well, we've begun. Tonight my Lady locked me up in my CB. And the month (well, 34 days to be exact) began counting.
    Last night my Lady had a last little surprise for me. She wrapped me entirely in saran wrap. She cut holes at my penis/balls and nipples.
    After that she begun playing with them. Like an hour long she played with my penis, balls and nipples, and quite a couple of times I almost came. But every time she wouldn't let me.
    Finally, she whispered in my ear that I could cum and that I should enjoy it, cause it would be the last one for a month. :mellow:

    After I had a wonderful orgasm, she locked me up in.
    So, that's how the month started out.

    Tonight I slept well, woke up about 3 or 4 times, but that's not so bad, cause normally I also wake up a few times, so I had a decent night of sleep. :)

    Today went okay, we've made a nice walk, cause I have to practice for a event next summer called 'De Nijmeegse Vierdaagse'. Which is walking 50 kilometers a day, 4 days in a row. So I have to get a bit of practice. ;)
    I was wondering if the CB wouldn't be rubbing against my skin and cause irritation, but it went very well.

    At the moment I'm not so horny, I think because last night I had a very nice orgasm.
    Well, that's it for today, more will come tomorrow!

  15. Day 4:

    Well, we're at day number 4.
    Last days were pretty okay. Had to get used to sleeping with my cb on, but everythings fine now.
    I'm am however already starting to get quite horny...
    Every now and then I'm getting an erection inside the cage, and as you all know, doesn't feel to nice.

    Last night was my first cleaning. My Lady tied me to the bed, and unlocked me. She cleaned me, and my cage, and after that locked me up again securely.
    During this month I'm not allowed to ever though my penis, so cleaning, shaving etc, will happen with me tied to the bed.
    It was very nice feeling the hands of my Lady touching my penis, got erect in no time, and it was quite a frustration, to get nothing, but just be locked up again after some cleaning.

    The next time I will get unlocked will be next Friday, for some cleaning, shaving and a tease & denial session. I'm not really looking forward to it, although feeling my Lady tough my penis again will be quite a nice feeling.

    Well, that's all for now, I will keep you updated.

  16. Do keep us updated, I remember my first month lock up, it was so frustrating! Not that they get much easier, but it was the most intense for me, enjoy!
  17. Day 9:

    Hi everyone,
    Has been a few days, but here's an update again.
    Today is day 9 of 34. Two days ago, I had my first Tease & Denial session. It was nice to be out for a little while. My Lady shaved and cleaned me. After that she began playing with me.
    She edged me for quite a time, she sort of counted the times I almost came, said it was around 20.
    The coming days, when more T&D will come, that number will only rise she says.

    Right now I'm pretty horny. I just want to orgasm....
    But from now on, things will only get more difficult. The new strapon will be tested quite a few times, and my Lady really enjoys teasing me.

    A few days ago I also went for quite a far walk, I've got to practice, this summer I'm gonna walk 200 km in 4 days, so have to be prepared. I was surprised how well it went, especially with the CB on. Thought it would be quite a hindrance, but it really wasn't.

    Also I'm really starting to think about buying a new CB. Thinking about buying a 6000S. I think it will be easier for me to keep clean in that one. Also the hinged ring of the 3000 just sucks. Right now I have kind of a sleeve pulled over the hinge, but it's not really optimal.

    Well, that's it for now, more to come in the next few days.

  18. Hi Crinsane,

    First, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I envy what you will experience when your lady takes you with your new strap-on while you'll be unable to to cum. ;o)

    Like you, I started with the CB 3000 but later got the CB 6000 and then the CB 6000s. I think you'll find it more comfortable-its a big improvement over the original IMO. I highly recommend it.

    I'm on a month sentence of chastity as well but as time goes by, my KH is liking the effects of chastity so much I suspect she'll find a way to extend it indefinitely.
  19. Hi Crinsane,

    First, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I envy what you will experience when your lady takes you with your new strap-on while you'll be unable to to cum. ;o)

    Like you, I started with the CB 3000 but later got the CB 6000 and then the CB 6000s. I think you'll find it more comfortable-its a big improvement over the original IMO. I highly recommend it.

    I'm on a month sentence of chastity as well but as time goes by, my KH is liking the effects of chastity so much I suspect she'll find a way to extend it indefinitely.
  20. Hi Bobby,

    Thanks for you message. I'm glad you like my journal.
    I think it will be a nice feeling, being fucked with the strapon, while not being able to cum, but also VERY frustrating.
    When it happened, I will surely let you know!
  21. Day 14:

    Hi everybody,

    Yesterday was day 14 of my 34 days.
    To started of... I'm so incredibly horny!! It's hard to focus on other things that sex or BDSM for me...
    Yesterday I've had a tease & denial session again. My Lady tied me to the bed, unlocked me, cleaned and shaved me.
    After that, she lubed my penis up, and began playing with it. It felt so wonderful, her hands touching me.
    It wasn't long before I got to the edge of cumming. She stopped for a second, and than began edging me.
    I got to the edge of cumming for about 30 of 40 times, I was so horny and wanted nothing else then just have an orgasm.
    But she didn't let me, she finally stopped after 15 minutes or something, and just locked me up again.

    I felt so horny, and it felt so frustrating.

    I'm curious what the next couple of days and weeks will bring. Starting next weekend, there will be more rules for me. I than will be her 24/7 submissive for 2 weeks long.
    I know that will mean a lot more tease & denial, and anal play. It's going to be hard, but somehow I'm also looking forward to it.

    Well, that's all for now, more to come in the next few days.

    Bye, Crinsane
  22. Day 18:

    Hello everybody!

    Well, day 18 right now.
    I'm pretty horny and frustrated. A lot of tease & denial play last days. My Lady got me to the edge of cumming about 40 times yesterday, I though I got crazy. I just wanted to have an orgasm so bad! But she just locked me up again.

    Yesterday my Lady told me that, if I behave, she might release me one day earlier. And I must say, I really want that release, so I think I will behave well the next two weeks.
    I'm really excited for the upcoming weeks. Can't stop thinking about everything my Lady is going to do with me.
    And from now on, every day I'm locked up, is a new record, so from now on, I'm really experiencing new feelings and emotions from chastity.

    Well, that's all for now.
    Till next time!

    Bye, Crinsane
  24. I'm enjoying your posts. Currently i've been locked up for 4 weeks with no release in sight. Before i got my Mature Metal jailbird i was locked in a CB-3000. i had trouble wearing it to bars and other places because i needed to sit down to pee. In your 18 days locked up, how have you dealt with those issues and other similiar every day issues. i hope your release is everything you hope it will be. Has she threatened a ruined orgasm upon your release!!
  25. Thank you. I'm glad you like my posts.
    Well, I really don't have a problem with sitting down to pee. At home I almost always sit down. Other places it just have to think to about going to a sitting down toilet. But I really don't mind. And other day issues... well, my Lady and I are trying to keep life as normal as possible, and so far, we're doing pretty okay. Can't say I've got issues or anything. I apply baby oil about twice a day. Put some vaseline on by ballsack before going to sleep, so the ring of the CB can slide nice and easy.
    Furthermore I shower everyday, use Q-tips to clean myself, and after showering I blowdry the cage and everything.

    That's pretty much it! :)

    She hasn't threatened with a ruined orgasm, and I also think that won't happen. :) We're taking things slow and easy, and I think my Lady likes giving me my orgasm way to much! :)