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My Chastity Experience

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by cagedmage32, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. My fiancé and I are new to the chastity lifestyle. I am 25 and she is 26. We have been together for 8 and a half years now. We have a house together that we moved into last summer. We just recently got engaged and plan to get married in 2018. We certainly aren't a vanilla couple as we regularly use bondage in our sexual repertoire. We both have submissive and dominant tendencies. She likes to be dominant most of the time though.

    Last Thursday night was our first attempt at locking me up. I was semi hard to start out so, to get me less excited, she talked about her job while I listened. Once I was flaccid enough we got the device on. She had me locked up for about 4 hours while we watched TV together. Every once in a while she asked if I was OK and if I was comfortable to make sure nothing was wrong. Before we went to bed she unlocked me and we checked for marks or bruises.

    I wasn't locked on Friday because she worked her regular job 830 am to 5 pm and I worked 4 pm to 11 pm. On Saturday, she worked 1 pm to 9 pm at her second job and I worked 9 am to 5 pm. When I got home she texted me and said, "Put it on for me." I complied and it has not come off since. I then cut a bunch of vegetable for my jambalaya and then I picked her up from work and she made sure I was wearing the cage. We then went to Panda Express which just opened near us so it was packed. I was a little nervous waiting in line with all the people around. We then went home and ate. After my brother got off work we met him and his girlfriend to go pokehunting. I drove us around until 230 in the morning and then we parted ways.

    On Sunday, we slept in. Around 12 I started cooking my jambalaya in the slow cooker. Then my fiancé and I cleaned the house and then ran some errands for our pets. We have 5 rats, 2 cats and a fish. My brother, his girlfriend and our best friend came over for dinner and then we played my fiancé's favorite game, Clue, till about 1030. They all left and my fiancé and I watched her favorite show on the couch while I massaged her feet and back. Then we went to sleep together.

    On Monday, she worked 830 am to 5 pm at her regular job and then 530 pm to 10 pm at her second job. I had class in the morning and then I worked 4 pm to 8 pm. I ordered a pizza for us for dinner and then picked her up from work. We came home ate and watched her favorite show. After we were done eating I massaged her feet, legs and neck. Right before bed I massaged her back.

    She has a beautiful body and every time I see it I start to drip. I've been dripping a lot lately. We have not had any fun since last Wednesday and I am very hot and bothered. She has been wearing skimpy clothing around the house the last few days while I have not been wearing anything but the cage. I guess she likes to tease me and see me get hard in the cage. She says it looks very pretty in the cage. Hopefully she will unlock me soon.
  2. LOL, that will do it every time!!!
  3. Last night I got home from work around 930 pm and cooked dinner for us. After dinner, she had me undress and I massaged her entire body. She was wearing just a low cut top that exposed the top of her breasts. Seeing her like that excited me and she noticed my excitement too. She started caressing my leg and feeling me through the cage. Here are some pictures of what the cage looks like. https://www.chastitymansion.com/forums/index.php?gallery/albums/new-to-chastity.1914/

    She then led me to the bedroom and I lit a candle and turned the lights off. She told me to get her rabbit out and use it on her. I did as I was told and brought her to orgasm within minutes while caressing her breasts and nipples. After she came out of her state of ecstasy she grabbed the handcuffs. She handcuffed me to the headboard and then unlocked the cage. She told me not to cum until she wanted me to. Over the last 5 years or so I have been working my muscles down there to prevent myself from cumming too quickly. She began rubbing my balls and lower shaft and then she started stroking my shaft. For the first 5 minutes or so she just did light slow strokes. Then for the next 15 minutes she stroked it hard and slow. The feeling was intense but I kept my focus on not cumming. She started stroking the top of my shaft and head light and fast and told me that she wanted me to cum. A few shots went on my face, a couple on my pillow and a bunch on my body. After my orgasm was done she kept stroking the top of my penis. The feeling was so intense and she just smiled and watched me as my body twisted and turned. She then pinned my legs with her own legs and continued to do it for a few more strokes. She took her finger and got some cum off my face and told me to suck it. She chuckled as I did it.

    She cleaned me up and then locked me back up and then she took off the cuffs. We then cuddled and talked for a while. She said that she liked me with all my sexual energy built up over the last week. She said that she appreciated all the support I have been giving her with her new regular job and all the house chores I have been doing for her.

    This first week of Chastity has been pretty great. I went from an OK orgasm every once in a while to just 1 blissful orgasm in a week. I think Chastity will be a good thing for our relationship.
  4. Well done I am glad it's working out just fine for you. I got a bit nervous with the lighting of candles lol.

    Xx Wendy
  5. If you have a willing partner chastity can be wonderful for a relationship. Good luck.
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  6. Thank you! We just ordered a Holy Trainer v2 from Kept for Her. I am allergic to aluminum and steel and we noticed some red spots around my crotch from the metal in the Rubber Buckling Cock Cage.
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  7. The HTv2 came today. My fiancé works till 5 today and I work till 11 pm tonight so we might try it on after that.
  8. My fiancé locked me up yesterday morning before I took her to work. I came home and did my school work and laundry until I had to pick my brother up and drop him off at his work at 4. I stayed at his work for a bit till I left to pick her up from work at 5. My fiancé and I then did some grocery shopping together and then came home and ate dinner while we watched Neighbors 2. During the movie she had me strip and start massaging her feet and legs. Then I started massaging her shoulders and neck. After the movie was over we started watching her favorite show and she started caressing the inside of my leg which gets me hot and bothered. She then asked, "Are you frustrated?" Which I replied yes to and then she grinned and said, "Good!" We finished the night off with a nice back massage for her and then we went to bed.
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  9. This morning, before I left for work, my fiancé said that I forgot to clean the stove top since she told me about it last week and that she has to think of a punishment for when I return from work.
  10. Saturday night I came home from work and made beef stir fry while she boiled some ears of corn. After dinner we went pokehunting for an hour with my brother's girlfriend. Then we came home and relaxed together. I massaged her like I usually do and she started caressing my inner thigh to tease me. I asked her if she wanted this to lead anywhere and she said tomorrow morning.

    Sunday morning we got to sleep in and when we woke up she had me go down on her. I was throbbing in my cage the entire time. After she climaxed she told me to lay down. She then asked if I wanted my punishment now. I said yes then she grinned and said, "you're not going to like it." She then unlocked me and started caressing my balls and base of my penis. Then she said, "I'm going to tease you and you aren't going to cum... all day." "You didn't clean the stovetop like I asked and you also forgot to clean the shower and tub." I instantly felt disappointed and angry with myself. She said, "aww, you can make it up to me, just clean them and maybe you can cum."

    A half hour later she brought me right to the edge and then stopped. "Let's get a shower now," she stated. After our shower she teased me again and stopped right before. She asked, "Are you going to clean the stove and shower now?" I said I would and I did. Her punishment didn't stop after that however. She locked me back up and teased me until we went over my parents house for dinner. I massaged her before we left.

    After we left my parents, we came back home and relaxed. She unlocked me and teased me with her feet. "Do you want to go to the bedroom," she asked. I eagerly said yes. We got ready for bed and then went to the bedroom. She had me use a vibrator on her while she played with me. "I guess you've been good today. Next time do the things I ask you to and you won't get punished." I said I would. She then took me inside her and guided my hips. Within a couple minutes I was on the verge. I asked if I could cum and she said yes.
  11. Here are some pics we took of our Holy Trainer.
  12. I completed all my chores dutifully through out the week. I got them all done by Wednesday actually. I started getting horny again on Tuesday and by Thursday I was really horny. My fiancé was on her Red Wedding this week however so I was taking care of her needs. She said, "Don't worry, we'll have fun this weekend." Saturday morning I went to work but it was so slow so I got to come home early. We showered and I massaged her and then we went over to her Dad's for dinner. We dropped leftovers off at our house and then met up with my brother's girlfriend at my parent's house for some pokehunting. While she was getting ready, my fiancé started rubbing my nipple through my shirt. It felt really good and sent an immense amount of pleasure down to my cock. I bet if she continued that I would have cum. She then had me go into the bathroom and unlock myself so that she could tease me. I sat on the couch next to her and she rested her legs over mine so that I couldn't move as much. She started rubbing me through my shorts a bit. We then went pokehunting for about 2 hours and at one point my brother's girlfriend left us alone and my fiancé was back at teasing me.

    After we were done pokehunting we dropped my brother's girlfriend off and went home. My fiancé said go to the bedroom. I lit a candle and turned the lights out. She walked into the room with just her underwear on. I stripped and then climbed onto the bed with her. She used my penis to make herself orgasm and then she had me sit cross-legged and got on top of me. She rode me hard and fast and within a couple minutes I asked her if I could cum. She said yes and I had the best orgasm of my life.

    Chastity really does pay off in the end. Our relationship is much better for it. We are communicating more and hardly arguing anymore. Her needs are being taken care of and she feels much better.
  13. Your adventuers are always amazing
  14. Thank you @iome343@iome343

    Last night we switched it up. After I got off work we got a shower together. She has been feeling stressed out from her new job. So I asked her if I could tie her up which she said yes to. I took her to the bedroom and undressed her. I grabbed our ben wa balls and carefully inserted them into her with some lube. I told her to not let them fall out or else I would have to spank her. I grabbed some rope and led her down into the basement. I bound her hands in a simple two column tie and then lifted her arms up and anchored them to one of the hooks in the rafters. I began lightly caressing her body and I could feel my cage tightening. I told her that I would be back and she asked, "where are you going?" I replied that I had to grab something and she questioned, "how long will you be?" I told her that I would be right back.

    I came back with a few of our toys. I first blindfolded her and then I started caressing her body again. I gave her some kisses around her body and then some passionate ones on her lips while I rubbed her breasts and nipples. Then my fingers worked their way down to her clitoris. After I got her worked up a bit I grabbed the cat o nine tails. I only used it for a few whips on her behind. I asked her if she wanted me to use the crop we just got and she said yeah. I ran the head of the crop from her shoulder down to her behind. I gave her a good swat and asked her which one felt better. She said she liked the crop better so I continued running the head around her body and giving her swats every now and then.

    I thought that at some point the ben wa balls would have fallen out but she was a trooper and kept them in. I decided to take her blindfold off and give her a reward. I used a vibrator on her while I kissed her. She was having trouble going standing up so I untied her, gathered our toys and led her back to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and continued with the vibrator while she fondled my caged cock. She had an orgasm and then she asked, "You weren't planning on getting out were you?" I said that wasn't my intention tonight. "Good," she stated, "I'm too tired for that anyway." We got ready for bed and then fell asleep.
  15. On Saturday I got off work and we took a nice shower together. "Would you like a blowjob tonight," she asked as she smiled and nodded her head. I said yes since it seemed she had some kind of plan in mind. We decided to go out to eat and I picked a Japanese Steak House. I ordered a Ruby Sake for me and a Raspberry Iced Tea for her since she was in the bathroom. She came back and we ordered our meals. She got Hibachi Chicken and I got Red Dragon Rolls and Hibachi Scallops. We shared each others food except for the sushi which she does not like. We returned home and then watched some of her favorite show while our food settled. I massaged her neck, shoulders and feet during the show.

    She took me to the bedroom and I dimmed the lights. She stripped down to her blue thong and rolled onto her stomach so I could massage her back. She then rolled back over and told me to get a vibrator so I went into our drawer of toys and picked out her favorite one. "Strip," she commanded. I took all of my clothes off except for the red thong that I had put on earlier for her. Her face lit up and she said, "turn around." I turned so that she could see my butt. "You have a cute butt my love," she complimented. I told her that her butt was cute as well. I climbed onto the bed and she laid me down to unlock me. "I'm tired of getting filled up by you for a bit. We will just play around tonight." she stated.

    I used the vibrator on her clitoris while she stroked me. I asked to stop at one point because I was close and I wanted to wait for what she had in plan. After a bit she asked, "Can I start again?" I replied yes. She had an explosive orgasm and then she sat on my legs while she started pleasuring me orally. She hardly ever does oral on me so I enjoyed it while it lasted. "Remember, don't cum in my mouth," she commanded. I told her I wouldn't. I asked her if I could cum and she said yes and she stroked me just a little bit more until I came. She locked me back up after I got cleaned up.

    We cuddled for a while and talked and then we finally got up and had some ice cream. I took care of the cats and then we went pokehunting for a couple hours and returned home and fell asleep together.
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  16. I've had a cold for the last week so we haven't been able to have any fun. I started feeling better a couple days ago though and I asked my fiancé how long will she keep me waiting and with a devious smile she replied, "Until I feel horny again."
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  17. We received our Holy Trainer v2 40mm ring yesterday. The 50mm was a bit too big. This new one is pink and my fiancé says it's very pretty.
  18. So it looks like my fiancé will keep me locked up at least till my birthday next week. Last night I massaged her and then brought her to orgasm while she fondled my cage.
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  19. It will be a very special birthday
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  20. This thread is a great read. Looks like you have a great relationship going on!
  21. Sounds like she is getting the hang of it very fast. Have a great birthday.
  22. Thank you all. She had me wait till last Thursday. It was quite a while for me to wait as I am not used to more than a week or so.

    She had me bring her to orgasm with my hands and then she tied my feet together and secured them under the bed. She bound my wrists and then had me put them over my head. She climbed on top of me and then teased me a little. She then unlocked me and asked, "do you want to go in?" I eagerly shook my head yes. She inserted me and within a couple minutes I asked if I could cum. She said yes and I had my first orgasm since the end of September. She then cleaned herself up and said, "Should I just leave you here tied up like this?" I said no and she asked, "aww, why not?" I said I didn't want to be and then she untied me.
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  23. I forgot to give the cats fresh water the last few days before I went to work.So this morning I got a punishment. First she had me get undressed and go to the bathroom. Then she douched my butt. She got one of our new butt plugs out that she got me for my birthday. I had to clean the bathroom and the dishes with it in while naked. She was laughing at me the entire time. Pretty humiliating. Here's a pic she took of me cleaning the tub.

  24. So have you learnt your lesson, or likely to "accidentally" forget to leave the water out again?
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  25. I think I learned my lesson. o_O