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Neosteel RCES

Discussion in 'Full Belts' started by psteven, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Hi, new member here.

    I have decided to take the plunge and go straight for a Neosteel belt. I understand they are pretty much the best, so I might as well go straight for it.

    I am very intruiged by the Neosteel RCES (Remote Control Education Shield). I've seen a few bits and pieces about it, but do any members here have first hand experience of

    a. wearing it - that dildo looks big - is there any escape from the shocks?
    b. weilding the remote - I suspect in the right hands, it gives you full control over the wearer, not just the dildo

    I am still wondering which type of belt to go for - not all of them support the RCES, so it will be interesting to know what the realities of the device are like (compared to our fantasies).
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    No. but I read a blog from someone who did. She was a Mistress Anne, in SW France, who I found from a Mistress Helen (Dorset) on this site who also had a blog (now also down and she hasn't posted here for ages) Sadly the blog's now down. But it was excellent. She and her wearer went to Malberg to have him measured.

    The RCES had several levels,from the low level buzz right up to full blast which was awesome. And there was no escape. Also the KH could put the RCES on and off the wearer without removing the belt itself.