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New device required

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by tinky, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was previously in a cb-6000 which is now broken after use. Whilst it was very secure I did find it to be very unhygienic and difficult to shower with etc. To that end does anyone have any ideas about a device which is hygienic and secure?
  2. Mature Metal. You will be very pleased with their cages!
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  3. I had the same experience. Painful split at seam. I went to mature metal and have been very pleased.
  4. Mature Metal has been great for me as well.
  5. I assume that is a website or is it a product in itself?
  6. I see now, thank you very much for the info!
  7. Try, an adult store near you. I found a rather comfy and usable cage at one close to me. It is still comfy. Lol
  8. I hadn't thought of that. I will have a look next time I am out and about!
  9. I have both MM and Steelworxx (https://steelworxx.de/index.php?language=en) both are very good quality devices.
    I personally prefer the steelworxx for daily wear because I ordered the ergonomic base ring and it just fits my body better.
    As far as the cage portion goes both companies produce a quality comfortable cage.
    I have the padlock on my MM and have the integrated lock on the steelworxx, I prefer the integrated lock over the padlock, so if I ordered from MM again I would definitely get the threaded integrated lock over the padlock.
  10. One adult store around here actually has a selection. I went in twice looking at them and left feeling to embarrassed to purchase. Then one day I went back and the girl behind the counter on this day actually began talking to me about them all. I was both mortified and relieved at the same time. She began showing me the model she said was very popular, then went through them like a progressional upgrade. I opened up about the cb styles when she got to them, about my experience with them splitting( two of them), she defiantly suggested a metal one but also put one in my hand and reminded me about the weight. Then after opening all the boxes for me and showing me the difference between them all, I became comfortable talking and asking questions. We narrowed it down to two, one had a larger base ring and one had a shorter ( somewhat) cage. Both boxes stated the same size base ring, so I asked for the shorter cage with the bigger base ring, she re arranged the parts in the boxes and I walked out as a new owner. As I was paying, she said the metal wasn't going to break, be careful what you wish for, and my heart sank. Why is this line so prevalent. But I must say, I like the feel of this
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  11. Many thanks to everyone for your help in replying. I see I have a lot of work and research to do before I can make a decision on my way forward!
  12. This is the series of cheap chinese devices I've been through over the past 9 months. They are pretty short but each one has been very comfortable to wear on a 24/7 basis. However, as mentioned the Mature Metal series of devices are pretty much considered the gold standard one this site.

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  13. Like @Jamie's-Locked@Jamie's-Locked said, you can certainly get some good fitting Chinese devices and cheap. I've had them before as well before finally getting one from MM.
  14. Maturemetal jailbird gets my vote too.
    Shower bath doesn't matter, just soap up it will move some for a thorough cleaning.
  15. I have the exact same problem. My CB-6000s split down the middle...and did it hurt when it did. So I currently have glued and taped it together.

    I have a Chinese jailbird, which is ok, but I am rather small when soft and it is a little big. Also have a metal one from Koalaswim, but that is WAY to big. So I am in the market for a new device.

    I like the look of Evolution Wearables since I am pierced and it seems to have room for the piercings. But I was also thinking about a Holy Trainer.

    Not to big of a fan of the metal ones, I also have one from an adult store, which I don't like.