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Permanent Chastity....

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Snaggle, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. .... with no release, ever. That's the ultimate fantasy isn't it??? Well, it is to me... but I'm trying to figure out why I feel like that, it's all very confusing.

    I was chatting to a fellow mansion'er tonight who said that his goal is to be allowed to cum, but to me that ruins it... but I think I must be the only one!!!?? I just find the idea of no hope whatsoever so erotic.

    Any thoughts?? Or should I just hold my hands up and admit I'm a bit weird :confused0086:
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    May 17, 2008
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    I think it's the fantasy... but once in chastity it doesnt take long to realise it's all about the big O. How long can you endure? What do you need to do to get one?
  3. 23 weeks

    For me, the worst point is the at 10-14 days. It builds and gets a bit worse each day until then. After that it is easier. The longest I have gone is one month.
  4. no you are not wierd, i feel quite the same way, permenant chastity would be the ultimate in submission.
  5. golly...the longest i could possibly stand such a thing would be two days!
  6. I think that the fantasy is all well and good but in the cold light of day the reality is something else forever is one hell of a long time:anim_39:
  7. Oh yes, that fantasy of being in permanent chastity. A heavy device that rivets on that's impossible to remove one one. Of course it's only fiction, but some fantasies I guess should stay fantasies. Permanent collar and ankle/wrist shackles are also on my fantasy list as well :)
  8. I am with mudgely here. That first couple of weeks is killer then it gets a little easier UNLESS, of course goddess/wife turns on the heat. While the fantasy of not knowing when I would get out is erotic permanent for me just does not do it.
  9. Yes I have seen these pictures before and it's an impressive device. I have wondered why the CBxKs were not designed that way to prevent pullout. I normally don't find the lock/clamp behind the ball design devices secure enough, but that one may very well be.

    My fantasy permanent CB, would definitely be a full belt similar to My-Steel or even a Latowski belt. Or how about the one in my story at:


    Of course it's totally fiction, but so is the concept. However, that device you showed is certainly very close to reality as currently possible when it comes to permanence.
  10. CB Shackle - Thanks for the link to your site. The story is HOT! And so are the pics of your shackles and severe hood with the heavy metal collar. I'm looking forward to reading more and exploring your site.
  11. Well, i don't think you are the only one having such thoughts and fantasies. I have heard from others who have been in long term chastity. They all were anticipating the moment of release but were rather disappointed afterwards. It might be weird ... kind of ... but i am sure the fantasy of eternal chastity is not as rare as one might think.

    For some people the feeling of being locked in a chastity belt, feeling the tightness and the restriction, feeling the vulnerability and being at the mercy of the keyholder is far more erotic than the few moments of release. Subsequently it is not amazing that some individuals desire to keep themselves in a permanent state of arousal. Subconsciously you fear the moment of release which might be quite disappointing ... may be ...

    Well, at least my thoughts on permanent chastity and why people long for it ...


    maid katrin
  12. I admire the devotion

    I admire the devotion and the ethic of wanting that sort of complete submission. I say, go for it. Or... maybe try it at increasingly longer intervals. Sign a contract for one month, renew it for three months if you are still committed, then six months, then a year or more. Perhaps an annual renewal?

    In practical terms, you would have to take medical situations and travel through airports into account in your contract. Personally, I like the idea it not coming off ever, unless you are going for a medical procedure that requires access to that part of your anatomy. As for airport security, they won't keep you from getting onto a plane with it. But it might take a while to get through security as they might have to examine it in private.

    For myself, I prefer another to be in charge of my orgasms and to have to earn them. The standard should be very high. In a real relationship, I have been kept chaste with no device. I simply was not allowed to cum without permission. Permission was never given more than once per week, but once per three weeks or so was more typical. I had to perform exceptionally in order to earn it. By about the 10 day point, I was always dealing with a hypersensitive penis, and numerous spontaneous erections during the day. More than once, I woke up in the morning with a throbbing erection which was about to shoot on its own. I had to will it not to.

    My partner knew that I would never break my word. My work required me to change clothes with others and be in diving gear and a swimsuit often with others. I was also extremely active physically. A device that locked on was not practical.

    I have never been locked up by another. I hope to find a keyholder.
  13. permanent

    i am permanent in my chastity-belt except for reg. cleaning and creaming purpose the belt is opened .. my key holder is present ,she can not stand it me having an orgasm ,,so permanent chastity is the result a wonderful solution for both of us ,,i can live with it and i love it !! reg.. GWENY
  14. aiports...

    Actually, I spoke without knowing... Does anyone know if they would allow you on a plane with a permanent device locked on? I would love to hear of a first hand experience.

    My only experience was when I was leaving from folsom street fair once. I had a collar padlocked on, and a small brass padlock through my PA piercing. I was unable to remove any of it. The security person at Oakland airport looked at the collar and took my word for it on the padlock. I was not required to strip.

    However, I am sure that the airports in that area had plenty of folks coming and going from the fair that weekend. I wonder how it would work at a more conservative area. I live in San Diego, which practices tighter security because it is close to an international border.
  15. That is indeed a hot story!

  16. Soooo wonderful story cbshackle, mmmmm. Thank you for that i enjoyed every wordplease tell me when this cb is on the market:boobeyes:
    Chastity regards:boobeyes:
  17. I’m quite sure permanent chastity can be a reality, with the right training and chastity device a sub could be locked away indefinably with release only for cleaning.

    Chastity has a lot to do with the way a sub thinks. If an orgasm it seen as a momentary pleasure not remotely comparable to serving ones dom then it is easier for a sub to let go of any desires to orgasm. I’m not saying it’s easy but it can be done.

    I have gone weeks without any sort of release at all and I’m sure I could go many months, Master does like to see me cum for his pleasure all to often though. I think the training I have been given and the severe sub drop I often experience after orgasm has helped me come to see an orgasm as a negative act.

    Occasionally when I am teased and tortured I do crave an orgasm and have begged but I am usually denied and after a few minuets of unbearable desire I soon settle down.

    I’m sure if I had a neo steel belt I would be happy to remain in Chastity permanently for my Master only to be able to see my sissy clit when cleaning is required.
  18. the account is gone
  19. really any chastity device is "on your word" when really a $5 lock I could easilly cut off is all that is between me and an orgasm. you are really just choosing to not betray your keymaster over pleasure. the device (cb2k here) makes for a nice reminder and play time fun.
  20. I too would do anything for my owner (male or female) to be put into permanent chastity, 24/7/365. The longest I have ever gone without orgasm is 3 months, and that was with lots of teasing and controlled denial by my wife and Mistress and it was very difficult but fulfilling. I hope to go one year without orgasm next, if possible. If I can do that, there's a slim chance I might be able to go the rest of my life without orgasm. I LOVE to cum but complete denial is more spiritually satisfying as a slave.

    Thanks for the great post Snaggle!
  21. Yes I know. But I think Joroincharge posted them on this site if you can find them.
  22. just checked, they are still here. Click on J in members' galleries and they're numbered Fix1 to Fix8.
  23. that is so true after the few few weeks it is nothing after that
    right now im on my 5th week of lock up and does not bother me at all
    im use to long term chastity for my kh
  24. I certainly enjoy the fantasy, but I'm not sure if the reality would be as good. Like so many things in life.