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'Please put me back into chastity'.

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by petevans, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. I guess Thread title is the opposite to sentiment of 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' (a reality TV show set in Aussie jungle).

    Having been locked into my CB6K's' for over 2 weeks now - apart from a couple of brief spells out of it for purely cleaning. When I've been out of it I have felt quite vulnerable & really don't like not being in a chastity device.

    It's a little bit like in movie The Break-up with Jennifer Aniston's character says to her guy; "I want you to want to do dishes"! Getting us to want something, that possiby we shouldn't be wanting. Bit of a paradox possibly!

    So I guess it's all about conditioning - so the longer a sub has his manhood locked up the better it is, as he/we become used to it & possibly it becomes a kind of a security blanket.

    So just wondering if any other guys/subs feel the same way? I.E. if let out do you yearn to be re-locked as soon as possible?
  2. Now there's something I can really identify with.

    My Goddess Wife has had control of my key for a year now, and I spend most of my time locked, but every now and then She decides She'd like me to take a couple of days break (the longest was a whole week) and be on my honour only, and yes, I feel very strange not wearing the CB. I have hinted that it isn't necessary, I'm happy to be locked up again straight away, but the answer is "Its MY decision, not yours", and that's where the conversation stops:).

    I think it has to do with the feeling of being controlled. Even though in practice not wearing it doesn't make any difference (other than being able to have an erection) as I wouldn't break my word, there isn't the constant reminder of Her control, which I miss.

    I'm pretty sure you'll get a lot of folks saying the same thing......

  3. My last partner, once had me listen to a chastity hypnosis tape, actually she knew I was working from home all day and asked me to listen to it all day whilst I was working. She was never really my dom a such and I felt a little silly initially but naturally I did as she asked. The tape was about wearing ones cb, feeling naked without out it, feeling good in it, not wanting to take it off that kind of thing. Now I'm not suggesting that it actually worked but that is how I feel. In fact i still listen to the tape now and then and know not why.

    I do feel better with it on. I do feel naked without it. When I was allowed out, regarless of whether I had cum or not, I always felt much better when she told me it was tim to put it back on. In fact often when we were about to part before I was prompted I used to put it back on and go to her so sh could close the lock, she loved that.

    So in short yes I do yearn to be back in harness a soon as possible, and for far more reasons than were ever on the tape.
  4. You do get used to the snugness, and the nearly constant reminder of your status. Sometimes I think of it as body jewelry.
  5. i don't think i should be unlocked for very long at all! i have a strong sex-drive and would beat the heck out of the little fella. afterwards though, i don't feel very submissive and people can see that at work (i get irritable, moody, and expect tons from my subordinates). if i could overcome my bashfullness to tell the right Lady what was really going on i think that person would make sure i'd be placed in a more or less permanent device!
  6. Being in a locked device is so much better than not being in it. My own feeling when i was not locked up was the same as mentioned, kind of naked without it. i have been out of mine for a while now because i have been sick, but now starting to feel better & also wanting to be relocked as soon as possible.
  7. Incidentally - I don't think I had mentioned that I am a self-imposed lock- up denial. I am however hopeful that soon I will reveal to a very close female friend that I have a platonic relationship with about my being in chastity.I will then ask her to keep the key & allow her to decide when I get unlocked!

  8. One step closer:-
    Although I am on a self-imposed lock-up & denial, my goal is for a 3 month denial period.

    This process took one step forward yesterday when a couple of days ago I had offered my friend Anne (name changed) to iron her uniforms (she works in healthcare), but she thought at first I was joking. I insisted I was deadly serious & I just wanted to help her. A couple of days went by & I thought she's going to forget all about it, (she'd been ill) but then she rang me to ask should she bring around her ironing? I was really pleased.

    When she called to drop off her uniforms I noticed she'd also brought a bag of other clothes to iron, & also something to take back to a shop to exchange. I guess she was obviously thinking 'don't look a gift horse in the mouth
    '. She made it clear that she would need them back later that evening. When she collected them later she sad she was pleased & that I had done a good job. Also that she'd bring another lot @ the weekend (she wears a new one each day). Hopefully she realises that she can ask me to do anything.

    Anyway I digress - I am soon hoping that I'll be able tell her that I'm in chastity & that I'd like her to hold the key.

    The reason I said practically platronic - is because it's just that. We've had a couple of moments - (when she had - had too much to drink) she'd like to go away with me (as a friend) but is scared I will try something on. I've told her that I can give her a 100% assurance that nothing will. She was drunk the night & talking on the phone - I mentioned something about a chastity device - but she thought I was talking nonsense!! So we'll have to see what transpires!

  9. I just got released from my CB-6000s after almost 21 days. I locked myself up with the intention of finding a keyholder, which I managed to do. I am very happy now.

    In your current situation, I would tell her about it. Not a lot (definitely not all your fetishes), but just enough to get her to hold the key for you. If she accepts she will probably think a lot about it while holding your key, and ask you about it so you can talk more next time. If she knows it is the only key she might feel on top and interrogate you about it until she knows what she wants to know.

    And then, perhaps, you could have a lot of fun.
  10. My wife is always making fun of me for wanting to lock up so quickly after sex.

    I think I like to lock up quickly because I'm afraid that we might slip back into our life from before I gave her control over my penis. We're both much happier with me locked up and I don't want to risk that.
  11. I certanly want to lock right back up after I have had a release! Most of the time I do and that can be rough being self locked it takes alot of courage. I feel safe being locked up in my cage like I belong in it. I am a much better man in my cage much more behaved and I waste to much time masturbating if left free!!!
  12. While it's not quite the same, as I don't have my own chastity device yet, I can say that I feel that way about being corseted. I don't get laced up often, but when I am the moment I'm unlaced I have this feeling that something's missing. I yearn to be put back in it as soon as possible. It becomes an extension of myself much like I can imagine a device would feel after wearing it for a time.
  13. I love my Wife to be in control of her Penis.
    She loves to lock her Property...Problem solved
  14. just starting to get that feeling find very confusing .
    i can not wait to be unlocked after three days
    the more over three days it goes the harder it is to cope .
    then when i am unlocked knowing i will be locked again at some point
    i would rather be locked up again soooner than later say 2/3 days
  15. When was in a relationship when we could spend time together, if I had been unlocked, neither of us would have allowed us part with me being unlocked.
    Me because I wanted to be it for a myriad of reasons not least for the genuine look of pleasure on Adele's face when she clicked the lock shut. That alone was for me a tremendous motivation to be locked.
    Adele because she loved the idea of being in control and the feeling of security it gave her. (not that I had, or ever considered, cheating on her but she had been let down in the past)
    Being unlocked when necessary, skin damage or life whatever was ..well not so good. I did and still do feel naked without it and in a sense uncared for.

    I have just had a little time in hospital where I had awoken unlocked following a RTA. My Fort and stuff was in with my gear, who took it off I guess I'll never know.
    Finally out of hospital and back home. The first thing I did was shave and get back in my Fort. I have what is for me an ideal all metal set up now I cannot pull out or cheat without the key.
    The key is deep in the freezer in the middle of a 1 litre block of ice.
    I could get to the key with either patience or effort but that gives me time for the urge to pass and for me to defer for a little longer.
    Wich of course is a lot easier when its self-imposed (sadly) and both temptation and stimulation can be avoided during times of stress.

    I do feel naked when not locked, more than body jewellery I almost see it as a part of me, I'm far more comfortable with it than without it.
    Oddly when in I'm also far more sexually aware, other parts of me crave attention lol. I look at women more and feel a damn sight hornier. Which in turn makes me feel a lot better about myself.
    Being locked is great. But ya can't beat having a significant other hold the key.
  16. i know the feeling pete, i was locked for 4 continual months in my full belt and i grew to love having it on.
    when i was finaly let out, i felt so vunerable, sad as that neverending feeling of horniness all ended.
    after that i tried my best to be put back inn
    mistress thought of it as a punishment and it had the opposite effect on me :)
    the first few weeks are tough, buy it gets easier over time and something you hate turns into something you love??...its a strange thing this chastity, but i love it....cheers