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Post Orgasm Torture

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by TCFun, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. I love watching the videos on post orgasm handjob torture. My Wife often strokes me a few times after I have cum, especially if it was not authorized, just to watch me writhe and beg her to stop, which she always does.

    However, we have been discussing this recently and after a little over 3 weeks without orgasm, I will be allowed to cum on Saturday. However, my Wife wants me strapped to the bed where She will tease me for a while before making me cum. She has given me a contract to sign (which I did) allowing Her to continue to stroke and rub my oversensitive post orgasm cock for as long as it takes to climax a second time. The contract states that I authorize her to ignore my pleas for mercy, although I will be gagged and hooded at the time.

    This has always been a fantasy but I may end up regretting it :cry:
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  2. Master has stroked my cock after orgasm before. It wasn’t that much fun. I’ve always loved the idea of too and would probably want master to do it again before orgasm.
    I usually have quite a dip in hornyness levels after I have cum so any pre orgasm fantasies can be quite hard to follow up.

    I hope you have fun though. Torture after orgasm can really show the power that your mistress has over you. It’s a great reminder of your status after you have been allowed release.
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  3. That is my view. My Wife has the power to deny my orgasms and also the power to take any enjoyment of an orgasm away through post orgasm torture.

    If I know the only way I can cum is when it is followed by post orgasm torture, it makes me think twice about pleading to cum during a tease session.

    To cum or not to cum....that is the question.
  4. Sounds like you are in for some very intense fun! One word of caution... i often find i need to pee after an orgasm and continuing on with the torture aggravates this. Just something to be aware of... might want to put some plastic down first if your mistress is not too turned off by the idea of you peeing all over yourself (as mine is).
  5. Thanks for the advice, but I don't have that urge to pee after an orgasm. I think peeing is going to be the least of my worries...LOL
  6. My Wife called me at work today to tell me she was watching a couple of video clips that I downloaded to her computer of bound men being subjected to post orgasm torture (both clips are listed on this site). I hooked up and we watched at the same time. My Wife was very hot when watching the clips and stroked herself to orgasm as we watched.

    On one clip the guy is edged once with just drops of cum leaking, then brought to complete orgasm before being stroked and rubbed hard to a second orgasm. My Wife is really pumped up and excited about tomorrow nights session.

    She told me that I like torture and that I should be able to take it better than the guys in the clips. However, I am uncut and She know that I am more sensitive than the cut guys in the video clips.

    Now that She has seen that it is possible to tease through an orgasm, and continue teasing on to another orgasm,She has her sights firmly set. She's said that She is really looking forward to it, and that I will wear my gag under my hood so that I cannot plead for mercy......

    ....I will be on vacation for the two weeks following this session so it may be a while befor eI can update you all, but I will return......
  7. What you've described is something that I have endured in the past, and sometimes it is pure torture with no pleasure at all. Other times it can be difficult, but with some pleasure, once in awhile I can just ride the waves of pleasure until I cum again. Maybe the most maddening part of it is that I can never be sure how it will turn out. That usually causes much apprehension if I know beforehand, or suspect, that she will continue to work me over after I cum. Which in turn, seems to induce a torturous result in itself.

    Being restrained when receiving an orgasm is an excellent method of behavior modification, it was for us. Doing so puts the emphasis on orgasm control instead of simple denial. That method puts a Mistress in complete control, assuming the male can remain chaste between sessions. I never knew what to expect from one time to the next, unless she tipped her hand, accidently or intentionally. Tease and denial, ruined orgasms, "ordinary" boring orgasms, continuous orgasms or mind-blowing orgasms are all within the Mistress' control when the subject is tied-up.

    I really miss those times, as we haven't done that in quite some time.

    Good luck on your session, and think positive thoughts, it might help. lol

  8. Ok, I'm now back from my vacation and can report on my night of post orgasm torture.

    It all went as explained in my earlier posts, strapped spread eagle to the bed in such a way that I could not move at all, with gag and blindfold under my hood. After about 30 minutes of teasing my cock could take no more and I exploded. At this point my Wife stopped, watched the show and then said "Now it begins".

    As expected I had a sudden change of heart, but there was nothing I could do. She grabbed my cock and started to stroke and rub my now over sensitive head. At first I moaned but that was soon replaced with screams from behind my gag. I managed to push my gag out slightly abnd begged Her to stop. But She just said no and stroked harder.

    I was going insane and really needed Her to stop, but She wouldn't - as was the agreement.

    She pumped harder and harder wanting that second orgasm but it wasn't there, which just made the torture longer lasting. She must have stroked me for over 10 minutes trying to get something before She acknowledged that I was spent. That was the longest 10 minutes of my life.

    That was also the last time that I ever want to do that. But my Wife just said that next time we need a better gag to keep me from screaming......NEXT TIME !!!!!!!!
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  9. Hummmm.......I have to say, I did this recently to My pet, he hated it!! LMAO
    I LOVED it, and yes it was pure torture for him!! I had him on his hands and knees, stroking his cock and telling him if he came without permission he would regret it. Well, since I have never done this before he had NO idea what he was in store for so, after a few minutes he exploded and I gave him all of 10 seconds before the torment started, he was begging for Me to stop but I told him...I warned you and you did not listen, from now on this will be your punishment if you cum prematurely.....needless to say, hes not looking forward to the next time! What an evil way to torment a man LOL I LOVE it!!!
    Mistress Michelle
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  10. @tcfun. I'm glad you didn't find it too pleasureable. That is, of course, the whole reason you wanted to try it. I'm glad that your mistress is set on using this discovery to her fullest advantage too!

    @mistress michelle: wow. Just wow. :)
  11. where are those videos listed?
  12. Owing to the lack of interest on the part of my spouse, those two videos have the same effect on me every time I watch them...often before they are even half over. I watch those guys convulsing, and I'm done. Without a CB on, I'm unloaded, bam. If she was interested, watching those vid guys would be only a spectator sport. But a guy can dream right?

  13. that is so beautiful... so very beautiful
  14. i have to agree with shieldingmatrix , thats a dream of mine to have my wife / keyholder tie me down ( a nice dream but a dream) and tease the heck out of my little clitty. One thing for sure , after being locked up for eighteen days, twelve sence my last climax. One time up & down i think the game would be over :mad0233:
  15. How devious to turn the thing caged men desire so strongly into a prelude to torture. The conflict must be tremendous - wanting orgasm but associating it more and more with the incredible discomfort of post-orgasm stroking. There is no end to the twists and turns that can be put into a Ds relationship!
  16. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments zadig. I think your summation nailed it.

    Devious indeed !

  17. Just the head...

    My first experience with a second forced orgasm is the most intense memory. My tormentor first put 100 clothespins on me, probably 20-30 of them on my scrotum, but none on my shaft or head. Then she left the room for a while - it seemed like an eternity as the pain built.

    When she returned she started gently stroking and sucking my cock. I knew immediately what the game was. I knew that my pain tolerance would be dropping like a piece of lead if I shot my load. I tried as hard as I could not to cum, but she was very patient and relentless. I knew that I was in big trouble when I reached the point of no return.

    She quickly removed all the pins.

    I was a limp sweaty rag.

    She grasped my limp shaft tightly in her hands with the head poking up above her fist and rotated the palm of her other hand in circles. This continued steadily until I got hard and then until I shot again. I was bucking, begging, crying.... she simply continued locking into my eyes all the while.

    One thing that I have learned with kink is that the reality often differs from the fantasy. This was one of those times.
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  18. After a month of inactivity due to moving house, my Wife decided to put me back in chastity yesterday after an hour or so of teasing. I am going on a business trip next week and will be away for 3 days and my Wife likes to make sure I am aching and locked while I am away. We discussed post orgasm torture and Her eyes lit up as She remarked about torturing my over sensitive post orgasm cock while ignoring any pleas for mercy.

    So today we drafted a new contract since the last post orgasm torture contract was for one specific day only. Here is the new contract......

    I hereby agree that for now and to eternity My Lady will have sole possession of my cock and balls and that My Lady will tease and torture Her cock and balls at any time and at Her sole discretion.

    Furthermore, I hereby agree that My Lady will exact post orgasm torture on Her cock and balls at any time and for any duration at Her sole discretion where My Lady will torturously stroke and rub Her post orgasm, over sensitive cock without mercy and ignoring all pleas for cessation

    This agreement shall remain in force in perpetuity and shall have no option to terminate.

    This I agree in a sane and reasonable state of mind on the day of October 31st, 2008


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  19. I get so senstive after orgasim that I think this would be worse then any beating I have ever recieved, but I might try it anyway!
  20. If you think that's bad, you should try it when you're totally immobilised and strapped doggy-style to a bondage bench with no wriggle room, having your ass frigged at the same time. It takes me to the point of insanity ... it's so extreme I sometimes wonder if it's potentially lethal ...
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  21. Mistress discovered post orgasm torture reading about it on another website. I knew about it, of course, but I NEVER would have told her. She has a sadistic side. Anyway, Mistress thought she would try it on me one afternoon. She learned two very important things: 1) I can scream really loud unless gagged; and 2) I WILL stop her unless fully bound. Undoubtedly, judging from her laughter, she will repeat this torture some time, but I bet she binds me tightly and puts a gag in my mouth.

    Do I enjoy it? HELL NO! Will I have to endure it again? You bet! Many more times if my guess is right.
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  22. I can only take post orgasm torture if it's from a blowjob. If it's any speed of stroking I can't take it... usually it only is intense for 3-4 minutes, then my cock goes limp.
  23. For my next release which will be my birthday in January 2011 my Wife has promised me that I will be bound immobilized and gagged for a very long time and that She will stroke me through orgasm 'at least' 5 times each followed by intense post orgasm torture. It will have to be a long time to allow me to somewhat recover between orgasms, but I will not be released until 5 or more orgasms - whatever my Wife decides is appropriate on the day. *GULP*
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