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Question for all the lady KH

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Ccage4567, Jan 4, 2017.


How you ever tried milking your sub via prostate stim only?

  1. Yes and it worked

    6 vote(s)
  2. Yes but no luck

    6 vote(s)
  3. No but want to

    0 vote(s)
  4. No and don't care to

    2 vote(s)
  1. Please share your experiences too.
  2. I do it regularly. It takes some time to learn the rhythm but I can milk his seminal fluids by fucking his bottom with a strap on. I had to experiment with difference sizes and with tempo. What I found is that a larger rather than smaller dildo works better. This prevents his muscles from being able to contract as easy and therefore keeps his bottom receptive to the motion. Once I am in I will stay nearly all the way in (about 7 inches worth) and work about an inch to two inches in and out. I try to focus on staying deep and keeping the motion constant. Once he starts to get pleasure I go at it harder but as he is getting close I slow way down and that is usually when he begins to dribble out. He is close to orgasm at that point and I usually just pull out. It took me about three months of trying different things. But it is worth it in my opinion especially if you are going down the path of anal only releases.
  3. Mistress does Your husband know his fate is only to cum by You taking his ass with Your strapon?
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  4. I have tried and never succeeded.
    I have used fingers and toys and I have tried but tried with my Feldo in his bottoms, but am still to get him to release fluids.
    He said there has been times he thought for sure something was coming out but it's hasn't happened.
    I don't mind practicing. I think soon I will start trying the bigger strap on.
  5. Been a fan of Aneros and prostate massage for years but never been able to milk with any method I've tried. Had some good to great prostate orgasms, anal orgasms and never leaked more than a couple of drops. I wish I could do more.
  6. Good morning ladies :)

    Oooh it works alright and how !!!I
    found that for my slutty husband a nice curved dildo makes it happen
    Having him on all fours with his ass up in the air I will work a dildo into him slowly
    that in itself would bring him to climax if I'm not carful, ,,
    I will push the dildo into him deep holding it tightly against his ass and I will have him grind on it
    Within minutes he starts to drip,,
    I will have him drip into a shot glass so I can feed it to him ,,
    but as of this week I'm going to be freezing his cum ..
    so I can collect his cum for him to have a real mouth full View attachment 13087

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  7. I also had an amazing anal orgasm using my Aneros Helix wand, It was intense bot mostly internal. Hardly anything but a few drips of precum. I hadn't cum in 2 weeks at the time.