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Recommended PA piercing gauge for PA-5000

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by toto, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Dear Chastity Mansionites (i don't think this is an actual word, but heh...?),

    I have "played" with a CB-2000's for a couple of Years now, and after LOTS of personal experimentation and LOTS of research, i have decided that i want a device that i can wear 24/7.

    I require that it:
    (1) Is not a trapped ball device
    (2) Incorporates a PA piercing
    (3) Is open enough to allow thorough washing and drying thereafter...and...,
    (4) Is affordable

    I was therefore VERY EXCITED to find the NEW PA-5000 recently, until that is, after following the "More Details" link, i read about how to measure for size.

    I followed the instructions to the letter (and several times over a 24 hour period) only to find that on every occasion my "flacid" shaft diameter was exactly 1 1/4 inches.

    My main concern is that even if i purchase the largest 1 1/4 inch device there would be no 1/8 inch clearance for hygiene purposes!

    Therefore my questions are as follows:
    (1) Should i decide to purchase the 1 1/4 inch device (even though i realise that it would probably have to be removed regularly for hygiene purposes) what piercing size would those with personal experience here recommend i get?
    (2) Will ANY PA piercing have me spraying fluids all over the place for the rest of my days

    Yours in anticipation

    PS. My ultimate aim is to get one of Ms Loris's METAL tubes but see this as an economical way to test the suitability of this type of device to my requirements. This being the case, i also meant to ask what range of gauges does She make for her PA insertions? And again..., what feedback do wearers of these type of devices have about ANY of the practicle day to day issues around wearing one 24/7...?
  2. Hi Toto, It's a good thing you asked two specific questions, because I have a tendency to go on and on forever. So, I'll get right to them.

    To answer #1...when I ordered my PA-5000 in the 1" size, I was going by the Lori's principle, which is to say that "the tighter, the better". When it arrived and I tried to don the device, my excitement made it very difficult. Once I finally got it on, it was incredibly tight...again, excitement made it much worse. Now, a month-ish later, and I am in love with this device. I truly believe that I made the right choice, despite measuring my flaccid penis at 1-1/8". Here is why: the device is snug, but not tight, when flaccid, making it a nice, sexy 24/7 grip on my penis. But when hard, the tightness completely, totally eliminates any chance of orgasm. Objective achieved. It is the tightness that prevents orgasm. Any looser, and I would be able to achieve orgasm. When I'm erect, it feels like my wife's hand has a tight grip on my member. That's not only nice, but incredibly erotic.

    Okay, wait...I just re-read #1 and I completely missed the real question. I'll leave the above because it might be useful. To answer the question, I have a 6 gauge piercing which was originally done as a 10 gauge about 10 years ago. This size piercing makes it SUPER easy to find the hole with the pin, and it just slips right in. By your writing, I am not sure if you are pierced yet, but it is extremely important for long-term piercing health that you allow sufficient time for proper healing before using the piercing as an "anchor".

    Regarding hygiene and my snug-fitting PA-5000...it is a non-issue. A daily shower, with normal cleaning with regular soap, as I would normally do, is all that is needed for me. The days of a stinky, smelly CB-3000 are gone. Some wearers may hate me for saying this, but there is no need for me to remove the device for hygiene purposes...ever. Woops, there goes that excuse.

    To answer #2...I'll be honest with you...without the PA-5000, I can pee standing up, and as long as I lean over a full-on toilet (using my arm against the wall for support), I have no problems. If I use a urinal, my chances are 50-50 that I'll be spot-free.

    WITH the PA-5000, my chances have actually improved. I can definitely pee standing up (unlike my old CB-3000). Over a toilet makes it a trouble-free, sure thing. Over a urinal, there's still a chance that I'll get some spots, but it feels like the pin helps aim the stream (I use the smallest pin that points straight out).

    Okay, right, sorry about that first ramble. My simple advice, just do it.
  3. Also, it should be said that there is absolutely zero pulling on my piercing. None. The shape of the device and how it conforms to the contours of the corona, along with the openings on the side, keep the device perfectly positioned. And without the weight of stainless steel...voila!
  4. Thanks Heaps InCB3000,

    I REALLY appreciate your full and comprehensive reply my friend, and please may i contact you direct, should i have any further enquiries...?

    kind regards
  5. Toto,

    I have a PA at 6ga right now (thought not a CB-5000). I pee standing up all the time with my jewelry in, though it can be messy if not careful. Eventually, you learn the best placement of the bead on the CBR, so that the spray is minimized. I usually have a reasonable stream, but also a drip off the bead. I just make sure the bead is over the urinal. If I am using a regular toilet, I just sit to pee. It's easier, and less likely to be messy.

    Best of luck!
  6. Way back when I had a PA, I found that turning the penis 90 or 180 helped aim the stream better. The 5000 is making me want to get that repierced pretty soon.
  7. Thanks Heaps notforayear...,

    Please might i request that You do the ''Measuring for Size'' test as shown below, as i feel this would give me a more accurate indication of your size, and therefore understanding of your post?

    (i've cut & pasted this directly from the ''Installation Instructions'' on the CB-2000 webpage)

    Measuring for Size:
    While in a relaxed state, hold the penis as far away from the body as possible. Measure the diameter of the shaft. Example: If the shaft measures 1” in diameter, order a 1 1/8” PA-5000. You should allow 1/8” clearance for hygiene purposes.
  8. Bumping thread as it is of current interest to a few "Mansionites"!!!!!
  9. Thanks MW. I'd forgotten about this one.

    The information from Incb3000 about his choice of size could be crucial to me. I conducted an experiment on this topic myself a few nights ago.

    I took a few wide cable ties as big as I could find (sometimes called zip ties) and placed them on my flaccid shaft, half way along. I placed 3-4 next to each other and tried to do them up to the same tension, so they would not slip over eachother. The combined effect was similar to a constrictive tube, but because cable ties have so much adjustment I was able to make this "tube" the exact size of my flaccid penis.

    I then *ahem* "tested" the device, and I was only just able to achieve a ruined orgasm.. the cum wasn't able to be expelled through the shaft due to the cable ties being too tight when I was hard. I imagine that with an actual tube, the ability to stimulate might be decreased to a point where there isn't enough stimulation available. Also the longer length of the tube would contribute to the limited/ruined orgasm effect.

    Smaller ID is better (to prevent orgasm). Get a good set of measurements of your flaccid shaft and order the smallest ID that will fit.

    God I wish I was healed and stretched enough to be wearing one already.
  10. i would like to thanks every one with their answer!
    This is exactly the kind of information what i was looking for, specially my concern about the climax safety, since this is an open cage this is possible to rub the head so i though it would be possible to achieve an orgasm.
    Well done with the info incb3000.

    if any one can confirm i would really appreciate but for now, i really consider to move to a pa5000

    i actually have no piercing and i know i will have to leave the piercing heal.
    i saw comments like "sufficient time" or "I wish I was healed and stretched enough..."
    So here is the question that points out:
    Can some one give me an aprox time about when it will be possible to wear a pa-5000 after the piercing ?

    Thanks again!

  11. anytime once you can comfortably wear the same guage. work the sizes up...

  12. i actually have no pa piercing and i'm wondering how many time it takes to heal, i just don't know.
    if possible i would like to have an approximation of the time it takes to heal or to feel confortable with ...


  13. depends on several factors... but i'd say 6 months to 1 year

    if you smoke it takes longer to heal
    if you heal easy it should take less time
    if you start out with a larger size (you probably will not start anywhere near the guage of the device's PA) it will take less time to move up
    Good hygeine, proper care, and willingness to take pain are all factors but i'd say bare minimum 6 months...
  14. oh, also... i didnt read your entire post from before but yeah... very easy to get off with this tube. I think it's because i ordered one too large (went w/ a medium) and although it's very painful, i can slide it back and forth just enough to cum.

    honestly it's my least favorite toy. a downward curve tube is much more effective at preventing ejaculation... but there isnt one that is 100% ejaculation proof (i own 8 of them, i know LOL) that's where a good keyholder comes in...
  15. THis was back in 2009, how long do you have until you ARE stretched and healed enough to wear one?
  16. Im in process.

    Had a PA with gauge 8 the 15. January this year. Have been to the piercer today and she says its not ready for stretching. Want me back in 2 months time. Not healed enough.

    Then she will stretch it to gauge 6, wait 2 months, stretch it to gauge 5, wait 2 months and then fit the PA 5000.

    Were talking x-mas here! One year after I got the PA in x-mas gift from my lovely wife. :Tulip_Up:

    So - I have started looking for ways to build my own PA hook in gauge 8 sizing. Guess a goldsmith could do it, but costly. I could also sand down one of the hooks to 3,2 mm (gauge 8) and hopefully it will still be strong enough. Will test this.

    Or better still, the producers see that there is a strong urge for a thinner hook and makes an after market solution in resin or another very strong plastic.
  17. About a month ago, i did my pa piercing. (finally! it took me long before i do it)
    i went right away with a 4ga ( 50mm)
    so far so good, healing is going pretty well, 2-3 firsts days were hard but but now it feels good.

    all that to say, it's possible to go with a 4ga or 5 ga with out any problem, i don't see why go through lower gauge before...


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