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Replies to Whisper OMG

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Moe5, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. I posted on Whisper and they listed me as a female rather than a male. Guys, I'm glad you're locked and I don't care if you're submissive or a sissy and like to dress like a women. I don't care what you put up and in your body. But for God's sake, have some dignity. The posts that I have received are beyond acceptable. Would you really want to lock yourself up and send the keys to someone you don't know....I sure as hell would not. Why do you send pictures showing your face and in some cases where you live.
    I'm glad I'm locked. I'm glad I am kinky. And, I'm glad I'm not a dumbass.
  2. Hahahaha, funny shit :)
  3. Ask them for their SS number and mothers maiden name lol
  4. Thats a huge thing for us...anonymity. We both work in public professions and thats the last thing we need is for someone to find us online nd be like, "Oh...now I know everything about you." Every pic I have posted on here does not show either of our faces, and if it does I blur it out. I also blur anything that may be recognizable to family members like jewelry or tattoos.
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  5. I actually have had a few pics showing face, if someone I know happens to see it, they were here too. My kh on the other hand is a teacher and would jeopardize her career. So have to also keep a low profile.
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  6. Welllllll - even this little place in the net is full of harassment about not being real, not being in the right way of chastity, not being a generic woman.... you must have noticed that for sure. And: yes, even me has heard about fakes on the WWW, so I guess, this knowledge maybe enhances the need to prove that someone is real. So as funny as the outcome might be - the real dumbasses are the fakers, not the frantic.
  7. I have the same issue with regards to staying anonymous. It is really sad that we still live in a society where this is necessary, but that is just the way of things. I work as a freelancer and I am sure that some of my clients wouldn't want to use me if they found out more about my private life where others really wouldn't care. Elle, my Wife, on the other hand, has a job with a lot of responsibility. She handles confidential information and only has a few more promotions to go before she is in charge of everyone where she works! (Which she doesn't want lol.) There is absolutely no way that we want to be identified so I make sure that no personal information is given out at any time.

    I do write about vague details about what we are getting up to but, if you are able to identify us by knowing we were skiing in Austria the week before Christmas and we are currently in England, then you are definitely the new Sherlock Holmes!

    One of the things I advise my clients about is how to manage social media. This means how to use it positively with things like Twitter and Instagram accounts, but it also means how to keep private information exactly that, private. Also how other companies and prospective employers use social media when they are looking to work with or employ someone. I have also been involved in cases where children have been identified through their idiotic parents use of social media and have been put at risk.

    It's one thing when a kid makes a mistake when using social media but, when it is their parents, that makes me angry.