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Security insert for CB-6000 models - review/testing (not ksdg3)

Discussion in 'CB Range' started by montreal_cuck, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. hey guys,

    I ordered the security insert, found here : http://www.lockeduplove.net/page/accessories

    its hard plastic, the little rubber things come out easily so be careful and are a chore to get back into place.

    Goddess allowed out of my cb-6000 and KSD-G3 to try out this product.

    first off, it's *tiny* - very small. I get very small when flacid and after I fit it around the head of my penis is was snug, which was good - but the second I became even a bit erect, blood got trapped and it acted as a cock ring. I was able to get rid of my erection, but during long-lasting nightime erections this thing will cause some serious damage, and be extremely painful.

    the bright side...it WORKS.

    I am a grower, not a shower...I'm about 6" hard and like an inch soft...HUGE range, which makes the cb-6000 very insecure. I wear the KSD-G3 which makes it next to inescapable, but causes a lot of pain at night as well for me.

    this thing was completely inescapable...even with lube, or in the shower, the rubber pins act as a "chinese finger trap" and are VERY effective. The problem is very very VERY painful erections...so much so that I'm terrified to sleep with it.

    Right now I'm in the process of boiling it to make it bigger. I have it wrapped around one of those wrenches you can screw and unscrew...and I've used another set of pliers to open it up as much as I can and put as much tension as possible - then let it set...it's slowly but surely becoming bigger.

    Hopefully I can get it to a decent size tonight that is about the width of my erection, so it doesn't act like a cock ring keeping me erect, so I can sleep with it.

    The test will be to see if it is at a secure size that won't cause me physical harm, will it still be as effective.

    We'll see! I'm crossing my fingers as I thoroughly dislike the KSD-G3 even modified...causes me a lot of pain...but realize it works for a lot of people.

    Hoping this new product is effective and pain-free! I'll keep this thread up to date with my findings :)
  2. So you know, It's shapeable with an exacto knife and/or sandpaper.
    If you have a sheet of sandpaper, roll it into a tube smaller than the inside diameter, slip it through and then let it expand, then just rotate the sandpaper roll back and forth.
    The loose pins can be fixed by taking a light flame to one end of them and squeezing a bit then leave that end on the outside, that way it wont pull through. The business end of the pins can be softened with sandpaper or by splitting several times with a razor knife and don't worry if you damage them, they can be replaced easy. just go to the hardware store and get a couple "buna" 1/8 inch "O" rings and cut them to length. And remember you don't have to use all 8 pins.
    The width of the device can be narrowed by laying flat on a piece of sandpaper and rubbing in a figure 8 motion.
    Finally, the pin holes in the device itself can be tightened by heating something relatively round then just touching the hole with it.
    It's not a cure all, but i thought it was a pretty good idea. That's why i make them for lockeduplove.net.

    By the way, I'm also making a plastic, reuseable lock that works with all the cb models. It's airport safe, only about 3/8 diameter and 1/2 inch long, doesn't rattle as a pin screw slips through the post hole and clamps to the post. Check ebay seller "onscreen5". If there's enough interest in them i'll ask lockeduplove.net to offer them also.
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    I think I am going to try this out. It looks logical.
  4. So, did you ever get it to work well? If so, how? If not, what was the problem?